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Lubbock Nightlife: Party Bus Night Adventure


The city of Lubbock rarely figures on the list of places with exciting nightlife, but this is a mistake that we believe must quickly be made right. Featuring an extremely rich and varied choice of things to eat as well as numerous music venues and clubs, bars in Lubbock TX are more than ready to rival the ones in some of the biggest hubs in the region. Find a good Lubbock party bus service and follow our guide to find out what are the best places in town to spend a fun night when you’re passing through.

Top-Rated Night Clubs in Lubbock

1. The Garden

A beautiful outdoor spot that is great to enjoy in the summer, The Garden is one of the highlights of Lubbock nightlife but is a great spot to visit all year round. The combination of food trucks and cold drinks hits a nice sweet spot and is perfect to keep you company while you listen to the live music bands that are regularly featured. Patio games are also a near-permanent fixture and a farmer’s market lets you purchase excellent quality products during the day, making The Garden a venue that has enough to keep the whole family entertained.

2. The Blue Light Live

Of all of the bars in Lubbock TX, the Blue Light Live is the absolute best when it comes to live music and tradition. No other of the Lubbock nightclubs can boast such a rich calendar of live music shows or such a stunning list of past performers, such as Flatland Cavalry, William Clark Green, or Josh Abbott. The fun starts early and continues until late, and we recommend you show up on time since the place gets full very fast. The ultimate treat is the Blue Light Live Street Party which takes place in the summer, which has to be on your list if you are in town at the right moment.

3. Back 40 Grill

The Back 40 Grill gives you a compilation of all the things to do in Lubbock at night, with great food, a full bar, and live music as the night comes to life. The grilled menu is especially worthy of notice, with enough options to keep even the hungriest of travelers at bay. The chicken fried steak is something special, and pairing it with a Chilton is bound to give you a taste experience to remember. The atmosphere is laid back and friendly and the drinks and cocktails are top-notch, giving the Back 40 Grill its rightful place among the best bars Lubbock Texas has to offer.

4. Chimy’s Cerveceria

As the name implies, Chimy’s Cerveceria is a sure bet for anybody who loves beer and wants to get their hands on some of the best brews available in town. A favorite of college students, the bar is specially packed before Texas Tech games but features a lively crowd all year long. The world-class margaritas and ample selection of beers keep regulars coming and attract new customers every day, and you’ll only need one visit to feel the charm of the place and start planning your next one. Furthermore, if you are fans of Josh Abbott you’ll have an extra reason to visit since one of his music videos was filmed here.

5. Cactus Theater

If you’re on the lookout for good live music, then the Cactus Theater is the highlight of Lubbock TX nightlife. Active since the 1930s, the theater is an integral part of the town and has been home to the biggest and loudest concerts that Lubbock has ever known. The calendar is always jam-packed with high-quality entertainment, so anytime you pass through the city you’ll know you can rely on the Theater to give you a good time for your money and a great night out.

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6. Cook’s Garage

The decorations of Cook’s Garage are designed to blind you with light as colors as soon as you enter since it houses one of the largest collections of neon and vintage oil and gas signs you can find in this part of the country. However, the venue doesn’t only stand out for its looks, since it also delivers and an excellent array of tasty entrees and features regular performances from live music bands. One item on the menu that we especially recommend is the Hot Rod Wings, but be careful if you’re not used to spicy food!

7. Flipper’s Tavern


Of all the clubs in Lubbock TX, there is only one that is famous for pinball, and that is the Flipper’s Tavern. If you’re a fan of the game, then you might find yourself spending hours and hours in the bar, without even noticing time passing by. For the friends and family traveling with you, and who might not be as passionate as you, there is a great selection of beers to sip in the dog-friendly patio as well as some great artisan hot dogs and bratwursts to chew on while they wait for you to finish playing.

8. Albarran’s Mexican Bar And Grill

Due to its relative proximity to the border, the city of Lubbock has a sizable Hispanic community, and this means you can get some of the best Mexican food in the state right here. The Albarran’s Mexican Bar and Grill are one of the finest places to do so, with plenty of traditional favorites to choose from and a special skill in making juicy margaritas. Whether you prefer fajitas or enchiladas or you just want to relax on a great patio while having a drink, Albarran’s Mexican Bar and Grill have it all.

9. Crawdaddy’s Sports Bar & Grill

For a taste of authentic Cajun-style cuisine, head no further than the Crawdaddy’s Sports Bar & Grill. The decoration of the place rhymes perfectly with its style, with beads and alligators on the wall giving you that extra authentic touch. Whether you come with your family or to watch a game, Crawdaddy’s Sports Bar & Grill has everything you need to help you relax and have a good time when you are passing through town.

10. Woody’s Brick Oven Pizza & Grill

When you visit Lubbock, you probably don’t think you’re going to find yourself chewing on Chicago-style pizza, but at Woody’s Brick Oven Pizza & Grill that’s exactly what you’ll find. Made completely from scratch and served every day fresh, this place is the perfect stop to have a tasty bite before you hit the night clubs in Lubbock TX. The Dunston pizza is especially notable, but plenty of vegan or gluten-free options are also on the menu to keep everybody happy.

11. Las Brisas Southwest Steakhouse

Dinner at the Las Brisas Southwest Steakhouse is a true high-class experience, which makes it the perfect place to take a date you are trying to impress. With over 650 wines on the list and a selection of pristine steaks, it is one of the best dining spots in the whole South and combines this with a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that always makes you feel well taken care of. The Black Angus reserve beef is the highlight of the menu, and your taste buds will remember it for a very long time.

12. Teddy Jack’s Hub City Grill

If you’re looking for a true taste of Texas, there is no better place than Teddy Jack’s Hub City Grill. The menu features a long list of Tew-Mex and American favorites that are well enough to keep your taste buds entertained for the whole night, while you listen to the live music that plays almost every day during the warm season. A good choice of pizzas is also available, and we recommend pairing them with a Drunken Love cocktail to experience a rather unique combination.

13. La Diosa Cellars

Another ideal date spot in Lubbock is the La Diosa Cellars, which stand out for their extensive and excellent collection of wines and their carefully crafted intimate atmosphere. Food-wise, the best choices will be the international tapas, washed down by the home-made sangria that the bar prides itself on. Every first Sunday of the month, there is the Sunday Jazz Brunch, which combines eating and music for an exceptional combination.

14. King Louie’s Sports Lounge & Billiards Room

Relatively new on the Lubbock nightlife scene but already a favorite of many regulars, the Kings Louie’s Sports Lounge & Billiards Room is a laid-back venue where you can have great fun with all of your friends, enjoying the many games that are put at your disposal. A lot of tasty food is on the menu, for when you finish playing, and we especially recommend the Kale Dip appetizer or the Hot Havarti Spinach, that you won’t find elsewhere.

Limo Find Overview

The bars in Lubbock TX and many and diverse, giving plenty of valid options when you are deciding what to do on a night out on the town. Thanks to a good Texas party bus service, getting to different venues will be a breeze, leaving you full of energy and free of worries to enjoy the time spent with your friends or family and make long-lasting and joyful memories.

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