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Bakersfield‌ ‌Nightlife:‌ ‌Party‌ ‌Bus‌ ‌Night‌ ‌Adventure


Once the infamous Bakersfield sunshine starts dimming for the night, the city offers plenty of ways to keep the heat cranked up high. Whether you are a local cuisine connoisseur or you just want to have your beer while dancing to some nice music, night clubs in Bakersfield have something for everyone. 

This article features a rundown of the best nightclubs in Bakersfield. With each Bakersfield night club mentioned below featuring a unique experience, renting a Bakersfield party bus might be an ideal way to explore as many of them as you can in one night. 

Top-Rated Night Clubs in Bakersfield

1. Amestoy’s on the Hill

Known to Bakersfield residents as the local watering hole, Amerstoy’s is nestled on River Boulevard and offers one of the best views. A gathering spot for the whole community, the charming dive bar is advertised as “always open and always cheap.”

The night club in Bakersfield is known for its friendly service and stiff drinks that instantly make visitors feel at home. With the knowledgeable bartenders willing to help tourists choose a good drink out of the wide variety of cocktail and beer selections, having the best Bakersfield nightlife in the bar is always possible. A bonus about the bar is that during the NFL season, breakfast is served for free. 

2. VIP Lounge 

The bar’s name may be VIP Lounge, but everyone is welcome in this local Bakersfield CA nightlife spot. One of the most cherished bars in Bakersfield CA, visitors and locals come here for karaoke on Monday nights and to unwind over a game of darts and some good conversation. 

With a 1970s inspired interior, a jukebox that works perfectly, and zero rules against outside food, VIP Lounge is both laid back and comfortably cool. You can enjoy the bar’s friendly crowd and low-key atmosphere every night until 2:00 am. 

3. Guthrie’s Alley Cat 

One of the best bars in downtown Bakersfield, Guthrie’s Alley Cat sits in an actual alley, often unseen from the main roads, making it a hidden gem for those looking for night life in Bakersfield. Tourists who come into Guthrie’s enter the oldest bar in Bakersfield, an unassuming and unadvertised establishment that has always been packed with loyal patrons. 

The bar attracts all kinds of visitors, from the young hipster crowd to the hardened local regulars; every one, however, mingles and gets along well. Featuring a rustic alley vibe and cheap drinks, Guthrie is capable of providing a good time for any visitor who happens to stumble on inside. 

4. Trouts Nightclub 

One of the stables of Kern County and Bakersfield, Trouts has earned its position as one of the last true blues honky-tonk nightclubs in the area, with live country music being a constant presence for the spot’s patrons. The bar always has something going on inside, from line dancing to concerts. 

A historical bar where Buck Owens supposedly learned and perfected his musical skills, Trouts incorporates 2 stages where visitors can enjoy the classics of Bakersfield music. One of the few night clubs in Bakersfield offering star-studded karaoke sessions 7 days a week, the bar is a perfect destination for people who love to sing. 

5. Crash Lounge 

One of the most authentic and sophisticated clubs in Bakersfield, Crash Lounge sits on Eye Street. Compared to the other Bakersfield bars, drink prices are a bit more expensive in the cocktail bar. However, the quality of the cocktails makes the drinks well worth the price. 

Visitors to Crash Lounge enjoy a wide variety of sandwiches and small bites that become enhanced in flavor when you pair them with one of the top-class cocktails. Before leaving this nightclub, be sure to try its classics such as the “Moscow Mule” and the well-reviewed “old fashioned.”

6. Riley’s Tavern 

One of the few top-rated bars in downtown Bakersfield, Riley’s Tavern sits on 19th Street, perfectly accessible to visitors arriving in style in a California party bus. The bar instantly becomes home to visitors exploring it for the first time, mainly because of its vibrant atmosphere and friendly bar service. 

In addition to having affordable rates, Riley’s Tavern has something special for almost every night. On Thursdays, visitors enjoy the “dollar beer night” before joining the crowd on the dance floor to cut the rug to their favorite tunes. On Saturday nights, you can enjoy the disco while on Sunday nights, live indie rock bands come on stage, giving the nightclub a nice minty feeling. 

7. Club Odyssey 

Sizzling with Latin music, club odyssey is one of the best places for visitors who wish to dance their night away. In addition to offering dancing lessons to willing visitors, club odyssey offers sports aficionados a nice time with its huge TV screens that are spread throughout. 

On Thursdays, visitors get to hear their requests get played by the best DJs in town. On Fridays and Saturdays, visitors get to enjoy live music from various bands. With the hot and boisterous club brimming with the most diverse group you can find anywhere in Bakersfield, keeping things interesting is too easy. 

8. Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace 

Appropriately named after Buck Owens, the legendary country music artist, Crystal Palace is the place to be for people who would like to have an exciting night. In addition to being a bar, the spot is also used as a venue for country music, a restaurant, nightclub, and Buck Owens museum. 

If you are looking for things to do in Bakersfield at night, Crystal Palace will have multiple options for you. You can explore the museum to learn more about the Bakersfield Sound, the city’s signature music genre. Once done with exploring the museum, you can grab a meal at the restaurant, move on to the bar for a drink, before finishing your night off in the nightclub. 

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9. The Nile Bar and Nightclub 


Stroll through the Nile Bar and Nightclub entryways to locate the most happening nightlife zone that has been around for decades. Once a legendary theater, the spot is considered one of the hippest dance clubs today. 

