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Laredo Nightlife: Party Bus Night Adventure


From its thriving arts scene to its captivating history, Laredo has something for everyone during the daytime. The good news, however, is that the party does not stop when the sun goes down – Laredo nightlife is filled with some of the best bars in the whole of Texas. 

Night clubs Laredo TX turn up the music and pour drinks 7 days a week, with most of them inviting professional DJs and live music performers to light up the stage. Whether you aim to cut the rug through the night or you prefer to sit down, relax, and take your drinks on a patio overlooking the lit streets, the Laredo TX nightlife spots outlined below have got your back. 

Top-Rated Laredo Nightlife Spots

1. Planeta 80 Bar & Grill 

Established back in 2015, Planeta 80 Bar & Grill assures visitors of a pleasant time singing and dancing to the old school 80s music, hip hop, reggaeton, and other international tunes mixed by legendary DJs. One of the best Laredo night clubs, Planeta 80 offers both indoor and outdoor settings, a friendly staff, and great drinks. 

A favorite Laredo nightlife spot for friends and families, the club is always delighted to accommodate parties of varying sizes for special meetings. To make things affordable for visitors, Planeta 80 bar has happy hours that run from 8 to 9 pm. 

2. Taboo Nightclub 

Located right in the middle of downtown Laredo, Taboo nightclub is one of the places you shouldn’t miss on your night out with a Laredo party bus. The Laredo Texas nightlife spot carries a welcoming and friendly environment, exceptional bartenders, great dancers, the best drinks, and happy hour drink specials. 

If you love to move to the beat, exceptional DJs will get you off your seat with the latest music. To add to the entertainment, Taboo Nightclub hosts live shows and has space for groups to host parties. 

3. Silverado’s Night Club 

Always appearing on lists of things to do in Laredo, Silverado’s is a festive Latin-style dance club featuring live salsa bands, popular DJs, and a full bar that carries beers and cocktails. One of the liveliest clubs in Laredo, Silverado’s attracts an open-minded, up-for-anything, and incredibly welcoming crowd. 

The club is a great place to dance comfortably with friends or just listen to music while chatting with the locals. The club’s atmosphere is beautiful and the waitresses never leave their customers unattended. 

4. Cosmos Bar and Grill 

A Laredo nightlife spot that offers both drinks and full meals, Cosmos is one of the best places for visitors to stop if they need a good taste of the Texas cuisine. One of the best places to experience nightlife in Laredo TX, Cosmos has friendly staff who are always willing to help visitors order something they can enjoy. 

One of the most budget-friendly clubs in Laredo, Cosmos offers both its meals and drinks at an affordable price. The welcoming and laid-back environment makes the club perfect for a family night out. 

5. On the Rocks Tavern 


Featuring a relaxed setting, On the Rocks Tavern makes every visitor feel at home the moment he/she walks through the bar. Friendly bartenders are always willing to engage their customers in conversations while making awesome cocktails. 

A hidden gem in the heart of Laredo, the nightclub features a nice layout and carries reasonable prices for all its drinks. To keep the visitors entertained, Rocks Tavern hosts live rock music and live shows regularly. 

6. Geno’s World of Karaoke 

If you love to sing, Geno’s should be on your list of Laredo nightlife spots to explore. The nightlife spot has the best karaoke VJ in Laredo, a huge music library to choose from, and great vibes. 

Arrive with a group of friends in a Texas party bus rental and enjoy the party setting offered by the Laredo Texas night life spot. Opening at 10 pm and closing at 2 am (next day) and serving the best drinks the entire time, Geno’s is one of the best places to spend a night. 

7. Cultura Beer Garden 

Established in 2017, Cultura Beer Garden offers visitors the chance to escape the everyday hassle and immerse themselves in a culture filled with refreshing craft beers. The beer garden has a warm and welcoming staff and attracts a lively crowd every night. 

At night, visitors get to enjoy more than the unique and tasty craft beers, with stage performers outdoing themselves to ensure that everyone is entertained. 

8. Old No. 2 Café & Grill 

One of the few dive bars known in Lubbock, Corpus Christi, and other towns in Texas, Old No. 2 is a chill Laredo TX nightlife spot located in North Laredo. The dive bar has friendly staff and has drink specials every single night. 

Featuring regular bands such as Mechanica Inflexible, La Doa, and the so popular Bottom Line, Old No. 2 is always packed with an extremely lively crowd every night. With the DJs always playing the best music, customers can’t miss out on a chance to dance their night away. 

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9. Happy Hour Downtown Bar 

A personal favorite for tourists and locals alike, Happy Hour Downtown Bar has a great staff that makes everyone feel right at home. Much like some of the bars in Amarillo, the Downtown bar offers affordable prices for its drinks, with visitors enjoy $5 pitchers and $3 beers. 

For people who prefer an outdoor setting, Happy Hour Downtown Bar is one of the few clubs in Laredo that carry an awesome patio. With its distinct shot menu, Happy Hour club visitors don’t have to party hungry. 

10. Electric Lounge 

The perfect place for cocktail connoisseurs, the top-rated bartenders at Electric lounge mix drinks that make you want more. In addition to the cocktails, the nightclub has a wide variety of beers and drink specials that make everything affordable. 

The club keeps its visitors entertained with live music, with live bands occupying the stage regularly. The club has some of the best lighting and sounds, all improving your experience the moment you walk in. 

Limo Find Overview 

Carrying a large number of nightclubs that offer live music, karaoke, live DJs, the best drinks, and happy hours, Laredo nightlife is destined to stand out for every visitor. With most of the clubs in Laredo offering affordable prices, breaking your bank account to have a great night won’t be necessary.  

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