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20 Things To Do With A Limo In Gilbert AZ


Once referred to as the “Hay Shipping Capital of the World,” Gilbert’s relatively short history is deeply rooted in agriculture. The farm town’s charm, however, is easy to spot, with famed farm-side restaurants like the Joe’s Farm Grill, a huge water tower overlooking downtown, communities that boast names like Agritopia, and much more. 

There is plenty of ways to enjoy Gilbert with its family-friendly eateries, relics of its farming history, and sunny, grass-filled parks. In this detailed guide, we will help you discover things to do in Gilbert AZ.  

Top Fun Things to Do in Gilbert AZ   

1. Freestone District Park 

Carrying top-rated Gilbert AZ things to do, Freestone Park is designed in a way that ensures everyone in the family – irrespective of age and/or fitness level – is entertained. Visitors can take advantage of tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts. 

The park has a skating area, 3 Ramadas, 6 shaded picnic tables, and 7 open picnic tables with BBQ grills. If you like fishing, you can take advantage of the 5 acres of lake area that is conveniently stocked with a wide variety of fish species. The little ones can have a time of their life in the amusement area, the model railroad, mini Ferris wheel, and carousel. 

2. Hale Center Theater 

If you are wondering what to do in Gilbert AZ with your kids, you should consider visiting the Hale Center Theater. Serving the best of entertainment in Gilbert AZ, the theater only puts up family-friendly shows. 

Hale Center has its 350 chairs arranged in a round design, ensuring that nobody is too far away from the main stage. Conveniently located in downtown Gilbert, the theater makes it extremely easy for families to enjoy a nice meal in one of the nearby restaurants after or before the show. 

3. Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch 

If you’ve got bird watchers in the family, hiring a Gilbert limo service and taking them to Riparian Preserve should make for an unforgettable experience. With close to 200 bird species, the preserve pulls thousands of visitors from Tucson and other parts of Arizona. 

Making for a great stroll through its impressive surroundings, Riparian Preserve is fun any day of the week. The park has numerous picnic tables and plenty of clean bathrooms. 

4. Right on Target Clay Guides of AZ

For a change from the usual Gilbert attractions that revolve around sightseeing, you should consider having a go at clay shooting. Visitors are given a 60-minute lesson with all equipment – 25 shells, a shotgun, 25 targets, and the necessary safety gear – at an affordable price. 

The experienced coaches will take you through each clay pigeon set up slowly. The location’s wilderness backdrop helps complement the activities in Gilbert AZ. 

5. Gilbert Farmers Market 

A lively market, Farmers Market opens every Saturday and has between 60 and 100 vendors at a time. Tourists from Chandler take home a wide variety of locally grown, fresh produce from the neighboring farms, including local meats, pickles, jams, sauces, and handcrafted products. 

You can stop by one of the numerous food trucks to pick up delicious, freshly made tamales and quesadillas. The market has chairs and tables for visitors to sit down and enjoy their goodies as their kids enjoy giant games of Jenga and Connect Four. 

6. FlipSide 

Housing a variety of exciting arcade games, FlipSide is a perfect destination for gaming families. Visitors enjoy billiards, Blast Pad, Crash Pods, Laser Tag, the popular Laser Maze, and video games. 

One of the best things to do in Gilbert this weekend, FlipSide keeps everyone occupied and happy with more than 60 games. You can finish off the day by treating yourself to FlipSide’s mouthwatering French fries and pizzas. 

7. TopGolf 

A sprawling entertainment venue, TopGolf carries a high-tech driving range and a ritzy lounge that offers drinks and games to its patrons. For a limited price, visitors can enjoy unlimited play and a delicious meal after or before the game. 

As the adults hit balls and score points, the kids can enjoy the fabulous inject your donuts. The relaxed atmosphere ensures that everyone is feeling at home the moment they walk in. 

8. Gilbert Historical Museum 

For an opportunity to learn about Gilbert’s past, you should use an Arizona limo service to get to the city’s historical museum. For more than 30 years, the museum has preserved and exhibited the town’s history. 

Sitting in the only building appearing on the National Register of Historic Places, the museum has a wide range of artifacts and pictures depicting much about the city. For those interested in military history, the museum has an interesting area where visitors can learn about the role of Arizona in WWII. 

9. SunDust Gallery 

If you enjoy art, then SunDust Gallery will offer you one of the best things to do in Gilbert AZ. The gallery offers classes on what to paint and how to paint, as well as batik and clay lessons. 

All materials are provided for the visitors and everyone is allowed to go at his/her own pace. Visitors are allowed to bring snacks and drinks, which is pretty important for parents who intend to take their kids to the gallery. 

10. Mulligan’s Grill 

If you are a first-time visitor, one of the most crucial things to do Gilbert AZ is enjoying the local cuisine. One-of-a-kind fish restaurant, Mulligan’s Grill serves generously sized lightly battered fish, homemade potato chips, and coleslaw. 

If you visit the restaurant on a Friday you can take advantage of the “All you can eat” Friday Fish Fry offer. In addition to the fish, the restaurant also has a menu of salad and burgers that visitors can choose from. With cheerful staff and speedy service, the restaurant ensures that everyone is satisfied at all times. 

