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Oro Valley Nightlife: Party Bus Night Adventure


As the Tucson suburb of Oro Valley continues to grow and expand, fueled by an increase in population and the steady rise of biotech firms that have headquarters there, so does the nightlife scene grow ever larger and spicier. Bars in Oro Valley now rival in number and variety with those that are already under the spotlight in other, more famous locations, but it won’t be long before night goers will be drawn to the foot of the Santa Catalina mountains for parties and fine dining. In this article we will present you with a selection of venues and restaurants in Oro Valley, so with the help of a good Arizona party bus service you’ll know where to go to get some quality R’n’R.

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Top-Rated Things To Do in Oro Valley At Night

1. La Hacienda

Affordable and authentic, La Hacienda is one of our all-time favorite Oro Valley Az restaurants and has been so for quite a while. Serving a traditional Mexican menu that includes classics such as tacos, fajitas, sopas, and tostadas, the venue has a chilled and laid-back atmosphere that is perfect to help you relax and enjoy your meal. The food is top-notch and choosing what to pick might be hard, but know that whatever you end up on will be more than satisfying. To top it all off, the bar proposes excellent margarita and tropical drinks, ideal to accompany your meal in the hot Southwestern sun.

2. Bottega Michelangelo

At first glance, it might sound strange for us to recommend an Italian restaurant in the Southwest, but a visit to Bottega Michelangelo will quickly make you understand why. It is simply one of the best Oro Valley restaurants, offering one of those dining experiences you’ll want to tell your friends about. The universal appeal of Southern Italian cuisine is perfectly replicated, including ingredients such as porchetta which are remarkably hard to find outside of Europe. A trip here will transport you across the Atlantic and leave you fantasizing about it later, waiting to get back.

3. Charred Pie

Another restaurant Oro Valley features that will make you feel like you’re on the shore of the Mediterranean is Charred Pie. Fueled by an unshakable passion for pizza and making full use of a proper wood-fired oven, you’ll find here some of the best pizzas you can imagine, and the real thing too! Forget the age-long debate between New York style and deep-dish, this place will take you back to where it all started without having to splurge on expensive flights and hotels. Excellent sandwiches, home-made pastas, and desserts complete a food experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

4. The Parish

For those of you who like to enjoy the experience of drinking, a trip to The Parish is a must of any visit to Oro Valley. This Southern fusion gastropub is a unique venue, with a casual space that will help you relax and focus on tasting your drink of choice. With a great selection of American craft beers, Southern cuisine, or exciting cocktails, The Parish has enough to satisfy even the most demanding of clients. In this nightlife jewel of Oro Valley happy hour happens from 4 PM to 6 PM every weekday, so be sure to write it down in your calendar.

5. Harvest Restaurant

Harvest Restaurant is, put simply, among the best restaurants in Oro Valley if you’re looking for some traditional and local cuisine. All the food is prepared with care and this leads to some gems such as the slow-roasted short rib, which will leave you wondering what kind of meat you’ve been eating before. The innovative tuna salad also stands out as special and unique, while many craft beers and a delicious sangria wait for you at the bar to complete a tasting experience that has no rivals in any other restaurant Oro Valley AZ can boast.

6. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar


If you’re craving a good old-fashioned steak, like the ones you would expect in the Southwest, then The Keg Steakhouse + Bar is the best restaurant Oro Valley can propose. Aside from the regular classics such as prime rib, filet mignon, and New York striploin, there are several “feature cuts” that make the venue really stand out. Try the Sirloin Oscar, which features a unique mixture of shrimp and asparagus, and you’ll see what we mean. No other restaurants in Oro Valley offer such a unique blend of reassuring traditions and exciting novelties.

7. Noble Hops Gastropub

Known to the aficionados of the bars in Oro Valley as the place where it all started, the Noble Hops is the original Gastropub in the Tucson area, but this doesn’t mean it has stayed stuck in the past. The menu here is ever-changing and often sets the trends for what is to come, arriving today to feature over 175 international beers to choose from. From America or Belgium, the drafts all have their unique taste and history, making the Noble Hops a beer-lovers paradise. There is even a spectacular patio in which you can enjoy smoking cigars.

8. Ignite

Of all the restaurants near Oro Valley Az, without going all the way to Chandler, Ignite, located in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton hotel, is the one that is most worth the detour. With a patio complete with fire pits and regular live music, the venue alone is already remarkable but the drinks take it one step further. The in-house team of mixologists puts their own spin on every cocktail and sets new standards for what you thought was possible to create by mixing drinks.

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Jumping on an Oro Valley party bus and taking a tour of the nightlife is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting experiences in the region, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. In our guide, we have shown you what are the best restaurants and bars in Oro Valley and the surrounding area, but there are many more just waiting for you to discover them on your next trip.

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