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Flagstaff Nightlife: Party Bus Night Adventure


Live music and tasty beers, stylish cocktails, or classy restaurants, there is nothing Flagstaff nightlife is missing, despite what you might expect given the size of the town. The number of bars in Flagstaff has been steadily growing, as the student population increases, and when the sun goes down today there are many different and first-class options at your disposal. Jump on a Flagstaff party bus, keep our guide close, and you’ll be all set to take a tour of the best downtown Flagstaff bars for a night to remember.

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Top-Rated Things To Do in Flagstaff at Night

1. Monte Vista Cocktail Lounge

The Monte Vista Cocktail Lounge offers the visitor a pretty unique set of attractions, which contribute to making it one of the highlights of Flagstaff AZ nightlife. The bar provides great entertainment at a very well-contained price, hosting numerous live music evenings as well as game nights. The décor is slightly kitsch, which only makes the place more unusual and interesting, and there is a distinct funky note to the bar as well. The quality of the drinks is solid so you’ll never be disappointed, and the fact that the venue sits inside the infamously haunted Monte Vista hotel gives the Lounge an extra special something over other bars in Flagstaff AZ.

2. The Museum Club

The name might suggest that you have found one of the most alternative clubs in Flagstaff, but the truth is even better than that. The Museum Club brings together three or four different sources of entertainment under one same roof, including one of the best venues for live music Flagstaff can offer. The building is a historic landmark, known by everybody in the city, and houses a concert hall and a community center while dishing out drinks at a scandalously low price. Poker nights are organized on Wednesdays but every day is different here and the list of events is just too long for us to include here. In any case, you can rest assured that an evening here will always be time well spent.

3. Cuvee 928

In Flagstaff, the name Cuvee 928 is associated with one of the most luxurious experiences that the town can offer, and with good reason. Aside from simply being one of the best bars in Flagstaff, especially when it comes to wine, the venue is known for serving world-class cuisine, all the while remaining fairly accessible in terms of price. The wine list is truly impressive, featuring an incredible variety of both American and international brands. Even if you’re not a fan of the grapes there is a whole plethora of other options at your disposal, to wash down the tasty food that is being served to you. We especially recommend trying the Anejo Fashioned, which  puts an unusual tequila spin on one of the best-loved whiskey drinks in the world.

4. Charly’s Pub & Grill

Cozy and comfortable, with plenty of tasty beer to make time go by faster, Charly’s Pub & Grill is housed by the historic Hotel Weatherford and is worth a detour even if you are not sleeping at the hotel itself. There are plenty of tables for you to unwind after a day spent sightseeing or if you’ve just come from visiting other cities in the state such as Tucson or Chandler, and a stunning fireplace is installed for when the nights get chilly. If you find yourself in Northern Arizona in winter, then this will rapidly become one of your favorite places in town, for nowhere will feel more comfortable and comforting than at Charly’s Pub & Grill.

5. The McMillan Bar And Kitchen

Located on the iconic Route 66, inside a building that is almost as old as the road itself, the McMillan Bar And Kitchen is a classic bar through and through, but nothing beats a classic when it is done right. The choice of drinks is enormous and all are tasty and enjoyable to throw back as you relax. Bourbon lovers will especially appreciate the choice of 18 different liquors put at their disposal, while beer and cocktail aficionados will also not be disappointed. At the back of the bar lies the game room, as you would expect from a truly classic venue, where you can find all the standards such as pinball and foosball, as well as a few less common options.

6. Karma Sushi Bar Grill

The Karma Sushi Bar Grill is a restaurant that puts a pretty unique spin on the usual sushi joints you know. Aside from a complete and very tasty menu, which includes Japanese tapas which we are sure you have rarely heard of, Karma Sushi also holds its own as one of the most creative bars in Flagstaff. The number and variety of cocktails found here is stunning, with choices ranging from the special Hibiscus Lemonade to no less than three types of mules and four different kinds of martini. Last but not least, and something you won’t find in any other of the Flagstaff bars, the Karma Bomber, which is a shot of siracha ginger sake dropped in a beer, perfect to loosen you up before you head on to the karaoke Flagstaff nights.



Q: What Is There To Do In Flagstaff At Night?

A: When in Flagstaff at night, you can choose to play it cool and classy at the Cuvee 928, sipping on delicate wines and biting into delicious meals, or you might try to spice it up at the Karma Sushi Bar Grill. Charly’s Pub & Grill is there if you need comfort and warmth, while the Museum Club has enough entertainment to keep you busy for a whole week.

Q: Is Flagstaff Safe At Night?

A: If you stay around downtown when you’re out at night, you won’t have any problems in Flagstaff after dark. There are, of course, some parts of town where hanging out is less recommended, but you’re unlikely to come across them unless you really go looking. Being a slightly smaller town, Flagstaff luckily doesn’t have many issues with crime, so you know that on your night out you can just relax and enjoy the evening.

Limo Find Overview

In this article, we have given you a general overview of the nicest bars in Flagstaff, but there are many other options just waiting for you to discover them with the help of a good Arizona party bus service. Hop on a car and get exploring, what you’ve read here is just the tip of the iceberg and Flagstaff has many more surprises in store for you.

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