One of the best night clubs in Bakersfield, Nile bar features top nightlife excitement, with visitors getting to enjoy an astounding vibe, the best beverages, and a friendly group. Featuring a parking facility and accepting credit cards, the Nile bar is perfect for people from all walks of life. 

10. Martini’s Feel Good Lounge 

A standout in Bakersfield nightlife, this stunning dance club and bar offers a blend of cool music recordings and DJs who manage to give the location an extraordinary feeling with the best music. The remarkable parlor offers a vibe that you can only find in top-of-the-line clubs in Vegas. 

With the club’s blazing barkeeps blending martinis and other drinks to create the best cocktails, quenching your thirst should be possible at all times. The bar often has panic hours where they sell all drinks at prices of between $1 and $2, making it perfect for visitors who are on a budget. 

11. McMurphy’s Irish Pub 

The only Irish Pub in Bakersfield, McMurphy’s is loved by the neighborhood for its tasty drinks and cuisines whose quality has been improving for the past 40 years. Boasting an authentic vibe, the bar offers the coldest Guinness, and beers like Newcastle lager on tap, Heineken, Hefeweizen, alongside 6 local brews and up to 30 distinctive packaged lagers from different parts of the world. 

The crowd is welcoming, the air is agreeable, and the cautious barkeeps will ensure you are fully comfortable. For people interested in history, the club has a historical wall telephone on display and ancient golf accessories in a glass box. 

12. Cielo 9 Bar 

Only welcoming people above the age of 21 years, Cielo 9 Bar features an adult experience. The Bakersfield night club is a top destination for live entertainment shows, music, and the best drinks. 

Music begins at 9 pm and continues till 1 am, being equitably partitioned between bachata, salsa, and cumbia to ensure that everyone is having a nice time. While the bar does not serve food, visitors do not have to party hungry – there is always a taco truck outside till 11 pm where visitors can grab a bite. 

13. The Rustic Rail 

Featuring an amazing vibe, a diverse crowd, and the sweetest barkeeps, The Rustic Rail offers one of the best things to do in Bakersfield at night. A chilled spot for unwinding, the bar offers chilled beer and some of the best cocktails in town. 

The audience is treated to live bands as they enjoy premium drinks from all around the globe. When there is no live band on stage, the club’s jukebox has a decent assortment of tunes to make you get off your seat and move that body. 

14. The Mint 

One of the best dive bars for people looking for an unforgettable Bakersfield CA nightlife, The Mint Bar features an easygoing and casual environment with an astounding group and the best drinks. In addition to making sure that everyone has his/her favorite drink, the bar has a pool table where visitors can pass their time competing to win various pool games. 

If you are not a pool expert, you can head out to the patio to enjoy your time gazing at the stars. The club’s jukebox plays the best tunes – after a long day’s work, these should get you moving, helping you unwind and forget all your worries. 

15. Firestone Grill 

For people looking to enjoy the night life in Bakersfield with family, Firestone Grill is a perfect spot. The atmosphere in the bar is extremely fantastic and filled with an energetic vibe. The bar has level screens everywhere that allow visitors to make up for lost time with any games. 

In addition to serving the best drinks, the bar serves meals, making it a perfect place for visitors who would like to try the local cuisine. When it comes to food, visitors can enjoy perfectly-cooked meat, fries, and the club’s signature Tri-Tip Sandwich. 

16. Red Grill Onions Mexican Café & Bar 

One of the few Mexican bars in Bakersfield CA, the Red Grill Onions is the perfect spot for people who would like to try Mexican cuisine. The beverages offered by the bar are stand-out, with the bar owner being extremely inviting and making every visitor feel special. 

The extensive menu offered by the nightclub goes well with its amazing, warm, and marginally upscale climate. Taking credit cards and remaining in the affordable range, the bar is designed to ensure that the average visitor can afford to have fun. 

17. 1933 Bar and Restaurant 

One of the hottest clubs in Bakersfield, 1933 offers the best dining and fun experience for every occasion. The restaurant is family-friendly, the nightclub offers an unforgettable experience, and the jumbo screens ensure that you are not missing out on your favorite sports. 

Visitors get to lounge on the patio, shoot pool in the restaurant, and party in the club while cutting the rug to their favorite tunes. Featuring unmatched flexibility, the 1933 bar is the perfect place to go with friends for the local cuisines, drinks from every corner of the world, and a friendly environment and crowd.

18. Junction Diner and Lounge 

Featuring a relaxing atmosphere, Junction Diner and Lounge ensures that all its visitors are satisfied with mixed drinks and cocktails. If you are not a fan of cocktails, you can always grab bottled and tap brews designed to keep you spirited through the night. 

In addition to good drinks, visitors get to enjoy nice meals with friends. The nightclub also hosts karaoke nights where visitors get to show off their singing skills, with DJ making the visitors leave their seats and move to the beats. 

Limo Find Overview 

From live music and amazing crowds to tasty drinks and cocktails, Bakersfield nightlife is extremely appealing and very satisfactory for all visitors. As darkness replaces the day’s light, the night clubs in Bakersfield are filled with happy locals and visitors as they dance away the night and quench their thirst with their favorite beverages. In this guide, you should be able to find a bar that suits your needs.

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