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Party Bus Rental Cost


Party Bus Rental Cost – Renting A Party Bus

Planning to get all your friends together for a night of bar hopping, big birthday bash, or any other celebration? Rather than making the group meet downtown, deciding which one of your friends is going to be the designated driver, and trying to find overpriced parking, you can come up with an ideal solution – renting a party bus. With a party bus, none of your friends will have to drive, the entire party can travel with you and the fun won’t stop en route.

Party bus prices are a common concern for people renting party buses for the first time. If you are wondering how much is it to rent a party bus, this article is for you. We will help you figure out the party bus rental prices to expect.

How Much Does Renting a Party Bus Cost?

Commonly hired for weddings, sporting events, bar crawls, bachelor/bachelorette parties, brewery tours, prom season, and birthdays, party buses have varying prices. However, the average cost of party bus rental ranges between $750 and $1000.

Various factors affect the party bus prices, including, when you need the party bus for pick-up and drop off, type of vehicle, special requests or luxury features, and the party bus capacity (number of passengers). In the following section, we will take a deeper look at the various factors affecting the party bus rental prices.

What Affects the Average Cost of Party Bus Rental?

Renting a party bus means renting the entire experience. In addition to paying for the multi-stop, one-way, or round-trip ride, you will also pay for the time spent preparing the party bus before departure, the driver’s time to the pick-up and from the drop-off, and cleaning the bus after. The factors below will influence the average cost of party bus rental:

Ride Length

The number of hours you need party bus services affects the total party bus rental cost. Often, party buses are offered in 4-hour time blocks – this means that even if you need the party bus for a single hour, you will still have to pay the base rate that covers 4 hours. If you need the vehicle to drive you and your group to and from the event, you will still have to pay for the wait time even if you won’t be using the party bus.

Business Location

Where the party bus depot is, in relation to the location of the customer, does affect the party bus prices. Party bus companies feature a specific service area that is covered by the base cost – as an example, this can be 30 miles from the party bus service depot. If the driver has to drive over 30 miles to get to the customer’s location, the customer may have to pay for the extra miles not covered by the base cost.

It is worth noting that additional surcharges do exist, especially if the party bus has to travel for a long distance. Also, if the parking charges exist at the event site, they may increase the average cost of party bus rental.

Time of the Day

The prime time for most party buses starts after 5 p.m. This means that evening reservations often cost more compared to reservations made at other times of the day.

If you are wondering how much is it to rent a party bus for a special event that is expected to go into the wee morning hours, you will need to keep in mind that additional charges may apply after midnight. When making your reservation, be sure to ask the customer service when it is the most ideal time to secure the party bus rental.

Type of Party Bus

How fancy the party bus is can also affect the total rental cost. Some party buses may feature sound systems, DVD players, laser lights, etc. – these extras can increase the party bus prices.

The cost of gas for every party bus is also a key factor. The higher the cost of gas, the higher the rental cost.

Number of Passengers

When trying to figure out how much is it to rent a party bus, you need to consider the number of passengers you need the party bus to carry. In most cases, the higher the number of passengers, the higher the party bus rental prices. The table below shows the passenger-based limo party bus costs:

Number of Passengers Type of Limo Party Bus Total Cost
10 passengers Stretch Lincoln Limo $100/hour, with a 4-hour minimum, Sunday to Thursday
14 passengers White Stretch Bentley Limo $125/hour, with a 4-hour minimum, Sunday to Thursday
20 passengers Super-Stretch Escalade Limo $150/hour, with a 4-hour minimum, Sunday to Thursday


Day of the Week

Saturdays make up to 80% of the party bus company business. On weekends, party bus rental companies will receive 5 times more requests than on weekdays. This tells you that the average cost of party bus rental is higher on weekends than on weekdays.

Below, we have the limo party bus prices to expect on Saturday:

Number of Passengers Type of Limo Party Bus Total Cost
10 passengers Stretch Lincoln Limo $125/hour, with a 4-hour minimum
14 passengers White Stretch Bentley Limo $150/hour, with a 4-hour minimum
20 passengers Super-Stretch Escalade Limo $150 to $200/hour, with a 4-hour minimum


How to Hire a Party Bus

Now that we have answered the question “how much is it to rent a party bus?”, we will go ahead and show you what to consider when hiring a party bus:

  • The minimum number of hours – Most party bus service providers will have a minimum number of hours for which you will be charged. Deciding in advance the number of hours you need the party bus can help you choose a party bus featuring a logical minimum for your team’s needs.
  • Service area – Figure out the party bus’s service area and if it can work for your location or if you will have to pay additional fees.
  • Party bus amenities – Do you need amenities like surround sound, mood lighting, or wet bar? Be sure to select a party bus featuring all the amenities you need.
  • Check the safety records – Ensure both the driver and company are in good standing with all the relevant safety boards and have all the necessary licenses.

Saving Money on Your Party Bus

To reduce the party bus prices, you can use the tips outlined below:

  • Reduce the number of passengers – The party bus rental prices increase as the size of the vehicle increases. Reducing the number of people you intend to transport can allow you to rent a small party bus – this will reduce the average cost of party bus rental.
  • Be home before midnight – Most party bus companies do have additional charges after midnight. To avoid these extra charges, the best thing to do is to go home before midnight.
  • Choose the less busy day – Weekends are generally costly since this is the time most people hire party buses. To pay more affordable party bus rental prices, consider hiring the buses when they are less busy – Monday through Thursday are the least expensive days to rent a party bus. This is an ideal solution if your timing is more flexible.

Professional Party Bus Benefits

Transportation being part of almost every event, making it fun is one of the best things you can do for your group and yourself. Party buses allow you to start your party even before you arrive at the event venue.

Coming with features like minibars, mood lighting, the best stereo systems, AUX/iPod connections, flatscreen TVs, sizeable space, and much more, these vehicles make your transportation experience unforgettable. Party buses are driven by professional drivers. This guarantees your team safety to and from the event.

From better bachelor/bachelorette parties and wedding celebrations to better birthday parties and bar crawls, a professional party bus can make your time on the road unforgettable.

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