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Hialeah Nightlife: Party Bus Night Adventure


Though the Cuban and Caribbean influences give the city of Hialeah a more leisurely vibe, the city’s vibrant nightlife scene balances out the easy-going feel with a palpable electric feeling. Bars in Hialeah offer everything from the best cocktails, beers, and pub food to professional DJs playing sounds of modern Latin music and dance floors spacious enough for you and your friends to cut the rug. 

Whether you want to chill out on a rooftop with your drinks enjoying the view of the sky and the busy streets below or you fancy somewhere a little more divey, Hialeah nightclubs can offer you what you are looking for. Below, we have a list of top-rated night clubs in Hialeah. 

The Best Bars in Hialeah

1. Hooters 

To be one of the best sports bars in Hialeah, Hooters works delightful local specialist farm recipes, producing tasty cuisines for its visitors. The chef-driven, farm-to-table meals served in the bar include smoked wings, philly cheese-steak, steak, baja shrimp, and the hot dog platter. 

A favorite destination for those looking for nightlife outside Palm Bay, Hooters has a tasty assortment of cocktails for its visitors to enjoy. While sipping their tall, frosty beers, visitors get to enjoy a clear view of the game on the high definition screens mounted all around the bar. 

2. Miller’s Ale House 

Miller’s Ale House carries more than 75 world-class brewski variations. It is the place to be if you wish to enjoy sought-after global imports and craft beers, handcrafted beers, and signature cocktails. 

The nightclub offers more than drinks – visitors get to enjoy some tasty bar foods. Arrive in a Hialeah party bus rental with a group of friends and you will get to enjoy southwestern chicken egg rolls, fresh chicken wings, smoked fish dip, French onion soup, mahi-mahi sandwich, and more. 

3. Sports Grill

Pulling visitors from Port St. Lucie and other neighboring cities, Sports Grill is a top-rated nightlife spot for those who enjoy nice food and drinks. Club visitors enjoy a variety of handmade meals, including mozzarella sticks, mac bites, spinach dip, chicken wraps, and shrimp. 

The Hialeah club ensures that its visitors are not missing out on their favorite games with its high definition TVs that are placed strategically all around the clubhouse. To ensure that its customers are not getting thirsty, the club serves a variety of beers. 

4. Las Cuevas de Bellamar 

Though smaller than some of the clubs in Hialeah, Las Cuevas de Bellamar’s intimacy makes it an ideal spot to hang out after a day of exploring Hialeah. While you won’t find a live DJ in the Hialeah club, you can choose your favorite tunes on the bar’s jukebox. 

Being fully packed, the bar ensures that its visitors are satisfied. The dive club serves beers, cocktails, and the staff is helpful enough to help you determine which drink will be ideal for you. 

5. La Rockola Miami 


One of the most affordable Hialeah nightclubs, La Rockola offers a second free bottle once a customer purchases his/her first. For ladies, if you arrive in a Florida party bus rental with a group of more than 5 females, getting into the club becomes free of charge. 

The club hosts names like Nacho Acero and a wide range of other vallenato favorites. Throwing a solid Colombian Pachanga, the nightclub makes for an unforgettable experience. 

6. Dulce Jesus Mio Miami 

A Colombian family restaurant, nightclub, and bar, Dulce Jesus Mio Miami opens seven days a week and serves the best food, drinks, and live entertainment. Opening at 11 am and closing at 5 am the next day, the club is an ideal destination for visitors who prefer to party through the night. 

The club serves tender meats, fresh beans, rice, fish, and much more. The service is superb, with the staff taking care of your needs quickly so you won’t have to wait. 

7. Babalu Kafe 

Named after Babalu Aye (San Lazaro), a patron saint of Cuba, Kafe lives up to the restorative strength of its namesake. The club attracts visitors from Coral Springs with its dance parties that are sure to lift spirits. 

During the day, Babalu Kafe is a normal restaurant, serving the best Cuban cuisines. However, when the night falls, a professional DJ takes over, the floor gets cleared and the party begins. Every Friday is Noche de Rifas (Raffle Night) where one lucky visitor can walk away with prizes worth $300. 

8. Las Tabernas de Wancho 

Sitting on top of a shopping center, Las Tabernas is the most lit fifth floor you will find in Hialeah. The floor has 3 different rooms, each with its unique flavor. 

Cuna Del Sol fits approximately 450 individuals and plays mostly bachata and merengue. A recent addition is the Club 5, a smaller space that attracts the younger crowd with techno, reggaeton, and hip-hop. Tropical Crossover – the third-room – is designed to make the visitors feel like they are in Colombia, offering disco balls and aguardiente. 

9. La Fresa Francesa 

Walking into La Fresa Francesa feels more like being transported to a little bistro in Paris. One of the top-rated bars in Hialeah, the La Fresa serves specialty drinks that are destined to keep you wanting more. 

You can start by enjoying a mushroom crepe or a pot of chamomile tea. Wait a little bit and then order a bottle of wine and Croque Madame because you won’t feel like leaving the club. Enjoy the hospitality offered by the waitstaff and kick up a conversation with other visitors over a perfect Guava Bellini. 

10. The Bend Liquor Lounge 

If you are feeling the Mad Men vibe, consider visiting The Bend Liquor Lounge. Attracting visitors from Lakeland, the club’s wood-paneled walls and its salmon-colored cushioned booths make visitors feel like they are drinking in the 1950s. 

The Hialeah club serves fresh beers on draft, has a well-crafted cocktail menu, and offers board games galore to ensure that its customers aren’t bored. 

Limo Find Overview

Hialeah’s nightlife has everything that every serious partygoer would want, from world-class DJs, the best drinks, and tasty pub food, to high definition TVs to ensure you are not missing out on your games while out drinking. This guide lists some of the best bars in Hialeah. Specially selected, the night clubs in Hialeah outlined above should suit every taste.

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