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Palm Bay FL Nightlife: Party Bus Night Adventure


The city of Palm Bay is mostly known for its beautiful natural surroundings, which give the visitor plenty of possibilities to enjoy the outdoors and recharge, especially if they usually live in a big city. However, Palm Bay nightlife is by no means boring, and there are several different options for you to spend a fun night out when you’re in town. Contact a Florida party bus service, follow our tips, and you’ll be well on your way to having a fun night out.

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Top-Rated Night Clubs in Palm Bay FL

1. Twisted Rooster Bar

Few things are better or more comforting than a bar that simply gets all the basics right, and the Twisted Rooster Bar is one of them. Everything you would expect is there, without any unnecessary extras to distract you or make you pay more money. The food is good, the drinks are cold and plenty and the music is perfect to get you out of your seat and dancing. If you’re looking for some energy and good refreshments, this is the place to go.

2. Just Karma Bar

The Just Karma Bar is one of the highlights of Palm Bay nightlife if you are looking for a club to go dancing. The drinks are not expensive, perfect to keep you going for a long time, and the DJs pass all sorts of music, so you’ll be sure to find something that clicks with you when you go. Dancing is always encouraged no matter how comfortable you are with it, but you’ll never feel judged or uncomfortable because of the relaxed vibe that the place gives off.

3. The Wet Spot

The Palm Bay Florida nightlife couldn’t be complete without the quintessential dive bar, but The Wet Spot embodies all the good sides of the expression without any of the bad ones. The drinks are as affordable as they should be and the staff is especially worthy of notice, with the bartender keeping an extra eye out for you if she sees you’ve had one too many drinks. All sorts of people come here, so you never know who you might end up meeting.

4. Rubix Cafe and Games


While it might not feature on many other lists of Palm Bay nightlife because it is more of an arcade than a bar, we still feel that Rubix Cafe and Games deserves a spot on our tips. It is a quiet and enjoyable place to spend a couple of hours, especially if you are into both board or arcade games, and the fact that you can also buy a drink once you’re done only makes it earn more points in our book. Live music and DJs also show up from time to time, making the Cafe a great place to spend afternoons and evenings.

5. Surfside Lounge

There are very few places that can beat the view offered by the Surfside Lounge. Sittings inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the venue offers delicious and high-quality cocktails that you can enjoy while looking onto the beach and feeling the ocean breeze rustle your hair. Add in a friendly staff and pleasant live music, and you will quickly understand what keeps people coming back here time and time again after their first visit.

6. Oasis Lounge

The Oasis Lounge is a place for serious drinkers. The bartenders deliver strong stuff, and you need to be confident in your ability to hold up if you are planning on spending an evening here. Apart from that, all the usual bar amenities are present, which is never a bad thing. Several pool tables are installed and there is even a ping pong table available, even if you might need to arrive early to secure a spot.

7. Pour 4

A quiet, nice, and cozy wine bar such as Pour 4 is the perfect addition to Palm Bay Florida nightlife, and the selection of wines has nothing to envy to the one you might find in Orlando or Miami. Prices are nicely well contained and the wines come from all over the world, giving you the chance to keep your taste buds entertained for hours. The staff is friendly and always ready to steer you towards the best wine you can drink, and the selection of craft beers is the perfect excuse to get anyone that is not into wines to come with you.

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Palm Bay nightlife might not have the flair and the neon lights of the Downtown strip in Las Vegas, but there are more than enough venues to help you spend a good night out with your friends or family. Renting a Palm Bay party bus is a perfect way to get around the city or cruise on the beach, and we are sure that by following our indications you’ll end up remembering this city with joy. 

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