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When planning a group event – from a company outing to a wedding ceremony, from a school excursion to a silver anniversary – ground transportation is one of the most important considerations. Luckily for you, a mini bus rental can be just the solution you are looking for. Mini bus rentals are just right for all outings – you get to relax with family and friends while a professional driver takes care of the driving.

Our mini bus rental near me service makes renting a mini bus extremely easy for everyone. Our fleet of minibusses is cleaner, more luxurious, safer, more affordable, and more comfortable than the competition. Each of our mini bus rentals is driven by a professional & accredited driver and supported by a team of transportation experts – this guarantees that your minibus charter will be perfect from the beginning to the end.

Mini Bus Rentals Near Me

Our mini bus rental near me service gives you access to a wide range of minibus options. Our most booked mini bus rentals include the 15-passenger, 20-passenger, 25-passenger, and 30-passenger minibusses.

Although every mini bus rental will be slightly different from the next, most of our minibusses come equipped with AC, basic stereos, and forward-facing seats. Through our website, you can compare our minibusses to choose one that best caters to your needs. Once you choose your preferred minibus, we will get it to you on time.

How Much Does Renting a Mini Bus Cost?

Depending on the rental terms, minibusses can be priced per mile, per day, or per hour. Factors such as the distance traveled, starting location, time of the year, destination, the minibus capacity, the luxury amenities you need to have inside the minibus, and how long you will need to use the minibus will affect the total cost you will pay when renting a mini bus.

As a starting point, you can expect the Mini bus rental cost to be as follows:

  • $4 to $5 per mile
  • $1,200 to $1,500 per day
  • $125 to $160 per hour

To get the exact price you will need to pay for the mini bus rental near me service, you can simply use our online search portal to compare prices. Alternatively, you can always contact us to get the cost estimate.

15 Passenger Mini Bus


  • 14—15

With a capacity of 15 passengers, our smallest minibus has one job – get you to the location you and your team need to be on time. You can rent one for your wedding, airport transfer, corporate transportation, and other events.

20 Passenger Mini Bus


  • 16—20

Perfect for sports teams, professional transportation, and school field trips, this mini bus rental features enough space for 20 passengers. Featuring enough personal space and other entertainment amenities inside, this minibus guarantees you and your group great travel experience.

25 Passenger Mini Bus


  • 21—25

A personal favorite among most of our customers, this mini bus rental is perfect for a team of up to 25 people. Featuring spacious isles, comfortable forward-facing seats, the mini bus is capable of serving any occasion or event you need it to. On request, our mini bus rental near me service team can find you a minibus featuring stereos and TVs to maximize your entertainment throughout the trip.

30 Passenger Mini Bus


  • 26—30

This is the largest minibus we have on our fleet. Carrying 30 people, this vehicle is perfect for weddings, multi-day road trips, corporate transportation, church group transportation, field trips, and other occasions. Our professional drivers are always ready to handle all your requests, including multiple stops and adjustments to your initial plan.

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