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10 Things to Do with A Limo in Moreno Valley CA


Located in Riverside County, Moreno Valley is a young, busy city that is extremely close to nature. In fact, when it comes to things to do in Moreno Valley, one of the city’s highlights is the towering Box Springs Mountain, which is visible from virtually anywhere within the city.

The list of Moreno Valley things to do is expansive, especially if you crave excitement, love adventure, and revel in exploring the great outdoors. In this guide, we will help you discover the best places to go in Moreno Valley. 

Best Things to do in Moreno Valley 

1. Westbluff Park 

If you want some family-friendly fun, you can’t go wrong by spending your day at Westbluff Park. With numerous tables for you to enjoy a pleasant picnic, the park allows you to forget about the day to day hassles and relax in nature. 

Visitors can even fire up the barbecue, with all the pits available around the park. If you bring your kids along, they can enjoy spending their time in one of the numerous playgrounds. the park has a baseball and softball park where the adults can move their muscles. 

2. Lake Perris 

A jewel in the crown of Moreno Valley, much of Lake Perris’s beauty comes from the fact that it still has its rugged and wild state. The lake itself carries a wide range of indigenous fauna, including coyotes, jackrabbits, and quail. 

If you love birdwatching, taking a Moreno Valley limo service to Lake Perris should satisfy your birdwatching needs. If you prefer to exercise your legs, the lake has a large number of hiking trails. 

3. Brunswick Bowl 

One of the most-visited places in Moreno Valley, Brunswick Bowl allows tourists to have some indoor family fun. A top-rated destination for Bakersfield residents and visitors from other states, the Brunswick has 40 bowling lanes, as well as some billiard tables and an arcade. 

While enjoying some of the things to do in Moreno Valley CA in Brunswick Bowl, you can always order delicious snacks. Depending on the day you decide to stop by, you can enjoy some discounts on your games, drinks, and food. 

4. Yai Heki Regional Indian Museum 

If you enjoy learning about history and culture, you should consider asking your California limo service provider to stop by Yai Heki. The museum allows visitors to learn more about the native Americans’ heritage from compelling demonstrations, talks, and exhibits. 

Visitors are welcome to feel and touch the artifacts found in the museum, giving them a hands-on experience. 

5. Laselle Sports Park 

If you are still wondering what to do in Moreno Valley, a visit to the Lasselle Sports Park should offer satisfaction. Spanning 13 acres of open space, the park offers plenty of things to do in Moreno Valley. 

Both kids-at-heart and kids are sure to have a blast here, as the park carries 3 football fields, picnic areas, several playgrounds, and plenty of outdoor amenities. All this is surrounded by beautiful foliage, including honey locust trees, palm, and magnolia. 

6. March Field Air Museum 

A top-rated location for visitors from Stockton and other parts of California, March Field Air Museum has more than 80 different aircraft from various points over the last 100 years. The museum has everything from the bi-planes used in World War 1 and helicopters used in the Vietnam War to unmanned aircraft and spy planes. 

If you bring your kids along, you can be sure that they will have fun as you explore the airplanes. The museum has an interactive play area ideal for kids of all ages. 

7. Western Science Center 

For good, clean fun, you can get your hands dirty by digging up some fossils at the Western Science Center. One of the best things to do in Moreno Valley if you bring your family, the museum offers fun for everyone, including kids as young as two to six years old. 

The museum has highly interactive exhibits of ancient fauna and flora, as well as a theater, where visitors can catch a short movie to learn more about the dinosaurs. 

8. Southern California Railway Museum 

Previously known as the Orange Empire Railway Museum, the Southern California railway museum is an ideal place for those who would like to learn more about the railroads’ history. Featuring an extensive collection of locomotives and carefully curated exhibits, the museum attracts visitors from neighboring cities like Modesto and from all over the world. 

If you are lucky, you may be able to hop on the museum’s heritage railroad, which offers vintage cars from the Pacific Electric Railway and the Los Angeles Railway. 

9. Diamond Valley Lake 

Allow the beauty of nature to take your breath away at the Diamond Valley Lake, one of the most appealing lakes in the whole of California. Here, visitors can hike along the lake’s wildflower trail which spans approximately 1.8 miles. 

For those who do not enjoy hiking, enjoying a relaxing picnic around Diamond Valley Lake is one of the best Moreno Valley activities. If you arrive at the lake at the right time of the year, you can enjoy the view of the California wildflowers in full bloom. 

10. Box Springs Mountain 

If you would like to see gorgeous California without having to worry about overcrowding or heavy traffic, you should consider heading to Box Springs Mountain. Along the mountain trails – which span more than 15 miles – you can see tons of breathtaking wildflowers and sometimes, wild donkeys. 

Despite the blazing temperatures – especially in the summer season – the amazing views from the mountain top are definitely worth the hike. 



Q: What is Moreno Valley Famous for?

A: Moreno Valley is famous for its rugged and wild terrain. Having been established in the 1980s, most parts of the city are yet to develop significantly. For this reason, visitors enjoy the view of indigenous flora and fauna in a cool nature setting. 

Q: Is Moreno Valley a Safe City?

A: Moreno Valley is in the top 12% of the safest cities in the whole of the US. The violent crime rate per 1000 residents is just a mere 3.71. This suggests that Moreno Valley is a safe city to visit or live in. 

Limo Find Overview 

Despite starting in the 1980s, Moreno Valley has had a fast growth rate, overtaking other towns in Riverside County to become the second-largest city. The city allows visitors to be extremely close to nature, with its rugged terrain being filled with wildflowers and amazing indigenous wildlife. In this detailed guide, we have outlined some of the top-rated things to do in Moreno Valley. 

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