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9 Things To Do With A Limo In McKinney TX


Elected by “Money Magazine” as one of the best places to live in the whole country in 2014 and rapidly growing in population, the city of McKinney, Texas, has begun to appear on many people’s radar in recent years, and shows no sign of stopping. As a direct consequence of this, the number of things to do in McKinney has also significantly gone up, which led us to write this article to take you through all of the treats that the town has to offer. Find yourself a good Texas limo service and get ready to take a stroll through the many fun things to do in McKinney TX. Be it arts, food, or outdoor activities, there is something for everyone, just lying in wait.

Top-Rated Things To Do in McKinney

1. Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary

Brimming with exhibits to marvel at, both outdoors and indoors, the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary is among the best options at your disposal if you are traveling with your family and looking for what to do in McKinney TX. On the inside, there are things such as seashells, fossils, and mammal skins that children can touch and explore for hours on end, while the outside it crisscrossed with walking trails that lead you through stunning butterfly gardens, one of the most-loved stops on the way, as well as bird gardens and natural plant exhibits. For the bravest among you, there is also a section dedicated to snakes, which can both amaze you or repel you but will certainly not leave you indifferent.

2. Lone Star Wine Cellars

Despite what you might think, there is a wine industry in Texas, and McKinney is one of the places in which you can sample some of its best products. The Lone Star Wine Cellars feature an extensive selection of Texan wine, and should definitely be on your list of things to do in McKinney TX this weekend if you are looking to have a fun time, learn something new and even listen to some music. Those looking for a more classy experience will appreciate the guided wine tasting sessions that will educate your palate, while you relax in the cozy atmosphere of this family-run business which is rapidly becoming a point of reference in town. The house even allows you to bring food in from outside and live music nights are organized every weekend.

3. Lockhart Smokehouse

The great state of Texas rhymes with barbecue, and the Lockhart Smokehouse is one of the best places to get some. Located in the city of Plano, which is only twenty minutes away by car from McKinney TX downtown, the joint has garnered the reputation of serving some of the tastiest steaks in the area, which means some of the best in the whole of the USA. It might seem strange to have to head out of town to get a bite to eat but believe us when we say that the taste is worth the journey. Smoked to perfection, the meat just melts in your mouth and the house has a wide selection of great draft Texas beers, served cold, to wash down all the taste and take your taste buds to a higher level of bliss.

4. Towne Lake Recreation Area

The Towne Lake Recreation Area is the ideal spot to pause, relax, and plan what to do in McKinney. The 108-acre park lies on the shore of a 22-acre lake and is idyllic in its tranquility and picturesque look. Locals come here to disconnect all year round, and you can often find fishermen testing their luck on the shore of the lake. A few volleyball courts are installed if you are feeling sporty and a 1.2-mile long hiking trail is ideal for runners to train on. For sunny days, paddleboats can be rented to be taken out on the lake, and there even are several picnic shelters, all with electrical outlets, to start a tasty barbecue and make the most of the fresh air and pure energy one gets from being in nature.

5. Tupps Brewery

Located in an old cotton mill just outside of town, Tupps Brewery is packed full of surprises, and visiting it is one of the best things to do near McKinney TX. Aside from being an excellent place to have a taste of a good beer, the Brewery has transformed the old farm into a venue for live music events that happen here a couple of times a week. Even the space for the audience is put together using old farming equipment, giving the place a distinct vintage and hipstery feel. Several arcade machines are also installed to keep you busy during the days when there are no concerts, while you sip on one of the seven tasty beers that Tupps Brewery provides.

6. Oak Hollow Golf Course

One might think that golfing is a sport reserved for the elites, and that people that like traveling in places such as McKinney, Amarillo, or Lubbock might never get a taste of it, but the Oak Hollow Golf Course is here to prove you wrong. Putting pro features within reach of even normal sized pockets, the course is a par 70 lined with beautiful forests, complete with a putting green, driving range, and short-game area. Of course, you will also find a nice new pavilion to grab some drinks and relax at the end of your tour, as well as a pro shop to get any equipment you might need. Enjoyable for intermediate golfers, the Oak Hollow course is not the hardest to deal with and is perfect for beginners looking to get into the sport.

7. Collin Country Historical Society & Museum

The list of McKinney TX things to do does not only include food, drink, and nice parks to walk in, but even those that are looking for a deep dive into history will be satisfied by a visit to the Collin Country Historical Society & Museum. Centered around the figure of Collin McKinney, a Texas settler and politician who helped fuel the Texas Revolution of 1835, the museum takes you through the life and work of this crucial figure of the history of the region. Original documents of the time are on display and a model of his home is recreated. Currency of the time is also visible and the feeling of being taken back in time is all the more reinforced thanks to the many photographs of the era that are hung on the walls.

8. Main Street

One of the nicest things to do in McKinney is also one of the simplest, just take a stroll down Main Street. The city center maintains a nice and cozy small-town atmosphere, of which you can have a taste when you walk down this central town artery. Surrounded by many historic buildings, some as much as 165 years old, the street is always bustling with life and people, also thanks to the constant efforts of a group of volunteers that are constantly organizing all sorts of events, all year round. Restaurants and cafes beckon from every side, cute and trendy stores are everywhere and proud mounted police patrol the street, adding to the unique vibe of the place.

9. Franconia Brewing Company

Founded by the German beer master Dennis Wehrman, the Franconia brewery has been a reference for the locals since it started working in 2008. Wehrman’s family has more than 200 years of beer-making experience, so you know you are in for a treat when you sip on one of the brews that you purchase here, especially the one that gives its name to the place. There are guided tours to take you through the brewery and explain all the steps of the beer-making process, combining malt barley, water, and hops to create the tasty drink we all love. A nice glass of Franconia awaits you at the end of the journey, which is made sweeter by the entertainment that the friendly guides are known to provide.



Q: What Is There To Do In McKinney Texas Today?

A: The town of McKinney boasts many attractions, and depending on what you are looking for you get to take your pick. IF you like to drink, head to the Lone Star Wine Cellars or Franconia Brewery, while if you’re into science you need to check out the Heard Natural Science Museum. History buffs will love the house of Colin McKinney while foodies won’t mind a quick drive to Plano to dine at the Lockhart Smokehouse.

Q: What Is There To Do In McKinney Tonight?

A: For night lovers, the attractions in McKinney are no fewer than the ones you can visit by day. Head over to Tupps Brewery to drink some tasty beer and enjoy the music, or if you prefer wine then Lone Star Wine Cellars is the ideal spot to get some R’n’R.

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