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Tucson Nightlife: Party Bus Night Adventure


Despite the relatively small size of the city, Tucson nightlife can more than live up to the one you can experience in nearby Phoenix or any other major hub, with the central strip bubbling with different bars and clubs. Each of them proposes high-quality entertainment and a unique experience, and renting a Tucson party bus is a great way to get to taste as many of them as possible. Read on as we take a look at the hottest Tucson nightclubs and bars, so you’ll know what to expect when you plan your next visit.

Top-Rated Night Clubs in Tucson

1. HighWire Lounge

One of the overall classiest venues in town, the HighWire Lounge is the place to go to if you’re looking for some of the best cocktails that Tucson clubs can offer. This elegantly decorated salon provides you with some unique and surprising combinations that will leave you quickly coming back for more, with barmen trained in molecular mixology. As the evening goes on, the music of some of the best DJs in the Southwest begins to be heard, taking your night to a whole different level, while the beautiful outdoor courtyard gives you a perfect place to catch your breath if you need to. Overall, the HighWire Lounge is without a doubt one of the best bars in Tucson.

2. Sky Bar Tucson

If you like gazing at the stars, which shine especially bright in the desert, then the Sky Bar will be the highlight of Tucson Arizona nightlife for you. Filled with powerful telescopes which are put at your disposal, you can enjoy a drink or even just a coffee while you explore the cosmos. Photography nights are organized from time to time so you can take stunning pictures of the stars. The bar is also 100% solar-powered, making it the most environmentally-friendly of the night clubs in Tucson AZ, and regularly features open mic nights as well as live concerts and a 15-minute happy hour at midnight with drinks sold for as little as 1$.

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3. Che’s Lounge 

Che’s Lounge is a sure bet, and it has been a permanent feature of nightlife in Tucson for ages, that both locals and foreigners have come to enjoy. Covered with funny stickers, it offers the classic experience you would expect from a reliable bar, such as drinks, live music, and comedy, but do so in a truly heartfelt manner that keeps people coming back for more. Several tasty food trucks are parked right in front of it from Thursday to Saturday, providing the ideal complement for a bar that is listed on every Tucson nightlife guide you can get your hands on. 

4. Club Congress

Those looking for a classy and elegant club where the music variety is wide enough to accommodate almost every taste will recognize the Club Congress as probably the best night club Tucson AZ has to offer. Also, a popular live music venue for some of the country’s most exciting acts, the program of the venue is bursting with high-quality entertainment, so you just have to pick the right date for you and you’ll be sure to have a good time. Open seven days a week, the Club Congress has proven to be one of the crown jewels of Tucson nightlife, and you’ll only have to spend a few minutes inside it to understand where that reputation comes from.

5. Rialto Theatre

If loud and bustling nightclubs are not your thing, then the Rialto Theatre is a feature of Tucson AZ nightlife that can offer you just as much entertainment but with the added comfort of a theater seat. An old vaudeville theater, of which you can still see the past glory, the Rialto Theatre has become a permanent feature on the schedules of many music bands, whose styles range from alternative to blues, strolling by salsa and other dances. Keep in mind, though, that for especially big concerts the seats may be removed, so if comfort is what you’re looking for it’s best to avoid the most crowded nights.

6. Frog and Firking

For beer lovers, Frog and Firking are one of the places of downtown Tucson nightlife that you don’t want to miss. The venue has over 75 different kinds of imported brews as well as a wide variety of domestic and home-made ones, which is enough to keep any passionate taster happy for days. Combine this with a great selection of food and special treats for game days, and you’ll see why the Frog and Firking are sometimes called the best sports bar in Tucson, although it might be hard to convince your wife or girlfriend to accompany you on your visit.

7. Fuku Sushi

For fine wining and dining, few venues can rival Fuku Sushi in Tucson. The restaurant has built a reputation in the community as a reliable place to get your palate tingling, with modern interpretations of classic dishes and special attention being put to using only the freshest and best ingredients available. If they tell you they don’t have something, it’s probably only because the supplies are not fresh enough or the quality is not up to where they want it to be, that is the level of customer care you will experience.

