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Limo Rental Cost


Limo Rental Cost – Renting A Limousine

Limo rentals are ideal for a wide range of events, including business outings, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays, school field trips, sporting events, prom, concerts, and more. Instead of driving yourself, limousine rentals allow you to arrive in style with high-class, chauffeured wheels.

If you are thinking of renting a limo for the first time, limousine rental prices might be one of your major concerns. If you are trying to figure out how much to rent a limo, this guide should help you find the answer. We will help you figure out the limo rental cost to expect when choosing your next ride.

How Much Does Renting a Limousine Cost?

The average cost of limo rental is $95 to $130 per hour, depending on the services offered and the type of vehicle. When charging an hourly rate, most limo rental services usually have a minimum rental time of 3 to 4 hours.
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There are numerous types of limousines to suit your transportation needs. Limousine rental companies offer SUV limos, stretch limos, party buses, stretch luxury sedans like the Hummer or Rolls Royce, classic cars, and even luxury town cars.

Depending on your needs and event plans, you can rent a limo for the whole day or just for the evening. You can book the limo service for multi-location stops, round-trip, or one-way trips. If you intend to arrange transportation for some guests to and from your event, you can rent a limo to shuttle the guests between 2 or more locations.

Most companies will have straightforward limo rental prices usually influenced by:

  • The number of hours you want to use the limousine
  • Features, model, and size of the limo
  • Time of the day you will be reserving the limousine for
  • Day of the week you need the rental

When planning to hire a limo service company, look for a company featuring a good reputation. Also, ensure that the company has both insurance and all the appropriate business licenses.

After narrowing down the company you would like to work with and figuring out the type of limo you would like to rent, request a written contract outlining the limo rental cost rates, rental time and date, plus any other requests you might have. Whether you will pay an hourly rate or a fixed set rate, you should find out whether there are any additional costs you may be charged for extras and other services.

Before you sign the contract, ask to view pictures of the exact limo that you will be riding on your special day. Be sure to include all your special requests during booking, for example, specifying that you need a white limo for the wedding. Confirm that the details are included in your contract when putting your deposit down.

Below, we will look at the main factors affecting the average cost of limo rental:

Type of Vehicle

The more fabulous the limousine, the higher the limo rental cost. Limo service providers have to recoup the business costs in the limo rental prices. Some of the business costs include the price the company paid for the limousine, business licenses and insurance, hourly rate for the chauffeur employee, vehicle maintenance, gasoline cost, and other incidentals.

Luxury limousines are a major investment for the limo service provider. The more they paid for the vehicle, the higher the hourly prices will be.

To give you an example, a 2018 10-passenger stretch Lincoln Continental can cost $100,000 to buy while a used 2008 version of the same vehicle will cost an average of $15,000. To buy a 2018 stretch Cadillac Escalade, the limo company will need an average of $150,000. A vintage stretch Rolls Royce limo in cherry condition will cost more than $150,000.

Rare vintage rides and newer models cost more to own, they have more features, and their demand is usually high – this means that their limo rental cost will be higher than the rental cost of ordinary vehicles.

If you are wondering how much to rent a limo, the following table should give you an idea of the costs to expect based on the vehicle type:

Vehicle Type Number of Passengers Hourly Rate
Town Car 4 or fewer $60
Luxury Sedan 4 or fewer $60
Classic Car 4 or fewer $120
SUV 8 or fewer $75
SUV Limo 20 to 40 $200 to $250
SUV Limo 13 to 20 $150
SUV Limo 9 to 12 $120
SUV Limo 8 or fewer $75
Stretch Limo 13 to 20 $130 to $150
Stretch Limo 9 to 12 $110
Stretch Limo 8 or fewer $75

Hourly Rate

Most limousine companies break down their limo rental prices into hourly rates. Different limos will have different hourly rates, depending on the initial cost of buying the vehicle, its current value, and its demand. In general, the more exotic or the larger the limousine, the higher its hourly rate.

Some hourly rental rates include everything from the chauffeur services to the fuel, while some limo service providers will charge a lower hourly rate with some additional fees included in your final payment. It is crucial that you understand the company’s pricing model and also have a written contract specifying what is included in the hourly rate – this will help you avoid being surprised with unexpected additional fees.

