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12 Things To Do With A Limo In Irving TX


Because of its position, sitting between Dallas and Fort Worth, the city of Irving is often overlooked as little more than an uneventful suburb, where there is not a lot of stuff going on. Nothing could be more wrong, however, since things to do in Irving TX are many and extremely diverse, and are only waiting for you to stop by and discover them. The city is full of dining options, shopping districts, cultural attractions,  and plenty of other amenities that can all be easily reached with the help of a good Texas limo service. In this article we have prepared a selection of the most fun things to do in Irving, so read on to discover what lies in store for you during your next visit.

Top-Rated Things To Do in Irving

1. NorthPark Center

The NorthPark Center shopping mall is one of the places to visit in Irving Texas even if you are not into fashion or seeking the latest products from the world’s top brands. Aside from housing over 235 unique retailers and featuring some of the legendary department stores, such as Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, the mall also stands out because of how it is built. With a wonderful backdrop of architecture and landscaping that has won multiple awards and stunning 20th-century art on display, the NorthPark Center has been named one of the “7 Retail Wonders of the Modern World” and has become one of the main Irving Texas attractions, completing its stunning lineup with many gourmet restaurants, ready to satisfy anyone of your gastronomic demands.

2. The Mustangs of Las Colinas

Known for being the largest equestrian statue in the world, the Mustangs of Las Colinas has become one of the most famous places to visit in Irving and represents the life achievement of African wildlife artist Robert Glen. Installed in 1984 in the center of Williams Square Plaza to establish a unique identity for the urban space, it has since become a famous landmark of the town and embodies the free spirit that the state of Texas proudly represents, that you can also feel in places such as El Paso or Lubbock. Right next to the sculpture lies a museum that tells the story of the eight years of work that have been necessary to create the work, presenting them with a short film alongside other works from the artist.

3. Irving Arts Center

When looking for what to do in Irving TX, a visit to the Irving Arts Center should be very near the top of your list, especially if you are someone that thrives on culture and arts. A Smithsonian Affiliate, the center features four separate galleries and hosts all sorts of exhibitions, ranging from modern art to the classics as well as video installations. Aside from the galleries, the Arts Center is housed in a beautiful 2-acre garden that is filled with sculptures, walkways and fountains, giving you a place to relax when your eyes get full of the art on the walls. Live performances such as musicals, concerts, or comedy shows are organized here all year long, so be sure to check out the calendar of the Arts Center before finalizing your Irving things to do list.

4. Perot Museum of Nature and Science

A visit to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science is one of the best things to do Irving TX offers to families traveling with children. By exposing them to the wonders of science, mathematics and technology, the museum is likely to stimulate their curiosity in many unique ways, offering the hands-on approach that little ones love. With many physical exhibits to look at and explore, as well as numerous multimedia presentations and visual contextual displays, the Perot Museum has awakened the calling of many young physicists or engineers, guiding them through the wonders of nature and setting their brains in motion as only then ones of children can be made to do.

5. Fort Worth Stockyards

A historic district that plunges you right back into the days of the wild west, the Fort Worth Stockyards have become one of the most well-known attractions in Texas. Easy to reach thanks to the Grapevine Vintage Railroad, which is one of the most fun things to do in Irving TX by itself since it is serviced by some of the oldest locomotives in the country, the Stockyards host all kinds of events all year round, as well as featuring numerous restaurants and shops for you spend time in and fill your belly. Twice daily, a longhorn cattle drive passes through the district, taking you back a hundred years in a matter of seconds, and many more typically Western attractions, such as rodeos and bull riding, can be seen at Billy Bob’s Texas, the largest honky-tonk in the world.

6. Cotton Belt Trail

Following the old St. Louis Southwestern Railways and stretching along 11.2 miles, the Cotton Belt Trail derives its name from the fact that the railway was nicknamed the Cotton Belt Line. Trains were huffing and puffing on these tracks from the late 1800s all the way to the 1970s before the line was discontinued, and today the park it has been transformed into has become a favorite spot for runners and bikers of the whole area. If you ask someone sporty about what to do in Irving TX, the Cotton Belt Trail will surely be one of the first things that pop into their mind, and one quick visit will be enough to make you understand why the locals love it so much. The trail is also part of a larger network of trails, so it can be the start of a much larger adventure if you’re up for the challenge.

