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10 Things To Do In Stockton


Having risen from the depths of bankruptcy, the city of Stockton, CA, has rapidly become a place on the map that people start to recognize, not far from the lights and glamour of San Francisco. Today, things to do in Stockton have very little to envy to the ones you’ll find in large and cosmopolitan cities around the country, so you should consider finding a good Stockton limo service and taking a ride through town. Follow the guide in this article to find out what to do in Stockton CA and make the most of your time there.

Top-Rated Things To Do in Stockton

1. Weber Point Event Center

The Weber Point Event Center is the place where the most fun things to do in Stockton are organized. With a beautiful view over the river delta and a jam-packed event program that features concerts, movie nights, comedy festivals, and much more, the Event Center is the ideal location to bring your family and spend some quality time together. The stage is covered by an impressive fabric shade that makes it intriguing to look at, and plenty of parking is available in the vicinity so you won’t have to worry about finding a spot. On warm summer days, the venue truly comes alive.

2. Children’s Museum of Stockton

If you’re worried about finding what to do in Stockton today with your kids, then you should head to the Children’s Museum without hesitation. The place is designed to keep your kids entertained for the whole day and fill their minds with interesting and stimulating information, and even you as an adult are likely to enjoy your time there as well. Most of the attractions involve things to try hands-on, just like children like it, and they will let tittle ones have a better understanding of how the world works. Special events are organized from time to time so be sure to check out the calendar on the museum’s website.

3. The Discovery Trail & University Park World Peace Rose Garden

Taking you on a journey through art and beauty, the Discovery Trail sits inside the Stockton campus of California State University and, on top of everything, is completely free. This makes it one of the most appreciated Stockton attractions for adults and children alike. The trail is a one-mile-long walk with several stops along the way, each of which showcases a unique spot such as the Magnolia Mansion or a stunning little lake. Especially notable is the Rose Garden, which is designed like the Solar System and houses a collection of over 245 different roses, and perfectly completes the peaceful journey you will have walking through these grounds.

4. Gary And Janice Podesto Teen Impact Center

The Gary and Janice Podesto Teen Impact Center houses one of the greatest concentrations of things to do in Stockton California if you are a high school student. With free entrance, you’ll have access to an 18,000 square foot building, built back in the 1940s, that houses a 4-lane bowling alley, a climbing wall, a half-court basketball area as well as a computer room, library, and snack bar. Events and courses are held here all year round, making the Center one of the busiest hubs of Stockton activities and a superb spot to make the most of your teenage years.

5. Oak Grove Regional Park & Nature Center

Demanding only that you pay a small parking fee of a couple of dollars, the Oak Grove Regional Park & Nature Center is the perfect choice if you’re looking for things to do in Stockton this weekend, and you are fed up with the urban environment. This stunning 180-acre park gives you access to a pristine oak forest with plenty of trails to stroll on, as well as a stocked lake that you can paddle on by renting a boat. Plenty of picnic areas can be found all around and there is even a full 18-hole golf course if you feel like hitting a ball around.

6. Pixie Woods Amusement Park

Entertaining families for more than 55 years, the Pixie Woods Amusement Park is among many people’s favorite things to do in Stockton CA, and with good reason. The park is very well kept and inexpensive to get into, featuring a vintage merry-go-round or the Pixie Express Train that even takes you through Indian territory. For kids, there are is an infinite number of possibilities, and if it happens to be their birthday you can rent one of the party rooms to give them a truly unforgettable day. Having attracted over 1 million visitors over the years, the park is still going strong and showing no signs of age.

7. Magnolia Historic Neighborhood

Taking a walk through the beautiful Magnolia neighborhood is among the nicest free stuff Stockton has to offer, and if you are someone who appreciates architecture you will feel right at home. The tranquil, quiet, and tree-lined streets make for a perfect afternoon stroll and the houses reflect all the different types of designs that have made the state of California stand out during its most formative period. With many homes built between 1860 and 1920, a stroll here is a dive into the past and the perfect way to spend a day if you are a history buff.

8. Haggin Museum

Described by Sunset magazine as “one of the undersung gems of California”, the Haggin Museum is an art and history museum that can stand up to the Smithsonian any day of the week. Of all the activities in Stockton CA, a visit to the Haggin Museum is the one that will most nurture your soul, exposing you to the works of artists such a Rosa Bonheur, J.C. Leyendecker, or Albert Bierstadt. Exhibits on local and regional history are also present in large numbers, and several wines and food events or children’s activities are planned throughout the year.

9. Lincoln Center

The Lincoln Center is a constant buzz of activity, and an inextinguishable source of stuff to do in Stockton. Throughout the year, a great variety of events is organized here, and a huge market is installed with all kinds of shops selling all sorts of goods and experiences. Food lovers will enjoy the wide variety of restaurants and escape games can be played if you’re looking for more action. Overall, if you’re unsure about finding things to do in Stockton today, then the Lincoln Center will surely have the answer for you, just look for the big “L!” on Pacific Avenue.

10. Stockton Cambodian Buddhist Temple (Wat Dhammararam)

With an astounding collection of over 90 statues of Buddha, many of them larger than life or encrusted with jewels, the Cambodian Buddhist Temple must be on the list of Stockton things to do if you want something that is slightly out of the ordinary. The “pièce de résistance” of the whole experience is the gigantic statue of a recumbent Buddha, which is an astounding 50 feet long. The Temple is also home to the annual Cambodian New Year celebration, which is held in April, so be sure to make a note of that on your calendar if you are curious about it.



Q: What is there to do in Stockton today?

A: Things to do in Stockton are plenty, with many options at your disposal. You can choose between taking a stroll along the Discovery Trail or catching a show at the bustling Lincoln Center or Weber Point. The Magnolia neighborhood and Oak Park are perfect for quieter days and the Pixie Woods amusement park is packed full of entertainment for the whole family.

Q: What is Stockton famous for?

A: Unfortunately, the city of Stockton has become famous for the wrong reason, having been hit hard from the economic crisis, but today its image has been more than redeemed, also thanks to the now-famous documentary. The city presents a valid alternative or a perfect getaway from the bustle of San Francisco, and can even be used as a starting point for expeditions and hikes in the surrounding nature. 

Q: How dangerous is Stockton?

A: The safety of Stockton has greatly improved since its darkest days, but of course there remain some parts of the city where extra caution is required. That being said, there is nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to danger in Stockton when compared to any other city of the same size, so just exercise your natural common sense and you’ll be fine.

Limo Find Overview

With a good California limo service at your disposal and plenty of entertainment options, a visit to the city of Stockton will quickly become a very enjoyable couple of days. As we have shown, things to do in Stockton are many and ready to adapt to everybody’s tastes and are rapidly helping the city regain the status and reputation it deserves, putting its dark days behind it and looking boldly on towards the future.


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