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As the population and hype around the town of McKinney increase, so do the options for those looking for fun when the sun goes down. Relatively few in numbers and kinds just a few years ago, bars in McKinney today are plenty and propose all sorts of entertainment for your nights out on the town. Hop on a McKinney party bus, follow our tips and get ready to have some fun as we dive deep into a complete list of the best things to do in McKinney TX at night.

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Top-Rated Things To Do in McKinney At Night

1. Arcade 92

As you might have guessed from the name, Arcade 92 is the place to go among downtown McKinney bars if you are into vintage video games. There is quite simply no other venue that can come close to it as far as choice and variety are concerned. Pinball and old-school games are all set to free play and the menu is full of tasty stuff to eat and drink, making Arcade 92 one of the best places to spend a few hours in the whole of McKinney.

2. Legacy Vnyl

Legacy Vnyl is a cool and hip nightclub that makes all its customers feel like they are getting the VIP treatment. Drinks are strong and always of good quality, the staff is friendly and always attentive and the disco lights contribute greatly to making the atmosphere unique and enticing. You won’t regret the shining lights of Laredo or Amarillo, Legacy Vnyl is one of the best McKinney bars and has everything you need to keep dancing all night long.

3. The Garage

Officially a restaurant, the Garage has become increasingly known for the quality and uniqueness of its cocktails. You might be initially taken aback because of its small size, but you’ll soon realize that the Garage delivers some of the finest winin’ and dinin’ you can get your hands on in the whole of McKinney. Children are not allowed, which makes it perfect for a nice date or a quiet evening with your spouse, and the servers are always attentive and courteous, making you feel right at home.

4. The Sanctuary Music and Events

One of the best McKinney Live music venues, and indeed in our opinion one of the nicest in the state, the Sanctuary Music and Events packs enough entertainment to keep you busy seven days a week. With a two-level space, the venue can accommodate up to 170 guests or even more if you don’t mind standing, and has a busy schedule of concerts and other live performances, all of which are perfectly enhanced by the excellent acoustics and well-designed décor.

5. The Comedy Arena


If you’re in the mood for some laughs and need to recharge after a long day spent sightseeing, then the Comedy Arena is the place you need. The venue is perfect for families, and every night it hosts a comedy battle between three different teams. Everything is ad-libbed on the spot, and in the end, you get to vote for the one you preferred with glow sticks that are given to you when you step in. Food and drinks are available, making it the perfect place to spend some time laughing.

6. Guitars & Growlers McKinney

Blending great food with music is rarely done in such an original way as in Guitars & Growlers. This spot not only proposes a full menu, stuffed with delicious burgers, appetizers, and cocktails of the highest quality but is also a great place to learn more about handmade instruments in an entertaining and fun way. The warm service makes you feel right at home as soon as you step in the door and the live music is relaxed and always enjoyable.

7. The Yard

One of the greatest sports bars McKinney TX has to offer, The Yard sits under a canopy of old oaks in the heart of the city, an ideal setting for any bar. Indoor dining and patio seating are both good options, but it is the space outside that comes alive in the summer and makes this place shine. The cocktails are tasty, the food is good and the overall atmosphere is laid back and enjoyable, what more can you ask when you’re looking for a spot to enjoy a game?

8. Cowboy club

There are few better things than traditions done right, and the Cowboy Club is a perfect example. You’ll find here all the comforts you’d expect from a perfect American bar, with pool tables and plenty of excellent draft beers to choose to wash down the tasty burgers served by the kitchen. This family-owned business has been running since 1988 and has had to change little or nothing to keep it going, also providing some of the best live music McKinney TX can offer.

9. Eldorado Fine Cigars

When the hour gets late and you’ve had a healthy dose of all the fun and excitement that the bars in McKinney can offer, a stop at Eldorado Fine Cigars is a perfect way to slow down and end the night. The options at your disposal are many and every cigar is well looked after and kept humid for your utmost enjoyment. The clientele is typically much less snobbish than what you usually find in similar joints and the knowledgeable and friendly staff is always ready to point you in the direction of the best smoke.

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Bars in McKinney are many and offer all sorts of possibilities for an entertaining evening, and we hope that with the knowledge you have gained by reading this article you’ll be able to make the most of them during your visit. The city if growing rapidly, so there will surely be many more options to explore in a few years. In any case, when you’re in town, don’t forget to book a good Texas party bus service to free your mind of worry and focus on the fun.

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