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If you are making plans for transporting a large group of people, using a charter bus might the best option for you and the entire group. Renting a charter bus for a special event features numerous benefits, including a good overall experience, reliability, comfort, and cost-efficiency.

For big events involving friends and family, it can be hard for everyone to arrive on time, especially if each individual has to use his or her own mode of transportation. A charter bus helps keep your team together – if you plan your departure ideally, you and your entire team will arrive on time. In addition to ensuring that everyone is there at the right time, a charter bus rental ensures that everything is running more smoothly.

As long as you are working with the right charter bus rental near me service, finding a perfect ride for your team shouldn’t be difficult. We specialize in satisfaction and flexibility. Our major aim is to please each customer, and the only ideal way to accomplish our goal is to house an assortment of stellar charter buses – irrespective of the event requirements, we will always find a charter bus rental that caters to all your needs.

Charter Bus Rentals Near Me

Being the best charter bus rental near me service, we offer numerous charter bus rental options. For large groups of people or those traveling for great distances, opting for a coach bus is always a good idea. The coach bus will offer optimum comfort with numerous amenities, including a bigger passenger area, a separate area for your cargo, and recliner seating.

For smaller groups, a minibus might suit your needs better. Our fleet of minibusses is made up of well-maintained, modern, comfy, and classy vehicles. Irrespective of the minibus you decide to use for your trip, you will enjoy a high standard of care and quality.

Our minibusses can carry 30 people while our biggest charter bus features enough room for 60 people. If your group is made up of more than 60 people, you do not have to worry – you can always rent more than 1 charter bus.

How Much Does Renting A Charter Bus Cost?

If you are new to using a charter bus rental near me service, it is easy to assume that renting a charter bus is outside your affordable range. This is, however, not the case. With our fleet of modern and well-maintained charter buses, we manage to offer charter bus rental services at a price that everyone can afford.

On a per hour basis and depending on the number of passengers that the charter bus rental can carry, the cost our customers expect are outlined below:

Type of Vehicle Hourly Rate
30-Passenger Charter Bus $150 to $175
35-Passenger Charter Bus $180 to $195
40-Passenger Charter Bus $200 to $225
47-Passenger Charter Bus $230 to $250
50-Passenger Charter Bus $260 to $275
56-Passenger Charter Bus $280 to $290
60-Passenger Charter Bus $300 to $350

The good thing about using a charter bus rental is that you do not have to take care of the costs alone. You can always pool travel costs together with your group. This helps everyone save money and still ride comfortably.

Charter Bus Pricing Factors

The main factors that influence how much you will have to pay for the charter bus rental near me service include:

  • The rental time length – As you have already noted, our charter bus rental costs are on a per hour basis. The more hours you need the charter bus, the higher the charter bus pricing will be.
  • Day of the week – The charter bus demand goes up on weekends. Due to limited availability, the rates are often higher on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Size – The bigger the charter bus, the higher the pricing – this is often not a big issue since the extra cost can be shared by the extra passengers.
  • Extra fees – While the driving damages are covered by the insurance, some damages have to be paid for by the passengers. Such damages include vomiting inside the bus, having an excessive mess, smoking in the bus, and other excessive cleanup requirements.
  • Gratuity – Paying your driver a gratuity is not just an industry standard, it is also a nice gesture. The gratuity is necessary if the driver has done a great job of keeping you and your team safe throughout the trip.

Rent A Bus

When it comes to renting a charter bus, as noted earlier, a wide range of options exist. The ideal option will be one that has enough personal space and other amenities you may need to enjoy the entire trip.

In terms of amenities, if your journey is long, you should choose a bus that has a bathroom. Also, depending on the group’s preferences, you may want to consider renting a charter bus that has a privacy divider, iPod/AUX connection, USB ports, and even interior leather seats. It is, however, worth noting that charter buses featuring more amenities are more costly than those with minimal features on the inside.

Customers who use our charter bus rental near me service get access to the following types of charter buses:

30 Passenger Charter Bus


  • 22—30

If you will be traveling with a medium-sized group, our 30-passenger charter bus should be perfect for you. Ideal for birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, sports events, and long-haul trips from one city to the other, this charter bus will make sure that you arrive on time.

The bus inside looks immaculate. Featuring enough personal space and topped with all the best features you can think of; you can never go wrong with choosing this bus for your upcoming trip.

35 Passenger Charter Bus


  • 28—35

Have an upcoming wedding or any other event and you would like you and your 34 friends to arrive on time? This 35-passenger vehicle should help transport you and your team to and from the venue. Featuring enough room for cargo in the lower compartment, you can relax in the comfortable chairs without having to worry about your gear, equipment, or tools.

Your chauffeur will be driving throughout the trip. This means that you and your team can get to relax – if you are coming from a late-night event and you are feeling sleepy, you can always decide to sleep through the entire trip.

40 Passenger Charter Bus


  • 32—40

Coming with comfortable seating and standard amenities, this charter bus is ideal for medium to large groups. The bus keeps every one of the 40 passengers comfortable and happy throughout the entire trip.

Various options are available for this charter bus – the option you choose will depend on your needs. Prior to booking, be sure to confirm that the charter bus has all the features you are looking for in the interior.

47 Passenger Charter Bus


  • 42—47

Ideal for corporate outings and other group transportation events, this charter bus features enough room for up to 47 people. It does not matter whether you and your team intend to attend a sporting event, a graduation ceremony, a corporate meeting, or any other event, this charter bus will make it possible for you to arrive together and on time.

Featuring TVs, comfortable sitting, enough space for you to stretch your legs, and other amenities, the 47-passenger charter bus rental makes even the longest trips a breeze.

50 Passenger Charter Bus


  • 48—50

This is a popular choice among the customers who use our charter bus rental near me service. Seating up to 50 passengers comfortably, it is a go-to solution for people who are planning to transport a large group of people.

Featuring multiple amenities, the charter bus’s interior is more than you would ask for. Despite ensuring that the charter bus is capable of offering the best travel experience, we do not require our customers to break their bank account to rent the bus – the charter bus is extremely affordable.

56 Passenger Charter Bus


  • 51—56

If your group exceeds 50 people, renting a charter bus featuring enough space for up to 56 people could be your best option. This charter bus comes with standard accommodation like comfy seats and great amenities like TVs to make the trip memorable.

We have different 56-passenger charter bus rental options, and each option may feature a different set of amenities. To get the perfect bus, all you will need to do is ensure that the charter bus has everything you need before booking it.

60 Passenger Charter Bus


  • 57—60

Seating up to 60 people, this is the largest charter bus rental we offer. Ideal for bigger groups, the bus features enough room for everyone and has the standard amenities you need to make your trip enjoyable. In some select vehicles, restrooms do exist.

The bus has enough room for both the passengers and all their luggage – you and your team won’t have to squeeze yourselves to create space for the pieces of luggage. Affordable and well-maintained, our 60-passenger charter bus will make your ride to any event smooth and fun.

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