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Miramar Nightlife: Party Bus Night Adventure


A haven for sophisticated, relaxed fun, Miramar is one of the few destinations in Florida that keep visitors coming back. While the beach may be what brings you here, it is what sits just off the beach that keeps you around. 

Bars in Miramar Beach FL have everything you would want in a nightlife spot, from the famous cocktails to craft beers and wines. The assortments of establishments in Miramar Beach is unrivaled along the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast. In this guide, we will help you discover the best Miramar Beach bars. 

Top-Rated Bars in Miramar Beach FL

1. The Whale’s Tail 

Sitting just next to the sugary sand beside the scenic Gulf Drive, the atmosphere at The Whale’s Tail is beach casual. The bar has a beach bar below and a drink & dining deck above, letting you experience the sweet beach breezes while sipping on your favorite drinks. 

When it comes to meals, The Whale’s Tail serves seafood, sandwiches, and more, right on the beach. Arrive in a Miramar party bus rental and get the chance to play or watch volleyball games at The Whale’s Tail. 

2. Pompano Joe’s 

One of the best bars in Miramar, Pompano Joe’s sits next to Frangista Beach and has some of the best amenities one would need in a beach bar. Pulling nightlife seekers from Palm Bay, Port St. Lucie, and other parts of Florida, the nightlife spot tries to outdo itself in all areas. 

Known as the “ultimate beach snack shack,” the bar has a wide range of bar meals. Visitors also get to enjoy cold beers and tropically inspired cocktails. 

3. Surf Hut 

A fairly new drink hub, Surf Hut sits near Edgewater Resort on the Gulf Drive. While enjoying unforgettable ocean views, Surf Hut visitors get to sip on the best drinks, including craft beers, locally-brewed beers, and a wide array of wines. 

Combining the feel of top-of-the-line Miramar Beach bars and restaurants, Surf Hut serves the best beach fare, including barbeque, oysters, and seafood. Its beach game area and covered patio encourage frolic. 

4. Vin’tij 

Attracting wine connoisseurs from all over Florida – including Hialeah and Coral Springs – Vin’tij is one of the places you shouldn’t miss when exploring Miramar. One of the best wine bars in Miramar Beach FL, Vin’tij carries a wine “library” featuring an abundant assortment of the finest boutique wines. 

To ensure that its customers aren’t starving while enjoying their drinks, the wine bar also serves eclectic cuisines, including tempura lobster tacos, bread basket, oyster crostini, surf & turf kabob, Duck confit poutine, crab artichoke dip, and more. 

5. The Beach House 

Sitting on the Sandestin Beach, The Beach House resembles a giant green-topped gazebo that offers sensational views of the jewel-toned gulf. Open walls from the restaurant lead out to a delightful dining and drinking deck that offers breezy vistas. 

Though one of the premium Miramar Beach bars, The Beach House offers its customers all meals and drinks at a pocket-friendly price. 

6. Barefoot’s Beach Bar & Grill 

One of the most strategically set bars in Miramar, Barefoot’s Beachside Bar & Grill sits beside 2 pools, overlooking the Sandestin beach. Visitors do not just come here for the breeze or the view, the bar has some of the best cuisines and drinks. 

Its creative cocktails accompany laid-back beach dining between the bars huge open-air bar and the open deck with glittering gulf views. Using a combination of the best flavors, fresh ingredients, and slow-cooking methods, the chefs at Barefoot’s Beachside Bar & Grill deliver an unforgettable taste to their customers. 

7. The Wine Bar 

The name says it all, The Wine Bar is one of the few Miramar Beach bars that carry an award-winning wine list. Arrive with a group of friends in a Florida party bus rental to take advantage of the bar’s Extended Happy Hour Carafes that are served with artisan cheeses for a price of a single glass of wine. 

To keep the visitor’s stomach’s full, The Wine Bar has a fine bar menu that carries meals like salads, soups, main entrees, and hors-d’oeuvres. The meals served in the bar are always freshly-made, ensuring that they have the best taste for the customers to enjoy. 

8. Flemings 

An outstanding steakhouse, Flemings has a club-like feel and an award-winning list of one-hundred wines. Visitors are treated to wonderful Happy Hours with half-priced tapas, drinks, cheeseburgers, and even half-pound bacon. 

All drinks are brought to the visitors with complimentary fresh friend chips. The staff is very responsive and friendly, making sure that every customer is feeling welcome and well-cared for. 

9. Tommy Bahama’s 

Featuring a patio and a raised indoor garden pavilion, Tommy Bahama’s is one of the few bars in Miramar Beach FL that make visitors feel like they are in the French quarter. 

Bar specials include rum specialties, tropical concoctions, martinis, and signature cocktails. On request, all these drinks can be paired with the best food, to keep the hunger pangs away. 

10. Ocean Club 

When it comes to the best Miramar Beach bars, Ocean Club is on top of every list, considering its wide variety of entertainment options. The bar features regular, classical musical entertainment that the visitors can enjoy while exploring its extensive bar menu. 

The cocktails are mixed expertly, beers delivered quickly, and wines are served by a glorious team of bartenders. The club has a huge marlin that hangs suspended above the bar with a huge screen TV for sports enthusiasts to watch their favorite games. 

Limo Find Overview 

For most tourists, nothing beats the feeling of sitting beachside with a favorite drink in hand. Bars in Miramar Beach Florida make all your hopes about what beach entertainment should be like come to reality. With expert bartenders behind the counter, visitors can have their favorite cocktail made in minutes. 

With most Miramar Beach bars being open to the beach, getting a clear view of the impressive surroundings is always possible. Whether you are looking to play beach games, watch sports on huge screens, or just chill with your drinks, the Miramar beach bars outlined above should offer you the chance to do all this

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