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Day Trips From Tucson: Why Rent A Charter Bus


The city of Tucson, AZ, is already brimming with options to spend your time during a vacation, but if you are traveling in a large group, you might want to consider using a trusty Arizona charter bus service to get away from downtown for a day. This will free you from having to keep track of everyone in the bustling streets and help maneuver the whole group without issues. Luckily, there are plenty of options for day trips from Tucson you can choose from, and in this article, we will show you which are the best ones.

Top-Rated Day Trips From Tucson

1. Walk the Apache Pass historic trails

The whole area around Tucson is ideal for hiking, and the Apache Pass is one of the most iconic and significant destinations of any Tucson tours. The trip is 3 miles round so the distance shouldn’t scare anybody off, and benches are set up along the way to give you room to take breaks and catch your breath. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and sun protection, because you will need them, and remember that dogs are not allowed since the trail is in a National Park. The views and the wildlife you can observe make hiking the trail one of the best things to do outside of Tucson, and its ease of access makes it all the more recommended.

2. Play Golf at the Arizona National Golf Club

Despite being surrounded by deserts, the city of Tucson features several lush, green golf clubs, of which the Arizona National Golf Club is the crown jewel. You might think of a journey there as one of the best half-day trips from Tucson since it is located on the outskirts of the city, but this track designed by Robert Trent Jones is more than worth the trip if you are into the sport. Nestled just at the foot of the Santa Catalina Mountains, the track will challenge your skills because it follows the natural flow of the land, even including sharp rocks poking out around the holes to add an extra degree of uncertainty to your puts and drives.

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3. Visit the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge

If you happen to be on your way for one of the day trips from Tucson to Mexico that many people enjoy, then we recommend taking the time to visit the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, which will be right on your way. The reserve has around 118.000 acres of grassland and is an ideal spot for bird watching if you happen there in the summer, with more than 200 species having been recorded. Even if you go there in the offseason, however, the expanse of natural beauty is always refreshing and replenishing for the soul.

4. Enjoy a glass of wine at a vineyard

Scattered around the city but often included in Tucson sightseeing tours are several excellent wineries, that produce some of the finest wine in the Southwest, so if your group is found of having a good drink then these should certainly feature on your list of destinations. Day trips from Tucson are always more motivating if you know there is a good glass of wine at the end, and whatever destination you choose to head to, be it the Callaghan or Flying Leap vineyards to name just a few, you’ll always find an expert and welcoming team of sommeliers ready to guide you through the tasting and the choice of your next drink.

5. Explore Blackett’s Ridge Trail

The Colorado National Forest offers some of the most spectacular views in the area, so it’s normal that the Blackett’s Ridge Trail, which takes you to the best panoramic spots, should be included in any tours in Tucson. Even if you’re not an avid hiker, you should consider making an effort for this trail, and it is effortless to find since it begins right behind the visitor’s center, it is not hard to walk on and is very rewarding when you get to the top. Despite its short distance from the city, you might still want to use a Tucson charter bus service to get back to avoid losing too much time.

6. Visit the Titan II missile museum

Sitting just outside the city limits and often overlooked during Tucson day trips, the Titan II missile museum has enough material to show to give you a whole new insight into what the Cold War period must have felt like. The underground missile site has three-ton blast doors and eight-foot thick walls, which were built to withstand a nuclear strike, while the highlight of the visit is without a doubt the actual Titan II missile launch duct. Anyone interested in military history will insist for this to be on the Tucson day trips things-to-do list and is not likely to let you leave before a couple of hours.

7. Get inspired in Tubac

Home to the first-ever Spanish fort in the Santa Cruz Valley, the village of Tubac is often included in Tucson AZ tours because of its proximity to the city and impressive display of Mexican folk art, enough to keep any curious wanderer occupied for hours. Sitting close to the border, the village also includes an 1885 schoolhouse that is open to visitors and is the start of the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail, a nice and pleasurable hike that gives you more than one opportunity for picnicking. Food is delicious and it is not rare to catch a live mariachi band singing as you enjoy it.

8. Go horseback riding at the historic Empire Ranch

The historic Empire Ranch is the perfect spot to see the famous Arizona sky islands, those grassy hills rising out of the flat landscape to the sky, and will greatly benefit your mind and body by pulling you out of the concrete city streets. The ranch also offers tours and horse rides, alongside many picturesque heritage events and has been the set of several well-known western films. From there, you can access the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area, which features 120 square miles of grassland, woodland, and marshes.

9. Visit the Amerind Museum

In the middle of harsh bushes and large, barren rocks, but very close to the city limits, sits one of the greatest collections of Native American art and artifacts you can find in the country, cared for by the Amerind Museum. Even the ground itself on which the museum is built was of great significance to the native inhabitants, being used as a stronghold by the Chiricahua Apache tribe. If you can, we recommend a visit in the evening, since the sky gets so dark after the sun sets that the stars will shine like in no other place in the world.



Q: What is close to Tucson?

A: The city of Tucson sits in an especially sweet spot in the state of Arizona. Not far from the busy hub of Phoenix, it is surrounded by stunning landscapes and traces of human history that go back hundreds of years. Interspersed between all of these, you can find superb wineries producing some of the best wine you’ve ever had, and ask any hiking enthusiast and you’ll get a whole list of trails and track to explore once you set your foot out of the downtown strip.

Q: What is there to see between Phoenix and Tucson?

A: On the route between the two cities there is not much to be seen, but a few sites are still worth mentioning if you have the time to take a break. The Casa Grande ruins are impressive if you’re into history, which is also very well documented in the Pinal County Historical Museum. Box Canyon is also a beautiful site, prized by picnickers, hikers, or photographers while the stunning Santa Catalina Mountains always frame your route south.

Q: How do I get from Tucson to Phoenix?

A: Phoenix and Tucson are well connected by a freeway, and the distance between the cities takes around two hours to cover. If you do not have your car, then you might want to consider using one of the many shuttle services that operate between the two hubs. Some can even offer to be your tour through the city, so you might end up killing two birds with one stone.

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There is no shortage of day trips from Tucson if you’ve been in the city for a while and you feel you need a break. Nature lovers have plenty to choose from, with impressive hiking trails, stunning landscapes, horse tours, and bird-watching spots all within reach of a short drive from the center. Foodies and wine lovers will also not be disappointed if they are taken to a nice vineyard or can taste some excellent Mexican food, and history buffs can enjoy all the traces of Spanish and Native American presence in the region to their heart’s content.

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