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How Much Do You Tip Your Party Bus Driver?


How Much Do You Tip Your Party Bus Driver?

Renting a party bus is not just a fun-filled way to visit different party locations in a single night, it is also an ideal way to ensure that no one drives after consuming alcohol. The party bus driver will most likely have to deal with a boisterous group, a late night, and in some instances, last-minute schedule changes. Tipping your driver to show appreciation for his or her efforts to make your night fabulous is not just a good gesture, it is also an industry standard.

If you are new to using party buses, you may not know the answer to the question “how much do you tip a party bus driver?”. In this article, we will help you figure out the ideal gratuity for party bus drivers.

Etiquette for Tipping Party Bus Drivers

Tip Included

The majority of party bus service providers have started including the driver’s tip when charging the fees for the party bus. Including the gratuity for party bus drivers in the bill is very common with companies hiring party buses for large groups.

When booking your party bus, it is a good idea to ask about tipping – this can help you avoid paying the driver’s gratuity twice. If the tip is already included in the total cost, you won’t have to tip the driver at the end of the ride.


If you determine that the driver’s gratuity is not included in your total cost, then figuring out how much do you tip a party bus driver becomes necessary. The recommended tip is 10% to 20% of the total party bus rental cost.

Party bus drivers are usually tasked with preparing the party bus and stocking it with drinks, ice, and other requested items. During the trip, they are responsible for your safety, comfort, and getting you to your chosen locations on time. Once you and your team are done for the night, the driver may have to clean the party bus. This explains why it is extremely important to tip your driver.

Other Factors

It is important to note that the gratuity for party bus drivers can depend on several factors. These include:

The Number of Passengers 

It is acceptable for each individual to donate some money to give to the driver as a tip at the end of the trip. This suggests that a party bus featuring a large number of people may have a bigger tip compared to a party bus with a smaller number of passengers.

Services Offered by the Driver 

Did the driver have to carry your luggage to the party bus? Did he or she offer other services aside from driving? If the driver did offer additional services, giving him/her a bigger tip is always a good idea. Also, if the driver did not offer additional services but managed to give you the best travel experience, you can consider increasing the tip.

The Cleaning Needed

If you are asking how much do you tip a party bus driver, chances are, you are planning a party that will include a number of people – some of these people could be both rowdy and messy. If your group were overly rowdy and messy, more effort will be needed when cleaning the party bus. Adding extra dollars to the tip will acknowledge your driver’s extra work cleaning the party bus after you.


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