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When planning to celebrate an important occasion – an impending wedding, a birthday, college graduation, prom, etc. – you would want everyone to be able to join in the fun. A party bus rental can make this possible. The fun and edgy aspect of using a party bus with your family or friends can make any event or occasion come to life.

With comfortable sitting, enough leg space for everyone to stretch and feel free, and AUX/iPod connection that allows you to blast your favorite tunes, you can think of a party bus as a first-class comfort on the road. With your chauffeur (designated driver), you get to relax, have fun, and enjoy the feeling of being close to family/friends while sipping your favorite beverage.

We make renting a party bus extremely simple. We are committed to providing all our clients with party buses that are luxurious, modern, well-maintained, and safe. Being extremely affordable and very reliable, our party bus rental near me service is perfect for everyone.

Party Bus Rentals Near Me

A wide range of party bus rental options exist. Whether you have a group of only 8 passengers or you have a team of 50 people, finding and renting a party bus that caters to your needs should be possible.

As a party bus rental near me service providers, we cover the entire country. It does not matter whether you are in a big city or a smaller city, we will always have a perfect party bus for you and your team.

Our fleet is made up of 5 main types of party bus rentals – 10-passenger, 20-passenger, 30-passenger, 40-passenger, and 50-passenger party buses. We will be discussing these party bus rentals in the next sections. However, first, let’s see the amount of money you should expect to pay when renting a party bus.

How Much Does Renting A Party Bus Cost?

On average, party bus rental costs range between $750 and $1000, nationwide. On a per hour basis and depending on the number of passengers that the chosen party bus can carry, the rental costs are as outlined below:

Type of Party Bus Cost Per Hour
18-Passenger Party Bus $125 per hour
20-Passenger Party Bus $150 per hour
22-Passenger Party Bus $160 per hour
25-Passenger Party Bus $175 per hour

Renting a party bus offers convenience, especially in terms of the cost. Since you won’t be using the ride alone, you can always raise the needed money together with your friends, making the party bus rental cost extremely affordable.

In addition to making the whole trip cheaper for everyone in the party bus, using a party bus is much better than hiring multiple cabs. There is no need to hire multiple cars while you can stay together and keep the party going for almost the same price.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Renting a Party Bus

The cost of renting a party bus varies depending on several factors. Below, we will look at the factors influencing the party bus rental cost:

Type of Party Bus

Limos are available in varying sizes and models. Some models feature higher prices How fancy the party bus is and the number of passengers it can accommodate does affect the total cost. If you decide to rent a bus featuring special features such as laser lights, sound systems, DVD players, etc., you should expect these extras to add to the cost of the party bus rental.

Day of the Week

Most of our party buses are hired on Saturday. This means that the party buses' availability is usually limited on most weekends. This often raises the cost of renting a party bus.

Time of the Day

The prime time for our party buses starts after 5 pm, so the cost for evening reservations may be higher depending on the party buses' availability. If the birthday party, bachelorette party, or special event is supposed to go into the wee hours, you may need to pay an additional fee after midnight.

Length of the Ride

One thing you have already noticed is that the cost of our party bus rental near me service is calculated on a per hour basis. This means that the cost of renting a party bus will increase as the length of the ride increases.

It is worth noting that the length of the ride includes the period when you won’t be in the vehicle. For example, if you need our party bus to drive you to and from a special occasion, you will still have to pay for the wait time even if you won’t be inside the party bus.

Business Location

Where the depot is located in relation to the location of the customer can affect the cost. For example, if the party bus has to travel for hundreds of miles before getting to the pick-up location, you may be required to pay for the extra miles not catered for by the base cost.

To avoid paying for the extra miles, the best thing to do is work with a party bus rental near me service. When working with service close to you, the miles from the depot to your location will be catered for by the base cost.

10 Passenger Sprinter Party Bus


  • 8—10

Featuring enough room for 10 passengers, our smallest party bus rental is in the form of a sprinter van. Despite featuring one of the most affordable prices, this party bus comes fully loaded with TVs, comfy seating, AUX/iPod connections, and much more.

Our Dodge and Mercedes Sprinter Van blend classiness with every touch of the party feel. They are more of compact rentals that allow you to park anywhere – this makes them extremely convenient, especially when you are exploring a busy area featuring limited parking space.

20 Passenger Party Bus


  • 12—20

If you expect your team to exceed 10 people, you can rent one of our small to medium party buses. We have a wide range of 20-passenger party buses, ideal for birthday parties, weddings, proms, and other special events.

The 20-passenger bus can be customized according to your needs. For example, it can have a dance pole on request or any other options you and your friends may want to make your whole experience more enjoyable.

While the party bus is still on the small side, it features enough space for you, your family, and friends to dance and have a good time. Featuring the AUX/iPod connection, blasting your favorite music and swaying to the beats should be possible.

30 Passenger Party Bus


  • 25—30

Expecting quite a sizeable group for your graduation or bachelor party? Consider renting our medium-sized party bus to get your party started.

Once you start getting to the 30-passenger capacity, the party bus won’t be a minibus anymore. It will be a luxurious tour bus that makes your event memorable. With music blasting in surround sound, it will be like traveling down the road in a mobile dance floor.

With plush seating along the party bus’s perimeter, there is plenty of room in the middle to cut a rug as you roll down the road. Since we will be doing the driving, none of your friends will have to be a wallflower. Everyone will be on the dance floor having a time of their life.

40 Passenger Party Bus


  • 35—40

Planning to get a big party going? Our party bus rental near me service can make this a reality with our large party bus. Featuring enough room for 40 passengers, these party buses will come loaded with enough accommodation, dance poles, and minibars to make sure that everyone is having a good time.

With the seats all along the walls of the party bus, the middle area will serve as a mingling space or just a dance floor. If the party gets rockin’, you can dance on the seats – all we ask is that you remember to take off your shoes before showing your moves on the seats.

Our 40-passenger party buses are available in a wide range of shapes and colors. Your occasion will determine the party bus you rent. For example, when renting a party bus for a wedding, most people prefer the white color. Other 40-passenger party bus rental options include band tour buses, charter buses, church buses, etc.

50 Passenger Party Bus


  • 41—50

If you would like to take everyone along, you can use our largest party bus. Equipped with minibars and multiple dance poles, this party bus is a club on wheels. The party bus rental can fit anywhere from 41 to 50 people comfortably, giving everyone enough space to stretch and move around.

An ideal way to commute to your sporting event, wedding ceremony, special church event, etc. this party bus rental makes the entire trip fun and lively. If your goal is to just celebrate a special event while exploring one of your favorite areas in the country, this party bus can make this a reality too – sitting inside, sipping drinks and talking, you will enjoy every second of your time inside the party bus.

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