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20 Things to Do with Limo in Corpus Christi


Tucked away in the southern part of Texas, Corpus Christi is often overlooked when searching for perfect beach destinations. However, the city is ideal for families and friends, with attractions that everyone can enjoy and some of the finest beaches in the United States.

Numerous resorts and hotels, important conservation areas, and rich flora and fauna cement the city’s reputation as a must-visit destination. This detailed guide will help you learn things to do in Corpus Christi.

The Best Things to Do in Corpus Christi With a Limo

1. USS Lexington

Commissioned in 1943 and a big player in the Pacific theatre of World War II, the USS Lexington is an amazing historical figure. A visit to the aircraft carrier should be part of your Corpus Christi things to do list. Nicknamed “The Blue Ghost”, the ship got the name for her dark blue camouflage and the Japanese claims that they sunk her only to appear elsewhere in action.

Tour highlights include exploring numerous vintage aircraft, a close-up look at the ship’s quarters and command decks, a large collection of scale models, games, simulators; and a 3D fighter pilot movie. Guided tours are available, and if you have the stamina, you can always go for a 4-hour Hard Hat Tour into the bowels of the huge ship.

2. Texas State Aquarium

Providing both information and fun displays relating to the Gulf of Mexico rich aquatic life, a visit to the Texas State Aquarium should be a smart choice for those wondering what to do in Corpus Christi. Of particular interest, however, is the Living Shores exhibit, which carries displays relating to Laguna Madre, including crab exhibits and seahorse, along with one of the biggest touch pools in the state of Texas.

One of the popular displays, Dolphin Bay is a massive 400,000-gallon exhibit, housing Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, complete with a perfect underwater observation area. The Hawn Wild Flight Theater hosts avian acrobatics from numerous birds of prey. If you bring your kids along – which should be easy with a Corpus Christi limo service – they can spend time in a fossil dig site and a fun splash park.

3. South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center

For people looking for things to do in Corpus Christi Texas, the South Texas Botanical and Nature Center is worth the visit. Made up of a fine hibiscus garden and Orchid House, the Center presents an ideal way to appreciate nature’s colorful floral bounty.

Set amid 180 acres, the destination is also popular for its impressive nature trails, where you can enjoy numerous shrub and tree species, along with native cacti, herbs, and grasses.

4. Art Museum of South Texas

For tourists interested in cultural attractions, a visit to the Art Museum is one of the fun things to do Corpus Christi. One of the newer establishments, the museum is housed in a modern, splendid facility available on the city’s waterfront.

Offering a broad range of educational programs and exhibitions focusing on the city’s multicultural heritage, the museum hosts numerous workshops and lectures, along with musical and theatrical performances.

5. Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History

For visitors with kids, it is easy to wonder Corpus Christi what to do. As much as for kids as it is for adults, this museum of science & history features various exhibits relating to the natural and cultural history of the Southern Texas region.

Specific attractions worth checking out include shipwreck cargo, local reptile displays, and a child’s area. Also, of interest is the museum’s displays relating to the culture of the area’s natives, a fine collection of old carriages, and a deeper look at the vast coastal region ecology.

6. Selena Museum

If you are a music lover and you are wondering what is there to do in Corpus Christi, a visit to Selena Museum should be a perfect way to spend your time. A fitting tribute to the Tejano superstar – Selena Quintanilla-Perez – who lost her life at 23, the museum is complete with accolades, photos, her amazing outfits, and more.

Visitors step into Selena’s life, walking the same halls she once walked and touring the studio where the star spilled her heart out in songs. The museum does not carry any replicas – every item on display was Selena’s, including the lipstick-stained microphone.

7. Bob Hall Pier

Located on Padre Island – in the Padre Balli Park – Bob Hall pier Extends 378 meters (1,240 feet) into the deep water available on the Gulf of Mexico. Offering a wide range of stuff to do in Corpus Christi, the pier is ideal for every nature lover.