To make it cost-effective to prepare the limousine with beverage and ice, clean the vehicle properly, and dispatch a chauffeur, most limo service providers do need a minimum number of hours. On weekdays, most companies will require a minimum of 3 to 4 hours while on weekends, the minimum number of hours will be 5 or more.

Below, we have the average hourly limo rental prices you can expect when hiring a limo:

  • Stretch Hummer – $125 per hour
  • Standard Limousine – $85 per hour
  • Party Bus – $125 per hour

If the limo service provider makes it clear that you won’t be paying a flat hourly rental rate that covers everything, be sure to ask if you will have to deal with additional fees, such as parking fees, extra mileage, tolls, and fuel surcharges.

Note: There is no right or wrong way for the company to charge; the most crucial thing is transparency and good communication with the customers. Always be extremely cautious with companies that are not forthcoming about the limo rental cost and are not willing to provide a written contract.

Set Rates

Instead of hourly rates, some companies feature specific prices for pick-up and drop-off at various events, including sports games or concerts. To give you an example, a limo service provider may charge you $400 for pickup and drop-off at one location in the Lincoln Town Car stretch limo featuring a capacity of 10 people.

A good way to take advantage of set rates is to gather a group of friends in the same house where the limousine will pick you up. The limousine can drop you off at the game or concert and then pick you up when the concert or show is over. Everyone will climb back in the limousine and enjoy a plush and safe ride back home. Since none of your friends will be driving, you can have fun throughout the trip, including, enjoying some adult beverages.

When planning a group outing like this, you need to understand that the limo service provider can charge higher limo rental prices for holidays and special occasions, for example, the prom seasons. When the competition for limousine rentals increases, the average cost of limo rental goes up.

It is important to note that set rates usually do not include extra fees such as long wait times, airport pickups, and additional stops. For example, if you need the limousine to pick up a group of friends from the airport, you may have to pay an additional meet-and-greet charge to have the limousine driver waiting near the airport gate with a sign. If the driver has to go into the airport to greet the group, you may have to pay a parking fee.

Event Packages

Limo service providers do recognize that their clients often celebrate special occasions and milestone events. For this reason, the companies do offer event packages for the big days.

When planning the big event, be sure to research local limo service providers to see the packages they usually offer. If specific packages are not available on the company’s website, call and ask about the offerings. If you are working with a pre-specified budget, the limo service providers can always recommend the vehicle type, time frame, and optimum day to get maximum value for your money.

Prom and weddings are 2 occasions when having a limousine and a chauffeur can make the night much better. Renting a limousine for the kids on prom night is one of the best ways to give the young gentlemen and ladies a special treat, as well as ensure that everyone gets home safe. Prom limo rental pricing usually reflects the type of vehicle you choose, the number of people the limo can carry, and other extras – such as drinks – that are offered. Having a limousine for a wedding eliminates worries about enjoying adult beverages and driving, raises the level of elegance, and creates an ideal opportunity for fabulous photos.

If you are wondering how much to rent a limo for a prom or wedding, the prices below should give you an idea of the limo rental cost to expect:

Prom Packages 

  • Luxury sedan – $400
  • Luxury SUV – $550
  • 10-person limo – $850
  • 20-person limo – $1,600

Note: The above packages may include non-alcoholic drinks, pickup at more than one location, glassware in the limousine, drop-off at the prom, and drive home after the prom.

Wedding Packages 

  • Stretching wedding limo package – $750
  • Wedding SUV package – $500
  • Wedding shuttle bus package – $1,200

Note: The above packages can include champagne and other services, depending on the limo rental company you decide to work with.

Time of Day

Evening limo rentals generally feature higher hourly rates or a higher minimum number of hours than daytime rentals. This is because the demand for limo services is usually higher in the evening than in the daytime. If you are planning a special adventure and you would like to save as much money as possible, renting a limousine on a weekday, at day time, can get you the best savings.

When the demand is high, daytime limo rental prices can be as high as the evening rental rates. For example, you may be charged $125 per hour for a stretch Hummer with a 4-hour minimum before 5 pm – this amounts to a $500 minimum cost. After 5 pm, the hourly rate may stay the same ($125 per hour), but the minimum number of hours can increase to 5 hours – this means that the minimum limo rental cost will be $625.

Note: Calling the limo service provider to inquire about their best rates can aid your planning process.