8. The Loft Cinema

The Loft Cinema proposes something different than most other venues, and it isn’t so much a place you can party in Tucson but rather the ideal setting to relax or make the most of a rainy day. As well as serving some nice drinks, there is also a movie theater showing anything from classics to indie and foreign movies. The best bit is that you can take the drink you just bought at the bar in the theater and keep enjoying it while you watch the film. Two film festivals are organized at the Loft Cinema, so if you’re in town when they are schedule be sure to check them out.

9. The Shelter

Built way back in 1961, The Shelter is among the bests club in Tucson if you’re looking for something to carry you to a different place. Having maintained its ‘60s style and decorum, although refurbished, the bar takes you back to another age and completes the illusion by serving you all the retro cocktails you can think of. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are not up to date with the most recent ones so don’t you worry, whatever your taste, you’ll be covered. Plenty of music from the period can also be heard, making The Shelter just as fun as many of the other dance clubs in Tucson.

10. Ermanos Craft Beer & Wine Bar

A tour of the Tucson nightlife cannot be complete without a visit to the Ermanos Craft Beer and Wine Bar, which features some of the best drinks you can find in town. The sheer variety of choice, from more classic options to the more daring, is enough to keep you browsing over the menu for hours, but any decision you make is likely to turn out satisfying since the overall quality remains extremely high. Situated in the heart of downtown, the Ermanos Craft Beer & Wine Bar sits right next to many clubs in Tucson and can be the ideal venue to start an exciting night out.

11. Maverick, King of Clubs

With many regulars coming dressed in their best Western clothes, the Maverick King of Clubs is one of the most picturesque venues of Tucson, aside from being a great place to eat, drink, and relax. The laid-back vibe is highly contagious and makes the bar an extremely pleasant place to spend some time. Dance lessons are also regularly organized, so when the dance floor starts filling up on the weekends you’ll be able to hold your own. Overall, the Maverick King of Clubs has everything you need to keep you entertained, from fine dining to dance floor action.

12. Playground Bar & Grill

For more modern vibes, the Playground Bar & Grill is the perfect venue to get away from all the Western-themed entertainment. Traditional southwestern hospitality is far from lost, however, and the two blends together seamlessly delivering a comfortable bubble that is both trendy and inviting, without being intimidating. Aside from excellent cocktails and a busy dance floor, the bar features a very popular Sunday brunch, during which you can take full advantage of the numerous items on the well-thought-out menu.

13. Tap & Bottle

Made by beer lovers for beer lovers, Tap & Bottle is not a place where you’ll find the usual crowd you expect in a night club in Tucson. The bar is known among beer aficionados because of the extensive selection of brews that is available, featuring great examples of southwestern beers as well as some truly notable home-made ones. No food is served at the bar, but food trucks parked right outside make up for it, and there is even a monthly “Beer Club” that meets at the bar to show you just how seriously they take a beer at Tap & Bottle.



Q: What is there to do in Tucson at night?

A: Tucson nightlife offers a wide variety of options, that will never make you feel like you’re missing out because you haven’t gone to Phoenix. Whatever your scene is, you’ll be sure to find something that fits for you, since the city offers a wide variety of bars, ranging from Western-themed ones to beer lover’s dens, to fancy restaurants and cool clubs. It’s hard to say in just a few lines how large a choice you have when you get here, but just rest assured that you can always manage to find something that feels made just for you.

Q: Does Tucson have downtown?

A: Oh yes it does. All the action and excitement are concentrated around 4th avenue, despite there being plenty of other places all around town, but there is where you will find all of the best clubs in Tucson sitting one next to the other. The city is not too large, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding where to go, but in case you get lost just ask any local and they’ll immediately point you in the right direction.

Q: What is there to do on a Saturday night in Tucson?

A: For clubbing and partying on a Saturday in Tucson, be sure to check out the Club Congress, if you’re into modern music or the Maverick, King of Clubs if you’re looking for an authentic Western vibe. As far as food is concerned, to get you nice and ready for a night out Fuku Sushi is an excellent choice, while beer lovers will appreciate the wide choice proposed by places such as Tap & Bottle or Frog and Firking.

Limo Find Overview

In this article, we have seen how varied and vibrant the nightlife in Tucson can be, with enough options to suit everybody you might be traveling with or just make you have a great time if you are on your own. Using a good Arizona party bus service is the perfect way to make the experience of Tucson nightlife even more fun for everyone involved, turning your adventures out in the city into some of the most epic nights in your lives.



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