Visitors can simply stroll, taking in the fresh ocean air and view. For people planning to try something more interesting, one of the best things to do in Corpus is joining the multitude of fishermen. Because of its huge length, visitors fishing off the pier can catch deep-water fish without needing a boat.

8. Texas Surf Museum

If you are interested in surfing, the Texas Surf Museum holds some of the best things to see in Corpus Christi. The museum chronicles the state’s surfing history, as well as the long history of the surfing sport worldwide.

Permanent exhibits include surfing paraphernalia, hundreds of photographs, a film, interesting facts, and even a bench made using surfboards. The museum also carries various changing exhibits that explore a wide range of topics, including the sport’s cultural aspects, marine life, and the physics of watersports. With free admission, the museum is one of the best places to visit in Corpus Christi.

9. Historic Houses – Centennial and Sidbury

For architecture lovers, historic houses are one of the best things to see in Corpus Christi. Built in 1849, the Centennial House – also called the Britton-Evans House – is the earliest building in Corpus Christi. Once used as a Civil War hospital, the house is now fully restored and furnished with period artifacts and antiques.

Built in 1893, Sidbury House is another old home that is worth visiting. In Corpus Christi, Sidbury House is the only remaining example of the Victorian architecture, notable for its large verandas, irregular outline, balconies featuring elaborate woodwork, and steep-pitched roofs.

10. Harbor Playhouse

One of the best things to do in Corpus Christi at night, a visit to the Harbor Playhouse allows you to access affordably-priced and high-quality educational programming and theatrical productions. Over the years, the Playhouse has managed to establish itself as an irreplaceable community resource that enriches and preserves the cultural and artistic heritage of the Coastal bend.

The Playhouse offers year-round schedules of contemporary and classic plays and musicals. Fostering the appreciation of theatre as a form of art, the Playhouse encourages leadership beyond the stage, making it an ideal destination for parents looking for fun things to do in Corpus Christi with their kids.

11. Lazy Beach Brewery

For beer lovers, the Lazy Beach Brewery is one of the best places in Corpus Christi. As long as your limousine driver doesn’t drink, you and a group of friends can always join the brewery for a lazy afternoon of delicious, small-batch beers.

Visitors get to enjoy a wide variety of beers, from the Texas Bock and Hard Kombucha to their Imperial Mint Chocolate Stout. The brewery develops one new beer almost every week, making it one of the most flexible breweries around Corpus Christi.

12. Aurora Arts Theatre

Named after Aurora “Loli” Chapa Taylor – A Southern Texas native with a deep love of arts – Aurora Arts Theatre is a non-profit theatre located on Corpus Christi’s Southside. With a 150-seat Alafi auditorium, the theatre is one of the best premiere spaces in Corpus Christi to experience live theatre.

One of the things to do in Corpus Christi at night, sitting on one of the three sides of the deep-thrust stage allows each audience member to be no further than fifteen feet away from the main stage. Being wheelchair accessible, the theatre offers equal privileges to both handicapped and non-handicapped visitors.

13. Old Bayview Cemetery

Available in downtown Corpus Christi, on a huge lot under a range of wide mesquite trees, the Old Bayview Cemetery is a hidden historical gem. The oldest federal military cemetery in the whole of Texas, Old Bayview Cemetery was laid out by the United States Army Engineers on the eve of the Mexican War, with the first burial taking place in 1845.

In 1867, Dr. Eli T. Merriman – one of the 3 doctors in Corpus Christi – died from the yellow fever pandemic. The doctor was buried in the cemetery, with visitors being able to view his final resting place. In 1906, a monument was erected to mark the Old View Cemetery as the resting place for 6 confederate soldiers who fought in the civil war, returning to the town as residents.

14. Old Town 6 Points

Take mid-century Corpus Christi and mash it up with charming independent restaurants and shops and you have got the Old Town 6 Points, the city’s earliest satellite shopping district, established in the late-1950s. 6 Points got its name from the intersection of thoroughfares Alameda, Ayers, and Stables streets.

