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Chandler Nightlife: Party Bus Night Adventure


Whether you’re just getting out of a long day at work or you’re strolling through town discovering all that there is to, the city of Chandler AZ has plenty of options for you to enjoy your evening, whatever your choice may be. Bars in Chandler AZ have consistently grown in number and scope, and today this makes them more than ready to handle any request the clients might have, without obliging you to go to Tucson.

Hire the services of a good Arizona party bus service and you’ll be good to go, ready to explore everything that Chandler nightlife has to offer. Use this article as a guide and you’ll be sure to not miss a thing, making the most of all the Chandler nightclubs you will find on your way.

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Top-Rated Things To Do in Chandler At Night

1. QuartHaus

Sitting right in the beating heart of the nightlife Chandler AZ proposes, QuartHaus offers the thirsty visitor a beautiful courtyard to sip their favorite beverage in. The place looks like a beer garden but also offers an extensive choice of wines, a few of which on tap, and of course numerous craft brews, some of which are made by the owners. There are a few garage-style doors that roll up to reveal the courtyard, giving the QuartHaus a truly unique feel as a bar, and several games can be played on the grassy lawn to make the most of your evening. There is even a basketball court where you can shoot some hoops if you’re in the mood.

2. Good Time Charli’s

If you’re itching for something to eat, Good Time Charli’s is one of the best spots among all downtown Chandler bars. The menu features mouth-watering entries such as home-made burgers, pizzas cooked on stone, tacos, and a great number of creative and tasty sandwiches. In addition to all of this, there is a beautiful shaded patio to enjoy during the summer as well as 21 large TV screens where you can catch the latest games. Food is served until late in the evening and a stage can also be found in the bar, ready to host live bands and make the venue truly come alive with fun and dancing.

3. The Brickyard Downtown

Revisiting the old bar concept in a new and contemporary fashion, The Brickyard Downtown stands out from all other Chandler bars because of its unique and enticing atmosphere. Located in a historic building in the downtown strip, the bar will surprise you with a carefully crafted décor that turns it into a special bubble in which you can disconnect from the world and focus on your drinks and food. The menu is very original, blending Spanish influences with New American dishes and specializing in shareable meals, while the drink list boasts many unique cocktails as well as plenty of brews on the tap.

4. Bourbon Jack’s American Tavern

As the name suggests, Bourbon Jack’s American Tavern is the place you need to go to if you want to experience some good old-fashioned American hospitality. However, this urban and country restaurant also has a nice, contemporary appeal, putting an extra interesting touch to an already solid wining and dining joint. Over 200 bourbons and whiskeys can be found on the drink lists and the menu is fresh and innovative, while the atmosphere is kept always lively by the friendly staff and large TV screens hung around the walls. The bar is also a good live music Chandler AZ venue, with quality entertainment provided regularly throughout the week.

5. The Local Chandler


The Local Chandler is a sports bar through and through, and you know what that means. Stop by for a visit and you’ll find a huge selection of beers just waiting for you to choose, sourced from local breweries trying to make a name for themselves, as well as a full menu of snacks and meals that are perfect to keep you busy through a game. There are no fewer than 25 television screens, more than any other of the bars in Chandler AZ, and a large and beautiful patio to relax in the back. Particularly worthy of notice is the bar’s jalapeno cheddar bratwurst, made from locally sourced meat.

6. Twisted Cactus Brew and BBQ

Cozy, comforting, and brimming with tasty food, the Twisted Cactus Brew and BBQ is the perfect venue to start the night out before heading to one of the fancy night clubs Chandler AZ proposes. Your trusty neighborhood pub features a great selection of delicious Arizona sourced beers, as well as quality wines and spirits, while the food menu is jam-packed with goodies such as top-notch BBQ dished, hamburgers, and sandwiches. With a nice family vibe to it that will make you feel right at home as soon as you step through the door, the Twisted Cactus Brew and BBQ will rapidly become one of your favorite spots in town.

7. SanTan Brewing Company

For those who consider drinking a form of art, the San Tan Brewing Company is one of the top destinations of the Chandler downtown strip. Having started as a simple local microbrewery, it has now grown into Arizona’s largest brewery and offers some of the tastiest beverages you can find in this corner of the country. Try the home-distilled single malt whiskey or the SanTan and Kaffir Lime vodka for a taste of the unexpected or enjoy the stunning patio while savoring one of the trusty classic options. If you like drinking, with moderation, you’ll always feel welcome here and discover something new on every visit.

8. The Perch Pub & Brewery

Aside from being a great spot to sip on some tasty brews, The Perch Pub & Brewery stands out from all other bars in Chandler AZ because it features a splendid courtyard patio which is home to more than 50 rescue birds. This gives the place a unique touch and beautifully complements the splendid rooftop bars, that will serve you over 40 craft beers or a selection of house brews. The bar is very much loved by the locals also because it is located right next to the downtown area. The lush vegetation that decorates it makes it a perfect home for the birds and a very pleasing tranquil oasis for all the human visitors.

9. The Casual Pint Craft Beer Market

The Casual Pint Craft Beer Market is a place that is made by beer lovers for beer lovers, and you can feel it as soon as you step in the door. The bar gives off a coffee shop feel because of how cozy it is but it focuses on barley and hops rather than coffee beans, making it the ideal spot to hang around in if you are a fan of craft beer, giving you plenty of options to choose from. The menu here is pretty decent as well, so you can also grab a quick bite before you fill a growler or accurately compose your six-pack of craft beers, to enjoy at home or on the spot with your friends.

10. Bar Smith

Bar Smith is the place you need if you’re in Chandler AZ and want to dance your worries away. The club gives you the choice between two floors, which should already give you an idea of the quality of the offer, with techno on the roof and hip hop underneath. This deadly combo packs enough energy to have you dancing through most of the night, and perfectly fits in with the friendly and energetic staff and the unique décor. Given its reputation, the venue can get crowded on the weekends so be sure to arrive early enough to find some space to let loose.

11. The Silver Pony

Old enough to have become a historic fixture of Chandler nightlife, the Silver Pony is known for being on the best spots to get a good dose of some true country music. The bar light seems old-fashioned to some since it mostly works only in cash and has kept many features that older generations love, but it is exactly this that makes it enjoyable, having kept its charm intact. Live music is played regularly and Thursdays are karaoke nights, if that’s your thing, while the dance floor is large enough for many people to have a good time. People are warm and welcoming, as you’d expect in the Southwest, and blend perfectly with the feel of the bar.

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As Chandler AZ keeps growing, so does the nightlife scene, and with the help of a good Chandler party bus service, you’ll be able to discover all its most exciting venues. There are many places to visit, each of them with its unique concept and style, which will make your visit pass without ever a boring moment. Keep our guide handy to know where to good bars in Chandler AZ are and get ready to have some fun.

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