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Rexburg Party Bus Rental Near Me - Renting A Party Bus


Transportation for big groups tends to be a nightmare, especially when you are all traveling separately. With a party bus, however, the entire group can travel as a single unit.  Instead of staring into traffic, renting a bus will allow you and your friends to have fun throughout the trip.

Featuring comfortable seating and enough room for your legs, a Rexburg, ID party bus rental will allow you to stretch and feel 100% free. Allowing you to play your favorite music via the AUX/iPod connection and dance to the beats, our party bus rental Rexburg, ID will be more like a club on wheels.

Renting a bus eliminates the risk of getting a ticket on your fun night out. Having a personal chauffeur (or a designated driver), you get to have maximum fun, enjoy alcoholic drinks, and still get to all your destinations worry-free and on time.

Party bus rental Rexburg is ideal for both formal and non-formal events. You can use a sprinter bus for that special night out on the Rexburg, ID town, proms, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and even company events.

Renting a party bus Rexburg, ID is not as complicated as most people assume. With various options being readily available, you can easily choose the one that suits your needs. Our party bus fleet features vehicles that can fit from as low as 8 people to as high as 50 passengers. It does not matter whether you have a small or a large group, you will always get something to ensure your comfort.

Since you will be traveling together with your friends, paying for the party bus will be more affordable – all you will need to do is pool-in the needed money together with the other riders. Instead of hiring several limos for a higher price, you get to pay a minimal cost and keep the party going even on the road.

We cover the entire city with our Rexburg, ID party bus service. With professional and experienced personal chauffeurs, our party buses will get you to and from any corner of Rexburg, ID. Party Bus Rentals in Rexburg, ID

We want everyone, irrespective of his or her financial background, to have the ability to explore Rexburg stylishly and enjoyably. This is why we make sure that our Rexburg, ID Party Bus prices are affordable. That said, the cost of renting a party bus Rexburg, ID varies depending on several factors. The main factors include:

Length of Your Ride

Our party bus rentals are offered in 4-hour time blocks. This means that even if you need a Rexburg, ID Party Bus for a single hour, you may have to pay a rate that covers the 4 hours. If you need the bus to drive you to and from the event, you may need to pay for the wait time even if the bus won’t have any passengers in it.

The more the number of hours you need the vehicle, the higher the cost will be. Still, for transporting large groups to those special events – such as bachelor parties and weddings – the marginal extra cost will be worth it to keep the entire group together.

Business Location

Where the bus rental destination is located in relation to the customer’s pick-up location does affect the rental cost. Prices will generally increase if the party bus has to travel for more than 30 miles to get to the pick-up location. If the business location does have parking charges and other fees, these could increase the cost of renting a party bus Rexburg, ID.

Time of the Day

The prime time for party buses starts after 5 p.m. This means evening reservations may have a higher cost. If the special event extends into the wee morning hours, the company may charge a higher fee after midnight.

Type of Party Buses

How fancy your chosen party bus Rexburg, ID is and the number of people it can accommodate affects the overall rental cost. A bus that is capable of accommodating 50 people will cost more than one that accommodates only 8 people. Also, a bus featuring the latest sound systems, DVD players, laser lights, mood lighting, etc. will cost more than one that does not have these features.

Day of the Week

Since Saturdays are the prime days for party bus rentals, you should expect the costs to be higher. On weekends, most companies receive 5 times more requests than on weekdays. Rexburg, ID Party Bus Rental Prices

Types of Party Buses We Offer


12 Passenger Bus

The smallest bus we offer features enough room for you and your friends of 12 friends, this bus guarantees a great time on the road. Though small (compared to our other party buses), this party bus in Rexburg, ID comes fully loaded with TVs, Aux/iPod connections, comfortable seating, and mood lighting. The bus comes with every touch of the party feel.

Passengers: 10 to 12

20 Passenger Bus

This party bus Rexburg, ID is ideal for when you are expecting over 14 guests. 20-passenger party buses – such as church buses, wedding buses, and minibusses – are available to make your event’s transport perfect. You can use the bus for a birthday party, wedding, proms, etc. Each 20-passenger party bus can be customized according to your needs. For example, it can have a dance pole on request. Additional customization options are always welcome.

Passengers: 14 to 20


30 Passenger Bus

If you are expecting a bigger number of people for your bachelor or bachelorette party, renting a medium party bus may be a good idea. Featuring enough space for your 30 guests, this bus will ensure that everyone is comfortable enough. To make the entire birthday, bachelorette or bachelor party memorable, this bus will come fully loaded with all the luxury amenities you need. Our 30-passenger party buses are not just limited to birthdays and bachelorette parties. You can use them as a church bus and for that special night out on town. Simply let us know what you are planning and you will get a bus suited to that special occasion.