7. Gondola Adventures, Inc.

You probably never thought that while traveling through Texas you could stumble upon a small slice of Venice, but surprises never end in this part of the country. One of the nicest things to do in Irving TX is take a ride on one of the two neo-Venetian gondolas that Gondola Adventure, Incs; provides, which carry you along the Mandalay Canals and Lake Carolyn in Irving’s Las Colinas Urban Center. Both romantic and relaxing, a ride on a gondola is perfect to rest your feet after a busy afternoon spent shopping or sightseeing and provide the ideal getaway from the heat that can plague the summer months, providing you with a cool and cozy bubble to just get away from it all for a while.

8. Hackberry Creek Country Club

For those travelers that are into sports and action, a visit to the Hackberry Creek Country Club is the answer to any question regarding what to do in Irving Texas. The club stands out for its golf course, and in fact, it has been named one of the “Best Country Clubs in DFW” by the prestigious Avid Golfer. The course is quite spectacular, having been designed by Byron Nelson, and features scenic hills, mini verde greens, Arkansas white sand bunkers, and water facilities designed to challenge you at every game. Also included are putting, chipping, and driving ranges to practice your skills one at a time. For those that are not into golf, fear not, since there are plenty of other options such as tennis courts or swimming pools.

9. The Pavillion at Toyota Music Factory

In Irving Texas things to do come in all shapes and sizes, ready for any audience and any taste, and a great number of them usually take place at The Pavillion at Toyota Music Factory. With flexible seating plans and incredible acoustics, The Pavillion hosts a huge variety of events throughout the year, ranging from concerts to corporate meetings, to graduations and galas. For a visitor strolling by, The Pavillion is a venue worth keeping an eye on, because if there is something big going on in the area, it’s very likely that it will be happening here. Premium seat packages and VIP services are of course available if you’re in the mood to splurge a little, but any night spent at The Pavillion has the potential of becoming epic.

10. Ruth Paine House

Sadly known for its role in the investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy, the small suburban home of Ruth Paine has today become a multimedia museum that recounts the events that have happened there. Photos from the Paine family as well as the Warren Commission are available for viewing, and many original pieces or accurate replicas survive from the 1960s, among which is the iconic couch Ruth Paine was interviewed on. Tours are available for the public and visitors can also see a film in which live actors reenact the lives of Ruth and Michael Paine, as well as Marina and Lee Harvey Oswald. If you are a history buff, this is a place you won’t want to miss.

11. Mandalay Canals

You have already encountered the Mandalay Canals in our list when we recommended cruising on them in a gondola, but they are special and integral to the look of the city that they deserve a spot of their own. Of the many things to do in Irving Texas, none feel as relaxing and special as simply taking a walk along the waterways. Inspired by Venice, the main function of the Canals was handling storm-water runoff, but thanks to the genius of developer Ben Carpenter, they have been designed in such a way that they blend perfectly with the urban environment, giving a unique and creative feel to the city as you walk by them. The beautiful and the practical have rarely been blended with such grace and effectiveness, and today the Canals are truly a sight to behold.

12. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, but you still want to make the most out of your day, then the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is the best choice to make. Featuring no less than seven different screens on which you can catch new release movies as well as family and independent films, the Alamo also offers a full multi-course menu to enjoy while you watch. Some of the goodies include “Royale with Cheese” Burger, delicious pizzas, or incredibly good chocolate chip cookies. All movies are shown in the highest quality Sony 4K format, and special attention has also been placed on the sound, to provide the visitor with a truly unique experience, often imitated but never quite matched.



Q: What Is Irving Texas Known For?

A: Aside from all the exciting things to do that we have listed in our article, and that will make for a great visit next time you are in town, the city of Irving, Texas, is actually best known for being one of the most diverse places in the country. This contributes to making the feeling of being there quite distinct and unique, giving off a vibe that can only be felt in Irving, and making this little corner of the land all the more enticing to experience for foreigners.

Q: Is Irving Texas Safe?

A: As far as safety and security go, Irving, Texas, is somewhat of a mixed bag. The overall chance that something bad might happen to you is quite low, but there are certain parts of town that we would recommend avoiding. If you stick to the places we have mentioned in our list, you’ll be sure to be safe and free to enjoy your visit without any sort of worry. The city is also continuing to develop and crime rates and decreasing as a direct consequence.

Limo Find Overview

The numbers and kinds of things to do in Irving TX are enough to keep anybody entertained, whether you are traveling alone, with your significant other or with a great big bunch of kids. The city feels warm and welcoming as soon as you arrive, and with the help of a good Irving limo service, getting around will also be a breeze. We are confident that by following our tips you’ll manage to make the most of your visit and we hope we have motivated you to hit the road very soon.

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