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Shuttle bus rentals offer a highly cost-effective way to meet commercial, residential, and corporate transportation needs. They give you the ability to deliver a large group of people in style, without having to deal with a big bill. While minimizing the amount of driving and time involved, a shuttle bus rental can help groups of attendees arrive at a location together.

Thanks to our scheduling systems and size, we are able to offer a dependable and comprehensive shuttle service to everyone irrespective of their location. Our shuttle bus rental near me service has catered to the needs of individual groups, government agencies, companies & corporations, property management companies, schools & universities, nonprofits, and a wide range of other organizations. Renting a shuttle bus via our service is the easiest way to get the comfort and luxury you need at an affordable price.

Shuttle Bus Rentals Near Me

Irrespective of how small or big your group is, we will always have a shuttle bus rental that is ideal for you. Renting a shuttle bus via our shuttle bus rental near me service gives you the opportunity to choose from a fleet of well-maintained 15-passenger, 20-passenger, 22-passenger, 24-passenger, and 28-passenger shuttle buses. If your team exceeds 28 passengers, you still won’t have to worry, you can always rent more than 1 shuttle bus.

Working with our shuttle bus rental near me service guarantees you comfort and luxury throughout the entire trip. Our modernized shuttle buses are fully-equipped with the coolest options. Inside, the shuttle bus rentals have enough personal space for everyone, music, beverages, and much more. Every shuttle bus rental comes with a professional and friendly driver – this guarantees you safety and a good experience on the road.

Shuttle Bus Pricing

We believe that renting a shuttle bus should not be costly. One of our main goals is to make it possible for everyone to afford a safe, luxurious, and comfortable ride for his/her team. To achieve this goal, we have always focused on ensuring that our shuttle bus rental near me service features the most competitive prices.
As a large shuttle bus company, we give you access to a variety of shuttle buses at prices that you can easily afford. Below, we have the prices you should expect when renting a shuttle bus:

Type of Vehicle Number of Passengers Hourly Rate
36-Passenger Shuttle Bus Up to 36 people $150 to $300
40-Passenger Shuttle Bus Up to 40 people $150 to $300

Factors Influencing Shuttle Bus Rental Costs

Although we do try to make sure that every customer pays the minimum possible rental cost, several factors do affect the total cost. These factors include:

  • Distance traveled – The more the distance, the higher the cost will be.
  • How long you will need the bus – Since most of our shuttle bus services are charged on a per hour basis, you should expect the total cost to increase as the number of hours you spend with the vehicle increases.
  • Availability – If you are planning on renting a shuttle bus that has limited availability, your total rental cost may be a little bit higher.
  • Time of the year – If you intend to rent a shuttle bus during the busy season – for example, when there is increased demand from class trips, proms, and graduations – your total rental cost may increase.

15 Passenger Mini Bus


  • 10—15

This is our smallest minibus. Featuring enough room to seat an average of 10 to 15 people comfortably, the shuttle bus can help you ensure that everyone arrives at the destination on time.

The shuttle bus’s compact body allows you to station it in a normal parking area – this makes it extremely convenient. Being extremely affordable, this 15-passenger shuttle bus is perfect for everyone and can be used for every event, from church and school transportations to ensuring that your corporate team arrives together and early enough for the meeting.

20 Passenger Mini Bus


  • 14—20

Carrying an average of 14 to 20 passengers, our 20-passenger shuttle bus is perfect for airport transfers, wedding transportation and much more. Just like the 15-passenger shuttle bus, the 20-passenger minibus features a compact body – this makes it one of the best options when your event features limited parking space.

Despite having a compact body, our 20-passenger shuttle buses feature spacious personal space inside. This guarantees you enough legroom and seating space – you get to enjoy the entire journey without having to squeeze yourselves into spaces that don’t fit you perfectly.

22 Passenger Shuttle Bus


  • 16—22

Compact and comfortable, this shuttle bus is super-efficient when it comes to transporting a group of 16 to 22 passengers. The shuttle bus is perfect for any occasion. In the past, it has been used for airport transfers, weddings, corporate events, over the road travel, shuttling guests, and much more.

Our shuttle buses come with all the amenities you need to enjoy your travel. In addition to the spacious seating space, the shuttle buses can come with a CD sound system, reclining seats, TVs, luggage racks, and much more. When booking a 22-passenger shuttle bus rental, you will get to choose from a wide range of options, giving you the opportunity to rent a shuttle bus that has every feature you need.

24 Passenger Shuttle Bus


  • 22—24

Need to take your corporate team away for an out of town game? Our medium-sized shuttle bus should offer you an ideal transport solution. Coming with standard accommodation and amenities, this shuttle bus seats an average of 18 to 24 passengers comfortably.

It is possible to wonder whether you can get a 24-passenger shuttle bus rental near me. When working with us, it is possible. Servicing the entire country, we will get the shuttle bus you need to you on time, equipped with all the features you will need in order to enjoy the entire trip.

28 Passenger Shuttle Bus


  • 24—28

Our biggest medium-sized shuttle bus rental is a great choice if your goal is to transport a group of 24 to 28 people. Although it is bigger than the shuttle buses discussed above, it can still fit in areas where parking space is not the best.

Whether your goal is to transport a wedding party to the reception hall, drive your conference participants to their hotel, or get a team of executives to a business meeting, our 28-passenger shuttle bus is secure, comfortable, and stylish enough to handle all these tasks. The shuttle bus’s armrests, high back seats, and other interior amenities offer support and comfort while the touring windows give your team an opportunity to enjoy the views throughout the trip.

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