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10 Things To Do In Port St. Lucie


Famous for its waterways and located right in the middle of stunning Florida landscapes, the city of Port St. Lucie has been steadily growing and garnering more and more attention from tourists. Today, things to do in Port St Lucie and many and can suit almost everybody’s tastes, making a stroll through this part of the Sunshine State, maybe aboard one of the cars of a great Florida limo service, one of the best ways to spend some time in this part of the country.

 In this article we have compiled a list of Port St Lucie attractions to help you plan your upcoming trip, so read on to discover what lies in store for you and your family on your next journey.

Top-Rated Things To Do in Port St. Lucie

1. The River Boardwalk

The city of Port St. Lucie, Florida, sits right in the middle of a vast extent of wetlands, which contribute to giving this area its unique feel, and a walk on the River Boardwalk is the ideal way to take all the landscape in. Spanning over 2,000 feet, the Boardwalk will take you through a scenic tour of your surroundings before ending up in a beautiful pavilion at the Veterans Park at Rivergate. Walking along the St. Lucie river might not seem to be one of the most exciting or fun things to do in Port St Lucie, but it will clean up your lungs and free your brain from stress as few other places can.

2. Dolphin Watch Boat Tours

When looking for what to do in Port St Lucie you can’t help but notice the stunning ocean that sits right next to the town, and hopping on a tour like the ones Dolphin Watch Boat provides is one of the best ways to experience it. The captain, Adam Pozniak, knows everything there is to know about the waters and will tell you all about the history of the Fort Pierce area while showing you as much as 15 miles of waterway throughout a single ride. It is also likely that you will get to see numerous animals on your trips, such as dolphins, manatees, or even sea turtles, making the tour one of the best things to do Port St Lucie has to offer to families.

3. Superplay USA

When looking for some fun and games, there are few better things to do near Port St Lucie than visit Superplay USA. This huge entertainment center has everything you will ever need and more to help you and your family have some fun together, featuring no less than 48 bowling lanes and even a miniature golf course. If you’re not looking for one of those two things, then you can turn your attention to the myriad of old fashioned games put at your disposal in the arcade, or you can even practice your swing in one of the many batting cages. With several tasty restaurants on-site, Superplay USA is without a doubt one of the main items on any Port St Lucie things to do list. 

4. Tradition Field

If you get fed up with cruising through the greenery surrounding the city and want some baseball action, downtown Port St Lucie has exactly what you need. A visit to Tradition Field will bring you to the beating heart of the sports scene in town, and especially if you’re passing through between February and March then you can even catch a game of the New York Mets. The stadium is mostly known for being their training ground, but is also active all year round with games from the minor leagues and a nice picnic area, making it a perfect spot to relax and spend some quality time with your friends or family as well as a favorite venue for the locals.

5. Woodstork Trail and Hillmoor Lake Park

The Woodstork Trail and Hillmoor Lake Park is a little slice of heaven, and strolling through it is one of the nicest things to do in Port St Lucie Florida. The park stretches over 56 acres, which is huge and has a system of trails that are very well taken care of and easy to navigate. Several observation decks are positioned throughout the park, so nature lovers and bird watchers can hide to observe the abundant wildlife, while fishing decks are also available if what you’re after is more of a hunt of what is swimming in the water. You can choose whether you prefer walking or riding your bike, but in any case, you’ll feel the visit to be rejuvenating and relaxing.

6. River Lilly Cruises

If you’re headed for one of the tours that River Lilly Cruises offers, be sure to bring your binoculars along for the ride. This is because one of the best things to do in Port St Lucie is simply to enjoy nature and the city’s waterways, keeping a keen eye out to spot the wildlife that surrounds you. River Lilly Cruises can take you along on their pontoon-style boat to show you the best bird-watching spots or even cross the path of an alligator that is out for a stroll, while movie lovers will love to see the exact spot where a part of the James Bond film Moonraker was filmed. Otters, turtles, or manatees are other animals you can hope to see on an especially lucky day.

7. Civic Center Art Gallery

The Civic Center Art Gallery features an exhibition space of 2,000 square feet, which is home to some of the most interesting and thought-provoking art you’ll find in Florida. Local artists are especially well represented, so a visit here will truly give you some insight into what it feels to live in the city, and the gallery makes a point of honor of showcasing the work of the best rising talents of the area. Different exhibitions are held every eight weeks, so whenever you are passing through town you’ll have a good chance of finding something worth looking at. The museum deserves a place on a list of best things to do in Port Saint Lucie also because of the beautifully carved wood you’ll find in the gallery.

8. Port St Lucie Botanical Gardens

With all sorts of plants to be seen, the Botanical Gardens of Port St Lucie are a colorful and peaceful haven in the city, only waiting for you to visit. There is a large fountain at the entrance from which paved trails original and will take you through the whole park, which stretches over 20 acres of land. Highlights of the visit include the spectacular butterfly garden as well as the orchid garden, but every section is limited and labeled so you can easily know what you are looking at as you are walking. Guided tours are available for the most enthusiastic of plant lovers, who want to know all the details about every individual plant.

9. Spruce Bluff Preserve

The Spruce Bluff Preserve is not only a beautiful natural haven, full of greenery and waterways for you to stroll through but is also a place where you can learn about the history of the Port St Lucie area in a pretty unique way. The Preserve is home to the remains of a pioneer settlement that was established here in the 1800s and began the development of the area, and even Indian traces can be seen with an 18-foot tall mound that some historians say maybe two millennia old. Aside from the historical facts, the Spruce Bluff Preserve remains a beautiful place to walk through, letting you discover the Southbend Lakes district that lies right next to the city.

10. Oxbow Eco-Center

Designed to show visitors the importance of preserving the natural habitat in the State, which is one of the most unique in the whole country, the Oxbow Eco-Center sits in the middle of 225 acres of protected land and features a living laboratory as well as a wild sanctuary. A visit here will teach you everything you need to know about the richness of the environment that surrounds you and guided tours are available to let you discover details about plants you never knew existed. Whatever you think about environmental regulations going in, the Oxbow Eco-Center will surely give you a new perspective on things.



Q: Is Port St Lucie Expensive?

A: Luckily, the cost of living in the city of Port St Lucie is slightly less than the nation’s average. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy all it has to offer and not leave feeling your wallet has shrunk during your time there, removing worry and adding more enjoyment to the trip.

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With the help of our list of things to do in Port St Lucie, as well as the services of a good Port St Lucie limo service, we are confident you’ll be able to enjoy all the treasures this less known city has to offer. From stunning landscapes to art and other interesting venues, there is something for everybody here, with a sweet ocean breeze to make it all the more enjoyable.


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