Day of Week

The demand for limo rentals goes up on weekends. This often increases the minimum number of hours and the hourly rate on Fridays and Saturdays. To give you an example, if a company charges $90 per hour on weekdays (or weeknights) the company can increase the limo rental cost to $120 per hour on weekends. Some companies may opt to keep the hourly rate constant but increase the minimum number of hours.

Note: If you are currently planning a special occasion that requires a limo rental and you have flexibility as to the day of the week, opting for Thursday afternoon instead of a Friday night can save you some cash.


Depending on where you intend to rent a limo, the limo rental prices could be higher due to the relative cost of doing business and the cost of living. In New York, the limo service for special events could cost more than a similar service in Atlantic City. Similarly, limo service for New York airports like LaGuardia can cost more than a similar service in Tallahassee or Topeka.


If the limo driver kept you and your group safe, offered a great service, and treated everyone with respect, it is common to offer him or her a 15 to 20% tip. Some limo service companies will include the gratuity in your bill as a standard policy, while some will leave the tipping to your discretion.

When renting a limo, it is good to ask ahead of time whether gratuity is included in the bill and whether you will have an option to add it using your credit card. If gratuity is not included in the bill, be sure to bring some cash to give to the driver at the end of the trip.

Cleaning Charge

Everyone wants to have a great time in the limousine. Sometimes, however, the good times may cost you. If someone in your group gets too rowdy, breaks a glass, vomits in the vehicle, or damages the upholstery, you should expect to pay for the repairs and cleanup.

The costs usually vary depending on the damage extent. When you rent a limo, ask the limo company whether the cleaning charges are included in the limo rental cost or they are charged as additional fees. It is crucial that you be clear on the penalties that will apply if people smoke in the limousine. Cleaning fees often start at $150. If repairs are needed, you should expect to pay more.

Stocking the Bar

Many limousines do have a bar inside. The limousine company can stock the bar for you at an additional fee, or you may be allowed to bring your own drinks.

Note for Minors: In the majority of the states, the limousine driver is held liable for any irresponsible behavior of the limousine’s occupants. For this reason, limousine companies will feature zero-tolerance policies about minors drinking in their vehicles.

License and Certification

In some states, it is mandatory for limo drivers to have a chauffeur license. Some states only require a chauffeur license if the limousine can carry more than 16 passengers.

If you intend to rent a limo party bus, the driver may require a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), depending on the vehicle’s weight and the number of passengers it can carry.


In most states, you have to be at least 21 years to be allowed to rent a limo – even though you will not be the one driving. So, if you need a limo for prom night, your parent will have to handle the transaction for you.

Most limo service companies will need a deposit of up to 50% of the agreed-upon limo rental cost – this will allow you to secure a date and time. Confirm whether you will be paying the driver’s gratuity in cash after the ride or through the credit card – this will help you avoid paying twice.

Limo Rental Prices

To rent a limo for a five-hour night out, most people will spend an average of $270 to $650 depending on the limousine size and the number of passengers it can carry. If your goal is to rent a small luxury sedan, the limo rental cost may be as little as $200 for the night. If, however, you need a 20-passenger stretch hummer, you may need to pay $1,100 to rent it for 5 hours.

The chart below gives a better idea of how much to rent a limo:

National Average $420
Maximum Cost $1,100
Minimum Cost $200
Average Range $270 – $650

While the above chart gives the average cost of limo rental, it is worth noting that the costs fluctuate a lot based on the location. To know exactly how much to rent a limo, you should consider requesting a quote from the limo rental service provider near you.

Limo Cost Per Hour

A limousine featuring a capacity of 6 to 8 people will have an average cost of $70 to $120 per hour. A large stretch limo featuring a capacity of up to 20 passengers will have a limo rental cost of $100 – $250 per hour. More exclusive limousine rentals, for example, the Vintage Rolls Royce, can cost $600+ per hour.

Note: For most companies, these hourly rates do not include the driver’s gratuity. Therefore, you should add the driver’s tip to the hourly rates in order to get the exact limo rental prices.

Most limo service providers will feature minimum time blocks that they need for rentals. A limo service with high demand will not rent out its limousines for only a single hour or less – most companies will feature a minimum rental time of 3 to 4 hours. Renting limousines for 7 hours or more can easily earn you a discount.

How Much Does Renting A Limo for a Day Cost?

With a 4-hour minimum rental time, the cost to rent a limo for a day will range from $280 for an 8-passenger limousine to $480 for a 14 passenger limo. If you intend to rent a 20-passenger stretch limo for the day, you should expect the limo rental prices to range from $500 to $1,250. Because of the higher demand, you should expect the evening limo rental cost to be higher than the daytime cost.