With a good limo driver, you can visit Luciano’s Italian Restaurant for the best meals, Bumble Antiques for vintage finds and curios, various resale shops, and much more. Often open late into the night, the location is ideal for people looking for things to do in Corpus Christi at night.

15. Whataburger Field

A minor league baseball field, the Whataburger Field is home to the Hooks, a Double-A affiliate of the famed Houston Astros. Completed back in 2005, the appealing ball-park rests on what used to be a cotton-warehouse dominated region.

The field pays tribute to the site’s heritage via various design attributes, including its left-center field scoreboard which is framed with antique cotton presses dating back to 1920. The 7000-seater stadium carries modern amenities, including the Discroll Children’s Hospital Zone, VIP Lounge, Basketball courts, trampoline, a climbing wall, stripe’s kid’s park, and an air-conditioned entertainment zone known as the Cotton Club.

16. Republic of Texas Bar and Grill

Located on the twentieth floor of the famous Corpus Christi Hotel, the bar-and-grill offers first-class service, cuisine, and breathtaking views. A popular destination for people planning parties, groups of friends and families pull up in front of the hotel regularly.

The dining destination presents tempting menus featuring wild game, seafood, and prime beef, along with an award-winning wine list. For appetizers, you can enjoy quail legs, ahi tuna tartare, fresh oysters, shrimp cocktails, and French escargot.

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17. Blucher Park

If you are wondering what to do in Corpus Christi and you enjoy bird watching, Blucher Park should be an ideal destination. Using Texas City limo service, you can arrive at the park in style, ready to watch a wide range of bird species on the four acres of pocket green.

While vehicles aren’t allowed in, you can always leave your vehicle outside the park and follow the network of footpaths to explore the landscape.

18. North Beach

Previously known as the Corpus Christi Beach, North Beach is an impressively attractive, white sandy beach close to the city center. A perfect place to escape the crowds, the beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, beachcombing, or simply relaxing.

The sheltered picnic spots and cabanas dotted about the beach are ideal for a shady lunch. North Beach is close to other popular attractions, including the Texas State Aquarium and the USS Lexington.

19. Andy’s Country Kitchen

Enjoying the local cuisines is one of the best things to do in Corpus Christi Texas. That said, Andy’s County Kitchen can be equated to a home-away-from-home. The family-friendly eatery serves home country cooking at its best.

Much loved by the residents, the restaurant boasts a welcoming ambiance with attentive and friendly staff. The restaurant is open for both breakfast and lunch, with a variety of dishes for both meals.

20. Padre Island National Seashore

A pristine stretch of undeveloped barrier island separating the Laguna Madre and the Gulf of Mexico, Padre Island National Seashore offers an ideal getaway for groups of friends.

Made up of more than 70 miles of a magnificent coastline featuring rolling dunes, windswept tidal flats that teem with life, and vast prairies, the seashore has a lot to offer. The seashore carries over 380 bird species, endangered species like the Kemp’s ridley turtle, and a wide range of terrestrial and marine plants.



Q: Is Corpus Christi Worth Visiting?

A: Featuring an extensive list of things to do and see, Corpus Christi is worth visiting. Visitors get to explore beautiful beaches, great museums and aquariums, and even modern theatres that show live performances.

Q: What Is There to Do in Corpus Christi Today?

A: A visit to Corpus Christi will give you a chance to explore the following:

  • The USS Lexington
  • Texas State Aquarium
  • South Texas Botanical and Nature Center
  • Texas Surf Museum
  • Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, and much more

Q: What is Corpus Christi Famous for?

A: Corpus Christi is famous for a wide range of things, including the Texas State Aquarium which has touch pools, an aquatic nursery, and an impressive shark exhibit. However, one landmark that stands out is the USS Lexington, which houses the naval aviation museum.

Limo Find Overview

A Texas City located on the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi is tucked into the bay and all its beaches are sheltered by the Mustang and Padre Islands. From impressive aquariums, art centers, museums, and old buildings, the city has a lot to offer tourists. This article carries a list of top-rated things to do in Corpus Christi.

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