11. Arizona Camping Trips 

If you enjoy the great outdoors, Arizona Camping Trips should provide top-rated things to do near Gilbert AZ. The company offers self-guided outdoor adventure and camping trips for both beginning and experienced campers. 

On one of their trips, you can learn how to camp, make bonfires, and grill over open fires. Flagstaff visitors – and tourists from other parts of the world – get advice on where to camp and the most impressive spots for a panoramic view. 

12. BounceU

For parents looking to treat their kids, BounceU carries some of the best things to do in Gilbert Arizona. Children can amuse themselves by sliding along and bouncing around all types of inflatable structures. 

Other enjoyable pastimes available at BounceU include climbing and shopping hoops. All of these are overseen at all times by a team of experienced staff. 

13. SanTan Village 

For people who enjoy retail therapy, SanTan Village has some of the best things to see in Gilbert AZ. An open-air, regional lifestyle mall center, SanTan spans 1,200,000 square feet of delectable shopping. 

The mall is designed in a way that creates a neighborhood atmosphere with a variety of small streets. In addition to the shopping, the mall has dining options ideal for all budgets. 

14. Phoenix Escape Room 

If you enjoy solving puzzles, you should consider taking on the challenge provided by the Phoenix Escape Room. The escape room provides a challenging interactive game capable of stretching everyone’s mind and imagination. 

During an adventure, visitors find themselves flexing their brains, searching for clues in the nooks and crannies they haven’t used before. With time running out every second, you will be forced to work harder to get out on time. 

15. Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory (GRCO)

The perfect place for learning about other planets, GRCO has a knowledgeable staff capable of answering all questions related to outer space. The observatory has a 16-inch diameter Meade, modified Richey-Cretien Scope, that is guided by the Paramount ME computer and controlled by the German Equatorial mount. 

Slaved to the Sky Professional Computer Program, the Richey-Cretien Scope is capable of offering visitors a good view of how outer space looks like. 

16. Sup Urban Farm 

An educational mini-farm, Sub Urban Farm is an ideal place for those who would like to learn about the lost arts of backyard gardening and sustainability. Sup Urban has a major goal of producing enough food for all its workers with some extra to share. 

One of the most interesting things to do in Gilbert AZ, a visit to the farm should give you insightful details about organic food production, sustainable living, and self-sufficiency. 

17. Regal Gilbert Stadium 14

For a taste of what luxurious movie viewing looks like, you can treat your family to a show at the Royal Gilbert Stadium 14. Popular with the locals, the movie theater carries big comfortable reclining seats together with big arms situated in big aisles, offering enough room for all patrons to pass by. 

The theater’s complex has multiple screens that show the latest films at a very affordable price. Regal Gilbert is always clean and has a very courteous staff. 

18. Western Skies Golf Club 

A traditional 18-hole golf club, Western Skies is popular with every level golfer. Featuring a 6700-yard layout, the full-service golf facility is capable of meeting the needs of any golfer at an affordable price. 

The course here is good, with some long 3s and even when it has many people, everyone manages to play at an even pace, without any interruptions. 

19. World of Beer

If you are a beer lover, the World of Beer should be the perfect place to quench your thirst. The moment you walk in through the door, you will be presented with more than 500 types of bottled beers to choose from. 

Beers on tap are also available, with the helpful staff making the effort to ensure all customers are served quickly enough. If you are feeling hungry, you can always grab a bite in the well-stocked restaurant and enjoy a nice breath of air outside on the World of Beer’s patio. 

20. Joe’s Farm Grill 

A farm-to-table restaurant, Joe’s Farm Grill puts focus on serving fresh, farm-style food in a laid-back and relaxed setting. Sourcing vegetables, herbs, and fruits from the Farm at Agritopia, the restaurant supports the local producers. 

Set in a comfortable building on a working farm that carries the 1960s era atmosphere and has an outdoor and indoor seating area, Joe’s Farm Grill ensures everyone is comfortable. The restaurant has a cozy fireplace to make meals in the winter season comfortable enough for its visitors. In the summer, visitors can enjoy their grilled salmon platter, pork tenderloin, jumbo fried shrimp, and other meals in the garden under the huge trees. 



Q: Is Gilbert AZ a Safe Place to Live?

A: According to 2 recent national surveys conducted in the US, Gilbert ranks near the top in both livability and safety. The East Valley town of about 300,000 residents was named the fourth safest town in WalletHub’s end-of-the-year list, and the 12th most livable city in the US by SmartAsset. 

Q: What is Gilbert Arizona Known for?

A: Gilbert is best known for its prime farming community. This community was fueled by the construction of the Eastern and Consolidated Canals and the Roosevelt Dam in 1911. The city remained an agricultural town for numerous years and was called the “Hay Capital of the World” until the late 1920s. 

Q: How Cold Does It Get in Gilbert AZ?

A: Over the year, the temperature generally ranges from 41 0F to 105 0F. The temperatures rarely go below 33 0F. This means that Gilbert is can get cold but the temperature generally does not go below the melting point of ice. 

Limo Find Overview 

Gilbert, AZ, is the place where the modern present and the historical past converge to form an interesting mix of town attractions that draw in tourists every year. Whether you are a nature lover, enjoy birdwatching, or spending your time playing games, Gilbert has something for everyone. In this guide, we have outlined all the fun things to do in Gilbert AZ.

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