The cheapest times to book a limousine are generally on the weekday afternoons, especially on the days that are not close to any national holidays. Most limo companies will charge $125 per hour for a stretch Hummer before 5 pm with a 4-hour minimum rental time. After 5 pm, the minimum rental time will go up to 5 hours – this means that your minimum cost of renting the limousine for the day will be $625.

How Much Does Renting A Limo for a Night Cost?

Renting a limousine for a night can cost you as little as $270 for a vehicle with a capacity of 8 passengers. For a limousine with a capacity of 20 passengers, you may need to pay $950.

Due to higher demand, limo service companies may raise the minimum rental time to 5 hours on Saturday and Friday nights. The hourly rate may also go up on those nights. It is very common to see limo rental prices of $90 per hour during weekdays and $120 per hour during the weekends.

Limo rentals are a popular way of getting to sporting events, proms, and concerts. On the nights when these special events are taking place, the demand for limousines is usually high – you should, therefore, expect the average cost of limo rental to go up.

Limo Party Bus Rentals

On average, you should expect the cost to rent a limo party bus to range from $460 to $890. Featuring a 4-hour minimum, a party bus with a capacity for 10 passengers will cost $125 per hour while a 20-passenger limousine may cost $150 – $200 per hour.

Average Limo Rental Prices for Wedding

To rent a limo for their wedding, most couples spend an average of $500 to $1,100. If your goal is to get a wedding shuttle-bus package, you should expect an average cost of $1,200.

Some limo companies do have bonus features for wedding events. You can get a white stretch hummer, a specially decorated interior, and complimentary champagne.

When renting a limousine for your wedding day, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Ask the limo service the kind of wedding packages they offer.
  • The industry standard for tipping the limousine drivers is 15% – 20% of the total rental cost. However, check with the limo service provider to see if the driver’s tip has already been included in the total bill or you will need to bring cash separately to tip the chauffeur.
  • Wedding planners often advise setting aside 2% of the total wedding expenses for transportation. This will include the limo rental and other transportation you will be offering your guests.
  • To avoid extra charges which result from high limo demand in the wedding season, be sure to reserve your limo at least 3 months in advance.

Prom Limo Rental Cost

Prom limo rental prices range from $270 to $400. This is a good deal considering that the package will offer you extras like multiple location pickups, non-alcoholic beverages & glasses, drop-off at the prom, and pick up after the prom is over.

The average cost of a limo rental for prom will vary depending on the number of passengers the vehicle can carry and the type of vehicle. For example, some companies will charge $590 for an 8-passenger stretch limo while a 22-passenger luxury minibus will cost $930. A six-passenger stretch hummer can cost $295 with a minimum rental time of four hours.

Additional Limousine Service Rates

When booking a limousine, it is extremely important that you understand the extra charges that may show up on your bill. Such extra charges could include:

Parking Fees

When you are planning the trip itinerary with a limo service, you need to think about where your limousine will park if your driver has to wait. A paid parking lot might charge extra for limousine parking – the limo company will expect you and your team to pay for the parking fee. In an extremely busy city, where parking is not available at all, you may have to pay an additional fee to have the driver continue circling the block while waiting for you and your group.

Toll Road Fees

During your trip, most limo service providers will expect you to take care of any highway tolls. You may also be charged for the tolls the driver had to pay when coming to the pickup location. You will find these charges listed on the bill at the end of your limousine ride.

Fuel Surcharges

When booking a limo service, it is crucial that you ask about the fuel surcharges – this is usually an added fee that new limousine users do not expect. Some limo service providers can tack on a 10% fuel surcharge for each ride that they book, depending on the current fuel prices and their location.

Changing the itinerary after the trip has already started is one of the main reasons limo users deal with fuel surcharges. If the driver has to drive further than initially planned, you should expect the limo rental prices to increase due to the fuel surcharge and other additional fees. After all, you won’t be just paying for your driver’s time, you will also be paying for the expense of keeping the limousine running.

Cleaning Rates

If the limo company has to clean up stains inside the limousine after the ride, you may have to pay an average of $100 or more. If someone vomits inside the vehicle, this could cost you $150 to clean. Most limousine companies will charge $10 for each glass from the limo’s minibar that gets broken or goes missing.

