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10‌ ‌Things‌ ‌To‌ ‌Do‌ In‌ ‌Hialeah‌


One of the oldest cities in South Florida, Hialeah is often overlooked in favor of other cities in Florida, like Miami. However, as the locals will tell you, running out of things to do in Hialeah is impossible. 

Use a Miami beach party bus rental to escape the concrete jungle of the city’s urban core and revel in Hialeah’s green space. Hialeah has gorgeous parks and when you get bored of frolicking in the glass all day, you can cool off in the state-of-the-art Bucky Dent Water Park. In this guide, we will help you figure out what to do in Hialeah. 

What is Hialeah Known for?

Incorporated in 1925, Hialeah features a wide range of tourist attractions. However, the city’s nationally-known historic site is the Hialeah Park Racetrack which was constructed back in 1925. Hailed as one of the most beautiful racetracks in the world, the racetrack covers 40 square blocks of Hialeah’s central-east side. 

 Top Things to Do in Hialeah

1. Amelia Earhart Park

One of the best-loved green spaces in Hialeah, Amelia Earhart Park takes a central position when it comes to things to do in Hialeah FL. The park is covered with biking trails, has a soccer field, a petting zoo, a pony rink, and a tree fort where visitors can unleash their inner child. 

To add to all this, a lake stretches for over 90 acres at the center of the park. If you enjoy watersports, you can try your hand at kneeboarding, wakeboarding, and waterskiing on the lake. 

2. Bucky Dent Water Park 

Loved by both adults and children, the Bucky Dent Water Park is the ideal place to cool off in the Florida heat. In addition to a large public swimming pool, you will also get to enjoy its main water park. 

The slides on Bucky Dent Water Park stretch over 30 feet with the visitors getting to cross off zero-depth swimming from their list of Hialeah things to do. The water park is ideal for people of all ages, and you can get drinks and snacks here if you are feeling thirsty or hungry. 

3. Leah Arts District 

One of the best places to go in Hialeah, Leah Arts District showcases the distinct and vibrant art scene in the city. The district carries gorgeous colorful murals painted by the local artists. 

A popular destination for those looking for free things to do in Hialeah, the district hosts cultural and arts events that promote artwork from Hialeah and the neighboring regions. Check the local listing when in town to determine what’s on. 

4. AmerTec Building

A strange, Antoni Gaudi-like edifice, the AmerTec building is a popular destination for people who enjoy interesting architecture. Once used as a woodworking and store fixture owned by Amertec-Granada Inc., the building today is solely used for storage and has a new owner. 

Open to the public, visitors can arrive in style in a Hialeah limo service to experience the building’s quirky style and distinct shape. An amazing feat of engineering and design, AmerTec is one of the best photography destinations. 

5. Garden of the Arts 


Though relatively new, the Garden of Arts has gained a following for being one of the most attractive open spaces in the city. The park is much like a cross between a museum and an art gallery, with its greenery being punctuated with art installations, sculptures, and murals. 

Arrive with a group of friends in a Hialeah party bus rental and get to enjoy concerts in the impressive amphitheater available in the park. If you feel like exploring nature, you can stroll the numerous trails perfect for biking and hiking. 

6. Stephen’s Restaurant 

For a little piece of history and some tasty cuisine, find your way to Stephen’s Restaurant which first opened its doors back in 1954. The restaurant has a reputation for its Cuban food and a wide range of other ethnic bites. 

More of a New York deli and still decorated in a retro style that evokes the East Coast, the restaurant carries delicious treats like traditional pastrami, corned beef, matzo ball soup, mac & cheese, and Ruebens. 

7. Flamingo Plaza 

If you fancy retail therapy, shopping at Flamingo Plaza should be part of the fun things to do in Hialeah. The place to go if you would like to shop up a storm, Flamingo Plaza houses a large number of thrift stores. 

The plaza features vintage clothing items, antique memorabilia, toys, records, books, and almost everything you can imagine. Use a Florida limo service to arrive early enough – this will give you enough time to go hunting for buried treasure in the numerous stores. 

8. Miami Lakes Park 

Featuring a sports facility and a park in the same place, Miami Lakes Park is one of the fun places in Hialeah. There is fun for the entire family as the park carries playgrounds designed for different age groups. 

The park has a baseball diamond where you might get to enjoy a game in action. You can find picnic areas all over the park if you would like to relax or enjoy a bite after an action-packed day. 

9. Hialeah Fountain 

The closest thing that Hialeah has to a national landmark, Hialeah Fountain is often used as a meeting point by most visitors. Sitting in pride of place in central Hialeah, the landmark is made up of an impressive two-tier fountain next to an arched bridge. 

Around the fountain, you will find grassy knolls that are ideal for relaxing in the afternoon sun. The picturesque part of Hialeah, the location offers perfect photo opportunities. 

10. Bright Park 

Stretching for more than 4 acres, the Bright park has a wide range of activities for visitors. If you bring your kids along, they can use the kid’s playgrounds as you enjoy spending your time in the tennis and basketball courts. 

If you feel like cooling off, the park does have a public pool. To get closer to nature, you can explore one of the numerous walking trails that skirt around the park. 

Limo Find Overview 

Home to great parks, good food, and offering a peek into the Everglades, Hialeah is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Florida. With hiking and biking trails, picnic spots, waterparks, and much more, the city will surely meet all your holiday needs. In this detailed guide, we have outlined the best things to do in Hialeah.

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