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Modesto Nightlife: Party Bus Night Adventure


Hopping on a California party bus and going around the bars in Modesto CA is one of the most fun things to do in town, and you’ll soon discover that the nightlife in the city is just as vibrant and energetic as in any other of the State’s party hot spots. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or just to sip on a nice cocktail, there are enough options for you to choose from and to let you make the most of your night out.

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Top-Rated Night Clubs in Modesto

1. The Terrace By The Vault

The Terrace By The Vault is one of the classiest venues of all Modesto CA night life and is the ideal place to kick off the evening with your date. The staff is friendly and a nice patio is there to shade you from the intense heat of the summer sun, which makes it the perfect environment to enjoy the masterfully mixed cocktails that the house provides. The prices might be slightly above average but they are well worth it, also considering the many tasty items on the menu and the impeccable service.

2. Speakeasy Lounge

From the outside, the Speakeasy Lounge is easy to miss, but when you step inside the place comes alive. The DJs and the drinks are both top-notch, making this one of the best dance clubs Modesto CA has to offer, and a venue where you are not likely to sit down for the whole night. If you’re looking for a place to dance your worries and stress away, then you can’t go wrong with the Speakeasy Lounge. There is limited parking and the inside space is not so large, so be sure to arrive a little early if you need some room.

3. Blades & Bottles

Blades & Bottles is one of the best bars in Modesto CA, blending nice design, a friendly atmosphere, and a fully stocked bar to help you relax and enjoy your night out. There is even a hair salon on the second floor if you want to stop by during the day, and the overall vibe is classy and upscale, despite the prices remaining nicely well contained. Of all the night clubs in Modesto, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that does everything so well as Blades & Bottles.

4. Lo-Fi

Beautiful décor and superb cocktails make Lo-Fi one of the highlights of nightlife Modesto CA, even if the venue remains somewhat of a hidden gem. The bar has dim lights and a nice low-key atmosphere that will have you feeling like you’re on a movie set, and the music is kept at a reasonable volume so you can have a conversation without issues. The cocktail list is long and full of surprises, which we encourage you to discover on your next visit to the town.

5. The Boardroom


If you’re looking for a simple bar to just relax and hang out with your friends, then The Boardroom is the place for you. You don’t need to worry about being dressed right or knowing the latest dance moves to impress the crowd, you can come as you are and just choose from the large number of beers the bar serves and unwind. The staff is friendly and keeps a good eye on every customer, with tasty snacks to round everything up.

6. The Tilted Turtle

With live music playing almost every night of the week, the Tilde Turtle is rapidly making a name for itself in Modesto nights and has become well known amid locals since its opening in 2015. Every aspect of the bar is taken care of, from the furniture to the drinks, and the style of music changes every night to make sure nobody goes home disappointed. The crowd is usually young and friendly but the atmosphere is so laid back you’ll never feel out of place.

7. Cheroot Cigar Lounge

The Cheroot Cigar Lounge is one of the very few places in Modesto to be dedicated to the art of smoking cigars, so if this is something you enjoy we believe it should be on your list of places to visit. The décor is nicely put together and the drinks that you can have to accompany the experience are perfectly chosen, making the Lounge a cozy little corner in which you can sit back and make the most of every puff of the carefully conserved cigars that the bar provides.

8. Vieira’s Lounge

Comfortable, cozy, and with a nice 70s feel, the Vieira’s Lounge is a nice bar that lets you have a good drink and relax without spending too much money and while listening to some nice music. The lights are dim, just like they need to be, and the bartenders are skilled at what they do and always provide tasty drinks made with quality ingredients. It might not amaze you for innovation and panache, but there is nothing that Vieira’s Lounge does wrong when it comes to bars.

9. Urbano Night Club

The Urbano Night Club is one of the most popular venues in Modesto to go dancing, and the energy of the DJs and the crowd is palpable as soon as you step into it. The place has everything it needs to be a great discotheque, and salsa lessons are organized on Thursdays so you can practice before jumping on the dance floor during the weekend. The crowd is young and alive, and you’ll find it easy to dance all night long.

Limo Find Overview

The bars in Modesto CA have been steadily growing in numbers and quality over the last few years, and give their success they are unlikely to stop anytime soon. If you choose a good Modesto party bus, then you can easily change the venue and atmosphere at a moment’s notice. With venues going from a cozy cigar lounge, excellent cocktail bars, and lively discos, you’ll be sure to find the right place for you and live out your nights to the fullest.

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