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20 Things To Do In Fort Collins, CO


Located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Fort Collins is known for having the convenience of a large city while retaining a small-town feel. Aside from having plenty of attractions, it also has a strategic location as it is only a short drive from Denver. Plus, it has over 300 days of sunshine in a year, providing plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. 

Looking for things to do in Fort Collins? This short guide will walk you through some of the must-haves in your itinerary. Make sure to book a party bus or limo service for a convenient way of exploring the city’s top attractions. 

The Best Things to Do in Fort Collins 

1. Enjoy the Outdoors at Cache la Poudre River

A designated Wild and Scenic River, this is one of the best places where you can enjoy the outdoors in Fort Collins. It is a paradise for outdoor fanatics, offering a plethora of thrilling activities, such as whitewater rafting, kayaking, and mountain biking. 

2. Hike at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space 

Another outdoor attraction that is worth seeing in Fort Collins, it occupies an area of 2,700 acres. This is the perfect place if you want to escape the chaos of the city. Aside from hiking, you can also enjoy other activities, such as horseback riding. 

3. Visit the Historic Avery House 

Fort Collins is home to many historic structures, and one of the best is the Avery House. It was owned by the founder of the First National Bank in Fort Collins. This two-story sandstone house has various artifacts that will give you a glimpse of the city’s history. 

4. Walk around Historic Old Town 

It is surprising how a simple walk can reveal so much about the city, including its history and its people. Such will be the case when you visit the Historic Old Town. It is home to 28 buildings that have played significant roles in the past of Fort Collins. 

5. Attend a Program at Shambhala Mountain Center 

Located about an hour away from Fort Collins, this 600-acre outdoor space has been a popular place amongst people who would like to study yoga. Other programs are also available, including contemplative arts, body awareness, and mindfulness. 

6. Admire the Plants at Gardens on Spring Creek 

This botanical sanctuary is home to ten gardens with different plants from around the world. Another highlight of this place is the butterfly garden. Plus, the venue hosts several events throughout the year, such as during Halloween and Christmas. 

7. Ride the Birney 21 Car Trolley

While many iconic experiences are worth trying in Fort Collins, one of the best is riding the Birney Car 21 Trolley. It is the only original city streetcar that has been restored. 

8. Have a Hands-on Farm Experience at Lee Martinez Park 

One of the best attractions at Lee Martinez Park is The Farm. This is a place where patrons can have a first-hand farming experience, which is one thing that kids are sure to love. 

9. See Awe-Inspiring Pictures at Center for Fine Art Photography 

Founded in 2004, the Center for Fine Art Photography has over 1,300 members from 33 countries. The venue has three galleries, as well as traditional and digital darkrooms. 

10. Roam around Jessup Farm Artisan Village 

This is not your ordinary village. More than being a farm, it is a commercial establishment with a brewery, boutique shops, a barbershop, and eateries. 

11. Go on a World Tour at Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures 

Discover global art without leaving Fort Collins by visiting this attraction in the city. It has a collection of objects and artworks from all over the world. 

12. Bring the Kids to Fort Collins Museum of Discovery 

If you are looking for kid-friendly attractions in the city, do not miss the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. This is an innovative and interactive museum with fun and engaging activities that will encourage children to learn. 

13. Join the First Friday Gallery Walk 

Art enthusiasts who are visiting Fort Collins should take part in the First Friday Gallery Walk. As the name implies, this is a self-guided tour that happens every first Friday of the month. This will provide an immersive experience of the local art scene. 

14. See a Movie at Holiday Twin Drive-In Theater 

While you can see a movie in a traditional cinema, a better experience is to watch it in a drive-in, such as Holiday Twin. For more than three decades, it has been offering a nostalgic experience to its patrons. 

15. Explore Downtown Fort Collins 

One of the best free things to do in Fort Collins, Colorado, this is a relaxing activity. As you walk around the area, you will feel its resemblance to Disneyland’s Main Street USA. As a college town, the downtown area has plenty of activities day or night. 

16. Play the Piano around Town 

Pianos About Town is a form of public art in the city. Over 65 pianos have been artistically designed and scattered around Fort Collins. Feel free to play when you find one! 

17. Shop for Made in Fort Collins Items 

A city of creatives, Fort Collins is a great place to shop for products that are made by locals. Some of the best shops for handcrafted items include Akinz, Board & Brush, and Colorado Shoe School. 

18. Watch a Concert at Mishawaka Amphitheater 

For more than 100 years, this amphitheater has stood proud at the banks of the Cache la Poudre River. More than being a distinct music venue, it also functions as a bar and restaurant. 

19. Eat at Food Trucks 

While the city has plenty of great restaurants, it is worth exploring its many food trucks. They are a part of the city’s laid-back craft culture. From craft breweries to summer festivals, you will see food trucks anywhere in Fort Collins. 

20. Taste the Best Craft Beers in the City 

Fort Collins makes 70% of the craft beers in Colorado. You will find more than 20 microbreweries in the city. The best way to explore them is to hop on a party bus! Some of the best include New Belgium Brewing and Odell Brewing Company. 



Q: What is there to do in Fort Collins today? 

A: From sightseeing to shopping, there are many things to do in Fort Collins, Colorado today. Enjoy the outdoors at Cache la Poudre River Canyon, walk around Gardens on Spring Creek, ride the Birney Car 21 Trolley, admire the works at Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures, and relive the past at Avery House. 

Q: What do people do in Fort Collins? 

A: People do different things in Fort Collins depending on their interests. Most will enjoy its natural beauty and enjoy outdoor recreation, such as biking, hiking, swimming, and fishing. Culinary enthusiasts will go on a food tour while craft beer lovers will hop from one brewery to another. 

Q: What is there to do in Fort Collins for free? 

A: Even without spending a dollar, you can enjoy many free attractions in Fort Collins. One of the best things to do is to wander around the parks where you can go birdwatching or stargazing. More so, the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery has a free zone while the Fort Collins Museum of Art does not charge a fee on the first Friday of every month. 

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From early morning to late night, you have many things to do in Fort Collins. Whether you would like to explore open spaces or taste craft beers, you will not run out of attractions and experiences. For the best time in the city, book a limo service or charter bus! 

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