Passengers: 21 to 30

40 Passenger Bus

Get that big party going with one of the larger Rexburg, ID party bus rentals. Featuring enough room for 40 passengers, this party bus will come loaded with a wide range of options, including mini bars and even dance poles. With a large dancefloor, connections that allow you to play your favorite music, and modern sound systems, you and your friends should get ready to dance to your drop-off location. Available in varying shapes, colors, and customizations, the 40-passenger party buses are perfect for all events and individuals.

Passengers: 31 to 40


50 Passenger Bus

With one of the biggest party buses, you can take everyone along. Equipped with minibars and multiple dance poles, you won’t be wrong calling the 50-passenger bus a club on wheels. The 50-passenger bus can be customized to fit both formal and informal events. If you are planning a night out on the town, this bus can include drinks, dance poles, the best party music, and much more. If you are looking for church transportation, this bus can be converted into something that fits the preferred environment for the church group.

Passengers: 41 to 50

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Rexburg, ID City Content

The county seat and largest city of Madison County, Rexburg is home to more than 29,000 people. Built on top of an ancient shield volcano, Rexburg happens to be a youthful college town and is home to the Brigham Young University in the State of Idaho. An overwhelming percentage (about 95%) of Rexburg’s residents belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the same church that runs the Brigham Young University. 

Rexburg is constantly named among the safest cities in the United States and is blessed with a lot of green space, parks and trails. These features make the city an attractive destination for tourists exploring the state of Idaho. 

New visitors prefer to start their party bus tours at the Legacy Flight Museum. Hiding in the hangar at Rexburg Madison County Airport, the museum carries a superb collection of historic aircraft and vehicles. Inside, you will be met by a P-63 Kingcobra, a Grumman S-2 Tracker, a Beechcraft Staggerwing, and the Boeing Stearman, to name a few. A real highlight is the p-51 Mustang that was flown by the local ace, Roland R. Wright. 

A few miles out of Rexburg on the US 20, sits the Yellowstone Bear World, a drive-thru wildlife park that lets you get close to magnificent wild species indigenous to the Yellowstone region. From the comfort of your party bus, you will get to see Rocky Mountain Elk, bison, Rocky Mountain goats, whitetail deer, moose, mule deer, and the black and grizzly bears. If you decide to get out of the party bus and explore on foot, you can visit the petting zoo where you will find free-roaming farm animals, and have a chance to feed deer fawn and elk calf. 

The focal point of Rexburg, the Rexburg Idaho Temple is a rather impressive attraction you wouldn’t want to miss when exploring the city on a party bus. With a gleaming façade that is coated in white quartz, the landmark crowns the highest point in Rexburg and is visible for miles along Highway 20. The building carries 700 stained-glass window panes and inside it has attractive furniture made with wood from Africa and stone and tiles from Israel. 

Just 15 miles to the north, Rexburg has a 10,600-acre expanse of shifting white quartz sands that are swept by the wind into peaks that rise as high as 400 feet. Known as the St. Anthony Sand Dunes, this destination carries a wide variety of memorable experiences for adventure lovers. You can walk, go on horseback rides, or sled down the sandy slopes. 

If you are exploring Rexburg in the summer season, consider taking a party bust trip to Jefferson County Lake. This will give you a chance to pass a sunny summer day at a natural lake. Greeting you will be an enticing sheet of blue waters, ringed by glassy areas, beaches, hiking trails, and over 50 campsites. 

The city of Rexburg carries a ton of recreational opportunities and is packed with natural beauty. Its abundance of natural wonders and its numerous off-the-beaten-path travel options make it special. From its picturesque mountain ranges to its glassy lakes and parks, the city carries a dearth of things that adventure lovers can do outside. 

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, renting a party bus Rexburg, ID will cost you between $750 and $1000. Various factors affect the party bus cost, including:

  • Vehicle type
  • Party bus packages
  • Special requests and luxury features
  • The number of passengers
  • When you need the party bus for pick up and drop off

Depending on the above factors, the hourly rental cost ranges from $120/hour to $400/hour.

Typically, party buses carry between 6 and 50 passengers. Various sizes of party buses exist and it is possible to get one ideal for medium to large groups of people.

If your goal is to accommodate smaller party sizes of approximately 10 – 20 people, a medium-sized party bus should be ideal for you. If your goal is to accommodate groups of 50+ passengers, you should ask your chosen party bus Rexburg, ID service provider to help with planning and coordinating proper transportation for the group.

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