Having to clean after the trip is one of the reasons most limousine companies will need an upfront deposit. This way, the company will have an assurance of guaranteed payment to cover all the unexpected charges you and your group might incur. Other common reasons for the cleaning fees include lingering odors inside the vehicle and damage to the upholstery or carpet.

Extra Hours or Extra Mileage Rates

Limo service providers feature varying pricing plans that you can choose from, based on either the total time you need the limousine or the mileage. Before confirming the reservation, it is crucial that you understand the company’s pricing plan.

Booking a limousine for common destinations like the airport is usually charged a flat-rate fee. In cases when your travel route is not very straightforward, the limo service provider may charge you hourly. If the limo rental cost is on an hourly basis, the limo driver will time the ride from the pick-up to the final drop-off. The company may charge you for the time that they spend waiting if you happen to be late for the pick-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do I Tip My Limousine Driver?

When trying to figure out how much to rent a limo, the driver’s gratuity is an important consideration. The recommended tip for a limousine driver is between 10% and 20% of the total limo rental cost. For airport-related trips, it is usually customary to tip an extra $2 – $5 per bag.

Limousine drivers often work extremely hard to accommodate people in difficult situations. Giving them compensation for their effort is always a good gesture.

It is worth noting that most limousine drivers usually receive fixed rates that are not higher than the minimum wage. In some states, the limo drivers are expected to get tips from their employers – for this reason, the business may pay the drivers below the minimum wage.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Limo for 4 Hours?

At an average hourly rate of $70 – $150, you should expect the 4-hour limo rental prices to range from $280 to $600. If you intend to rent a limousine with a capacity of up to 20 passengers for 4 hours, you should expect the average cost of limo rental to range between $400 and $1,000.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Limo for 5 Hours?

Renting an 8-passenger limo for 5 hours will cost an average of $350 – $600 plus the driver’s tip. Renting a limo party bus or a Hummer for five hours will cost $750 – $1,500.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Limo for 6 Hours?

To rent a 4-passenger luxury sedan for 6 hours, you will need to pay $300 to $480. Renting a 10-passenger limousine for 6 hours will cost $540 to $900.

Do Limousine Rentals Come with a Fully Stocked Bar?

When making your reservation, it is crucial that you ask the limousine company whether their limousine rentals come with a fully stocked bar. Some limo companies do offer complimentary drinks as part of the rental package. Otherwise, the company may only provide a refrigerator and may expect you and your team to bring the drinks to fill the refrigerator.

Limousine rental companies don’t want to assume responsibility for irresponsible behavior. For this reason, drug use, smoking, and underage drinking are prohibited by most companies. However, most drivers are always willing to accommodate cigarette smokers (of an appropriate age) by stopping in ideal locations and allowing them to smoke outside.

How Dark is the Limousine’s Tint?

Most limos will feature a window-tint rating of 5%. This means that only 5% of the outside light can pass through the tint. Other additional benefits of the extra dark tint are that the windows feature the ability to repel 65% of the outdoor heat and about 99.9% of the sun’s UV (Ultraviolet) radiation. This makes it impossible to get sunburned and also makes it much easier for you to stay cool inside the limousine.

It is worth noting that laws in the majority of the states only allow tinted windows in the rear and the back of the limousine. This is because your driver needs perfect visibility to keep you safe.

What is the Name Given to A Limo Driver?

The traditional custom is to call the driver a “chauffeur”. Nonetheless, most drivers may prefer being called by their first name.

What Can We Do Inside the Limousine?

There are a lot of fun things that can keep you and your team busy during the limo ride. These include:

  • Watch movies – Most limousines do come with TVs. These can create a perfect movie-watching experience.
  • Play video games – Ask the limo service provider if it is possible for them to set up PlayStation or Xbox in the back for you and your team. Most limousines do feature HDTVs and surround sound speakers – these features can create an ideal gaming experience.
  • Listen to music – Your driver can help you play the music you have on your media devices. Alternatively, you can tell the chauffeur the music you like and they can find it on the satellite radio.
  • Enjoy drinks – If you are legally old enough to enjoy alcoholic beverages, you and your friends can use the drinks in the stocked minibar. If you are not old enough to drink alcohol, you can always request non-alcoholic beverages.

Relax – Featuring extra lounging space, limousines allow you to stretch comfortably or even take a nap.

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