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Cheerfulness, liveliness, and vibrancy define the locals of El Paso perfectly. Once the sun goes down, El Paso residents put on their party shoes to celebrate the night away. If you are visiting the city and are trying to find somewhere to cut the rug, grab some drinks, or chat with the locals, you will be happy to know that there is no shortage of bars in El Paso. 

We, however, know that El Paso nightlife is only perfect if one spends his/her time in the right bars. For this reason, we have handpicked the best bars in El Paso for tourists who are new to the city. 

Top-Rated Bars in El Paso

1. Tequilas Discoteque 

Carrying a modern, hip vibe, Tequilas Discoteque is sure to make your entire night. Arrive in an El Paso party bus rental with a group of friends and you will have enough space to cut the rug while refilling your glasses with the best drinks. 

The nightclub is famous for hosting the best DJs, artists, and performers, with live events happening almost every weekend. Visitors can expect different genres of music, including Hip Hop, Dance, live music, and Latin music. 

2. Little Bit of Texas 

Known outside El Paso, Little Bit of Texas attracts visitors from Corpus Christi and other parts of the huge state. One of the good bars in El Paso, the nightlife spot is a rollicking bar and dance club that always plays top-charting tracks and offers free line-dancing lessons.

The club has a huge list of drink specials, including the Thursdays and Fridays special that start at 7 pm through to 9 pm. These drink specials require visitors to pay only $1 for Well drinks. 

3. EPIC Nightclub

A hidden gem in El Paso, EPIC is a prime spot for live rock, punk, and grunge music. One of the few intimate bars downtown El Paso, the club carries a full bar filled with to-die-for drinks. 

The nightlife spot has DJs playing the hottest music and also hosts weekly drag shows featuring El Paso’s best performers. Carrying a cool and welcoming crowd, the nightclub makes everyone feel at home. 

4. Latin Groove 

If you like to cut the rug to Latin music, Latin groove is one of the best bars in El Paso to do so. The nightclub plays everything from Reggaeton, Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa to Rock Latino. 

A favorite destination for nightlife seekers from Lubbock, the El Paso nightlife spot hosts live bands and the best DJs in town. The nightclub has a great atmosphere and the fact that it closes at 2 am gives visitors enough time to dance to their satisfaction while getting rid of thirst with perfectly mixed cocktails. 

5. Teddy’s Flame Room 

While Teddy’s Flame Room doesn’t seem like much at a first glance, the club carries a decent dance floor and has enough chairs and tables to relax, have drinks, and talk. The club serves tasty food, with visitors getting to enjoy chicken wings, black bean sliders, chorizo, queso fries, and much more.  

The club has an outdoor patio where visitors can get fresh air. If you didn’t come with a Texas party bus rental and can’t drive home drunk, you can always rent a room at the adjoining hotel. 

6. Castillo’s Nightclub

Castillo’s carries a unique flavor, making it appealing to Plano residents and visitors from Amarillo. The club itself is divided into 2 rooms, with the bar being situated in the more “dive-y” room, complete with neon signs, a dance floor, a huge stage for bands, a wood floor for those who like to dance, laser lighting, and a pair of pool tables. 

The club carries a wide range of drinks, including Hennesy, Hpnotiq, Jack and coke, and more. Bands play regularly, ensuring that nobody is attached to their seats through the night. 

7. Wallflower 

Wallflower has a large and inviting space on the inside, with its front garage-style doors opening to a nice-sized patio. While the club does play music in the background, the soundtracks are unobtrusive, making it a perfect place for people who like a calm atmosphere. 

The nightlife spot serves the best cocktails, with visitors enjoying drinks like Sidecar with Hennessy, lemon, apricot preserves, and Cointreau. Cocktails are made on the spot, with the experienced bartenders recommending the best options for the visitors. 

8. Legendary Tipsy Tiger 

One of the coolest El Paso downtown bars, Legendary Tipsy Tiger offers decently priced drinks and has a cautious team of bartenders ensuring that everyone has what he/she needs. The lighting on the inside is great and puts the visitors in a good mood. 

If you prefer fresh air, the nightlife spot has an outdoor area where you can hang out and enjoy your drinks. The club has professional DJs spinning the decks and making everyone’s night. The regular drink specials make everything more affordable. 

9. Ode Brewing Co 

Attracting beer lovers from Laredo, Ode Brewing Co serves freshly made beers. An ever-growing microbrewery, the nightlife spot draws imbibers with its easy-drinking lagers and ales. 

Set back from a highway, Ode Brewing Co has a great open patio that faces the mountain. The spot’s gourmet pub grub features a decadently global spin – the poutine duck-fact fries are always smothered with green-chile sausage to make them gravy. 

10. Hoppy Monk 

One of the best bars off N Mesa St on the west side, Hoppy Monk carries voluminous beer selections that include some of the best Belgians. The nightclub has a nice patio and better-than-usual pub food, both of which make the club unforgettable. 

The club opens from 3 pm to midnight Monday to Wednesday, closes at 2 am on Thursdays, Friday, and Saturday, before going back to closing at midnight on Sundays. The club is timed to offer maximum entertainment. 

11. Aceitunas 

A unique spot in the heart of El Paso, Aceitunas is an open-air beer garden ideal for winding down after a long day. The folks here carry a friendly vibe, making everyone feel comfortable. 

Visitors get to enjoy live music every Friday and Saturday on the garden’s spacious patio. When it comes to the drink specials, the beer garden has $2 Rolling Rock and Kazi shots, $3 Shock Top, Paletas, Margaritas, Fireball, and much more. 

12. Deadbeach Brewery 

Carrying a fun choice of craft brews and delicious pub food to pair, Deadbeach brewery is one of the best nightlife spots. For those who prefer watching the stars, the brewery has an outdoor patio with a crackling fire. 

The nightclub has a friendly staff that makes everyone feel welcome. The drinks are affordable, meaning that you won’t have to break your bank account to enjoy a nice drink. 



Q: Where Can I Go Out In El Paso?

A: El Paso has a large number of entertainment spots, including: 

  • The Black Orchid Lounge 
  • Rubiks Arcade Bar
  • Graham’s corner 
  • El Paso Club 

Q: What Is There to Do In El Paso At Night?

A: To make your night in El Paso fun and adventurous, you can: 

  • Go dancing at the Neon Desert Music Festival 
  • Enjoy a drink at Rubiks Arcade Bar 
  • Enjoy a movie at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Montecillo 

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Q: What Food Is El Paso Famous For?

A: El Paso is famous for a wide variety of foods, including: 

  • Steak 
  • Fries 
  • Machaca 
  • Horchata 

Limo Find Overview 

There is never a dull moment when it comes to the El Paso nightlife scene. Whether you are looking for Texas honky-tonks or high energy dance clubs, low-key wine bars or action-packed sports bars, El Paso has something for every taste. In this detailed guide, we have outlined top-rated bars in El Paso – these should fill your night with fun.

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