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How We Work

At Limo Find, we believe that this industry has a lot of potential. We also know that the past year has been very rough on a lot of operators.

Our goal is to build a database of operators that are the best in their particular market. Please submit your company's information. We are going to ask for your service areas and your fleet size and makeup. 

Please DO NOT list any vehicles you do not own. If we find out, we will never provide you with leads again. We only want to give leads to well reviewed companies that own their vehicles (no brokers!)

At Limo Find, we believe in providing leads NOT farm outs. 

What does this mean for you, the operator? You get to keep the clients you speak with. You are not an affiliate. You get the lead, you contact them with pricing, you book the job, you keep the client.

We only want to work with the best operator in a certain market. We will be vetting each and every operator we decide to work with, to ensure they are providing an excellent experience to the end client.

Yes, in some markets we do. Right now we are trying to build out a network of operators nationwide, so will be providing leads at no cost in some markets. In others, we will be charging for leads. 


If we start to provide leads at no cost in certain markets, that is only to ensure the end client is taken care of. Once an operator in that market wants to get the leads exclusively (and they are vetted properly), we will only make them available to that operator.

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